This is me !!!!!!!!!


I think I’ve got quite a few talents.  Some I remember from a very young age , and some I have discovered more recently.

Ever since I remember I have played and enjoyed football.  My mum said I started football lessons just after my second birthday .  She said I love playing football in the garden and signed me up for lessons .  Whilst I played for Roudies , I found I had a talent in midfield .  I grew from there .  I am so lucky that I am good at something I like .

Being part of a team has helped me to learn teamwork and this extends within my friendships to the point I think being friendly is one of my talents .  I try to consider peoples emotions and like so I play their games as well as my games .  Well I play these games the corners of my mouth rise to my eyes making a smile appear on my face .   This makes others smile as well .

Even though my hamster does not smile I can tell he is happy by his movements .  Whenever he is sad or scared he walks really slowly I can care for him when he needs it .  This is another talent .

I am happy with my talents I have got and I hope they will remain with me for the rest of my life .

loves and  passions .

My biggest love is football . When I train or play a match it helps me relax even when someone pushes me over .  The reason for this is because I feel I’m really good .  Football is my life .  Everything needs to fit around my life. Without football I don’t know where I will be now.  I hope football stay with me for the rest of my life. Sometimes that will stay in  my life is; playing .  I am obsessed with playing. I have to play 24 7 to be happy .  That’s probably the reason why I have a side of a room full of board games .  The one I play the most is monopoly football stars. I love my family, they are always there when I need them. Especially my mum.


Do you feel like your life is consumed by your dreams and aspirations? These can be a footballer police man/woman or even an astronaut .

The crowd goes wild!!!

My dream that I am working towards is to be a footballer. I look up to Sala for this. To be a footballer, you need to practice, work hard and dream about it.

As well as being a footballer I also need to collect some work towards my other dreams in order to achieve them  in my future .

In five years time, I hope to pass my GCSEs with flying colours. In order to achieve this dream I need to give my full attention to the school work during lessons .

The most challenging dream for me is not to be so bossy all the time .  This could be seen as a photo of mine and I need to learn a bit of practice. I have not yet learnt this but nothing is impossible

this is me – report


my talents

Although I normally keep my talents to myself, I do have a few. I do not always feel comfortable talking about my talents, as I do not want to sound arrogant. One of my talents is dancing ; I started at 18 months and continued ever since, I go to dance classes in St. Ives and do shows with my class in Conberton. Dancing helps me express myself and keep calm. Dance means a lot to me and I wouldn’t be me without it. When I do dance shows I am always nervous, however when I am on stage dancing I love it. Dancing helps me make friends out of school too. Dance can be hard, but I push through, because I know its what I love and want to do. Another talent I think I have is singing, I love to sing and my friends say I am good. I don’t go to singing lessons, but I do love to sing. Singing helps me express myself, and explore my personality ; my mom told me singing is something I have always loved to do. I like to listen / sing a wide variety of brilliant songs. Another talent I have is running, I love to run and when I put myself to it i can be quite fast. I first became interested in running at school, and sports day is my favourite day because of the race at the end. Me and my dad do go on runs occasionally, but I must say I am better at sprinting than jogging. When I go to secondary I would like to improve my running, so I can become even better. Another talent I have is making videos ; i do them in my room and use my phone. I use an app called inshot to edit my videos and make them more interesting. I send my videos to my family and they always come back sending laughing emoji’s and saying that made me laugh. I put a lot of effort into my videos because I enjoy them, and I like to make others laugh. The last talent I think I have is creative writing. I first realised I was good during the 500 word challenge. I really like to write short stories because, I can make up fun characters and use my imagination. I think I get me creative writing from my mom ( she is quite creative to ). When I write my stories I like to make a character a bit like me, as when I read the book back it helps me feel like I am actually in the book.

my loves and passions.

I have a lot of things that make me happy, calm, and laugh. My family are very important to me ; they make me laugh all the time. Whenever is see my family I am full of joy, because they come up to me, hug me and, make me smile. I can always count on them to make me calm, or make me laugh. Some of my family live about 1 – 2 hours away so I cant see them so often, but when I do see them I have so much fun, and we do all sorts of fun and crazy things together. If I am completely honest, without my family I would be lost, I just wouldn’t be myself. Another group of people that I can always ( and I mean always ) count on to make me calm, or joyful, even in the worst of times, are my friends. Whenever I am upset, or sad, or even just not feeling myself, they always seem to know a way to cheer me up. I can count on my friends 24 – 7, and they are like family to me. My friends mean a whole lot to me, and they are honestly some of the nicest, caring people I have ever met. Without my friends I would be again lost, but more or less miserable, and upset. One of things I can rely on to make me joyful is my cat, he is just so fluffy and cute and well crazy, its like he can understand English! If I’m feeling a bit upset, or just need a hug, he is always there for me. Just the second I feel upset or down, he arrives, and I don’t feel that way anymore. Also I can rely on him to distract me, if I am worrying about something again he walks in the room and snuggles at my feet, or he will nock his toys to me and I can play with him. Without him I would be lost, unhappy and upset all the time.

