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Dear warden,                                                                                                             Camp Green Lake,

Big bends texas

My son ,Stanley Yelnats,sent me a letter on June the 21st last week and I’m horrified of what he said! The abuse trauma and danger he is going through is despicable.  I’m  having sleepless nights and painfull migraines over the stress, worry and state I’m in .What  right do you have to treat my son this way?Why do you think this is ok?When he sent me this letter, I almost passed out I was in so much shock!

Tell me, why is it that you treat sanely as a hopeless slave? Why do you make him dig  holes 5ft deep and 5ft wide every day! It kills me to think my son could be in so much pain all the time. What nerve have you got to treat my son like a hopeless slave? Also don’t even think to say you can change his life if this is your example. All they need is somone to look up to and this is all you can offer .He also said that he’s not getting on with the other boys too well so you have to sort out that problem to. I’m distraught that you do this to Stanley.

the slavery and digging is unessersairy ! Such bad sun burns and blisters can cause skin cancer! So if my son or any other of the boys get really sick , its your fault and you will have some very angry parents on your back and ALOT of letters!

If this problem is not resolved , if you don’t treat Stanley Yelnats properly , and if you don’t take this  seriously , I will be seeking legal advice and shall be seeing you in quart and I will be with my loyer! I’m giving you a fair 2 weeks to apoligise to my son and I other wise you’ll be in quart with me and will have to explain your self to the judge. I should be hearing from you soon,

Yours faithfully, Lexie Yelnats.

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