My hopes, dreams and aspirations

For the future, I have many hopes, dreams, and goals, and one of them is to learn to play the keyboard. I am not too sure why I want to learn to play the keyboard, maybe it is because I like the music that comes from it, honestly, I’m not too sure. I would also like to eventually have my own keyboard. Another thing I would like to do in the future is to learn to drive. I want to learn to drive because I want to be able to get to places far away without taking a bus, or a taxi. Another reason I want to learn to drive is that I want to be able to offer to take my friends, or family out, rather than ask me. I think the final reason I want to learn to drive is that I don’t want to rely on others to take me out, by this I mean, I don’t want to have to rely on a certain person, or group of people to take me out, I want to take others out and be independent. The final main thing is an aspiration, I want to become a hairdresser when I am older. I know this is what I want to do because I love to do my doll’s hair and other people’s hair. When I do hairstyles I like to look at photos for inspiration, or sometimes just make one up. When the hairstyles I do don’t turn out as I imagined, I just try, try, and try again: practice makes perfect. It might be a hard route becoming a hairdresser but I am willing to try no matter what because it’s my passion. A little hope/dream I have is to have my own house: If I had my own house at the moment it would definitely have a black and white theme. I do like a black and white themed house… This next little hope/dream is a normal-sized one. One day I would like to go to Canada, although it is a long plane trip away I want to do it. I’m not sure why but I definitely want to ( maybe it is because I want to visit my family there. ). Those were all my hopes, dreams, goals, and aspirations for the future, well at least for now.

About me

One of my hopes is to be able to do 50 kick ups by the end of the yeart I want to do this because it is one of my milestones then I will go up to 75 them to 100. My other hopes are if someone asks me a 2 by 2 digit sum I can solve it in my head this will help me in test so then when I see one I can answer it very quickly then move on tour harder problems. My final dream is to be a football and this has been my dream since I was a little boy and will always be my dream.

One of my love and passions is my football team rowdies there are one of my loves and passions because they are like a secondream family to me I’ve been playing for them for over five years now and there are many more to come. The other love and passion I have is going on the trampoline i don’t normolu talk aboutique this because  it isn’t really one of those things but I really really lovery to just go on the trampoline.

One of my talents is not one i really talk about is table tennis I really love table tennis even though I am not the best at it is still try yearly hard to find myour feat in this wonderfully sport almost all of my family is good a table tennis which is where, I think I get it from. The other thing I’m good at is one that I love to play football,  I get this from my hole family they all love football some of my family love arsenal and some man u but it is still my favorite talent I like to play every day it is just the best

This is me – Dyllon Bowskill

My Talents

Ever since I was 6 years old, I realised that I was good at gardening. I have also realised that I have improved my talent skills in football and maths.  I have had these talents for a long time now  – I sometimes enjoy using these talents while playing with my friends or relaxing at home, The best thing about this is that during my free time I can practise more by playing football with my brothers, or by improving my ball control skills on my own. We can also help test each others maths knowledge by testing one another.

My loves and Passions

I have many loves and passions, but today I am going to explore three of them: mum’s chicken stir fry, boxing and family. When I am feeling stressed, I love a amazing bowl or two of mum’s chicken stir fry because she adds many ingredients that make it taste so good! Another love of mine is my family because they help, love and care for me a lot. When I am upset or angry, they will talk to me and give me lots of hugs. Since i was seven, boxing has been a passion of mine. I enjoy boxing because I get to see my friends from different schools. Without these loves and passions, I would be really upset.

My Aspirations

Although secondary school is a new place for me and is very scary, I would like to think of Hinchingbrooke school to be a nice calm place, so that i can carry on learning more. During the next few years, I hope to earn my medical training certificates to be a corporal at St Johns Cadets. After secondary school, I would hope to learn to drive: I would love a black Lamborghini! I also hope to become a true paramedic and own my own home in Hollywood with a massive pool. Finally, I aspire to be fluent in Spanish because in America the two most used languages are Spanish and English.

This is me writing

My work on this is me 

My talents

My talents are Tang Soo Doo ( self  defence ) and a little trampolining. I did trampling for 3  years. But after that I decided to quit as I lost interest. Then I moved on to self defence as my sister did it and my mum said would you like to give it a try so I did and I loved it I haven’t been to any championship/ compositions but one was in may but I won’t be able to go because of the Coronavirus. I still do some tricks on my trampoline at home form my trampolining. My rank in self  defence is a green tag with a orang belt. The next time I move up I will be a green belt and might have to do another class on Fridays. I would like to achieve a black belt. My family would say that I am a bit of an actress and that I am and that I am confident with led roles and in plays and speaking out loud  

my loves and passions 

i love my dog reggie and my cat Jess my dog is a  Staffordshire bull terrier and my cat is a  tortoiseshell cat. My dog is a funny and cute dog. My dog comes into my room and jumps on me until I wake up.One of my passions is self defence I like going as I can let out some inside stress and it helps me feel  Calm. I love my family a lot too.hi see my dad at the weekend and stay there on Saturday night. I go to my nans house  on Friday  and my other nana on Monday.I enjoy talking to my friends and playing games. I love swimming and being outside I love being in the water splashing around.


My aspirations 

for my aspirations I would like to become a teacher but before  that I want to get good grades in my GCSEs. I want to go to university after my GCSEs and become a teacher. So my final job I hope would be a teacher and I want to help others. My  biggest hope at the moment Is that  The coronavirus stops. I would really like to be a year for year six primary school teacher.I am not sure what school I would work in that would have to depend on where I live.and in my spare time I went to metal detecting and if I found something I would take into school and have the kids research about it to see where it came from. I want to be married and have 2 children. 








This is me!


My talents are to draw and build. When I was young, I would always build structures, for example: apartments, houses, bridges and barns. As I grew, I also found my talent in art and I started developing my skills for art and my imagination. After a few years, I discovered that I can combine them and maybe in he feature be an architect. That is when I started drawing houses and loads more. I still practice to get better and better until I reached the highest standard, from this I started to put more detail like plants, shapes of windows and textures. These skilled drawings help the builders to know how the houses should look.

Loves & Passions

As I get older and I am going to be at secondary, I want to improve my knowledge: spellings, grammar, science, handwriting and other things I am not really good at. I am going to take my passions to another level, my passions are to draw and build, the same as my talents. When I will have time, I will do whatever it takes to improve my passions. My passions make me feel relaxed because I will surely get a job with them. If I didn’t have the passion for art and building anymore, I wouldn’t be  able to do certain things with passion because I would’t enjoy it anymore.


When I get older, I hope to get my diploma in architecture. After that, I want to get a good job, build a house and buy a dog and a horse.I also wish to have a family and go to different places around the world. I also want my house in a quieter, where there isn’t too much pollution or noise. As a hobby, I want to be a go cart racer. In the winter I want to have a log cabin near a skiing trak  so that every morning we can go skiing.

My Dragons Den Pitch


Bored, confused and worried, is this how you feel? All around the world people, young and old, are bored of life in lock down, young children are confused as to why we are on lock down and how long is left and everyone is worried about how to keep themselves and their families safe and healthy. Yes, we can watch the news to see long we are on lock down for, but this can be scary and confusing for young people and we can look online for the guidelines to help us stay safe, but they are aimed for adults mostly. Wouldn’t it be great if you could access this, all in one place? My name is Kaliya Jackson and I would like to introduce to you my app “The countdown activity calendar”, a simple to use and fun app. Every day, when you go on this app, you will unlock 3 new activities to complete throughout the day. These activities range from healthy recipes to make with family to a 6-piece puzzle for a 3-year-old to put together to a new phrase in a foreign language of choice for a 14-year-old. It helps younger children understand how many days of lock down is left by seeing the days being marked off and getting fun and educational activities on how to stay safe during lock down. This is also updated automatically if lock down is extended. It also helps older children and teens understand how long is left and why it’s important to follow social distancing even though they miss their friends. It also gives them a break from their schoolwork by giving them fun activities and quizzes to do which they can compete with their friends daily to keep them connected. If the family option is chosen, then the activities will be based around fun things to do, make and learn as a family.

When you download this app to your device, you will notice it is colourful and easy to locate. It has the date on the logo for example “23 Apr” and it has rainbow corners-this is so that it stands out from all the other calendar apps. Right in the middle is a lock representing lock down and when you press the lock, your finger will act like the key and open the app loading the countdown calendar.

My app will be £4.00 for a family, which can be downloaded onto 4 different devices using the main account but allowing 4 different users to use it. This will make it £1.00 per device. It can also be bought as a single account for £1.25. Each day you go onto the app to mark off the day and then it shows you how many days of lockdown are left; this also gets updated whenever this time is extended by the Government. When you have done that it gives you 3 different activities to complete throughout the day. These can vary from educational activities, fun activities and sometimes even quizzes. Another exciting thing about the app is that you can add your friends on there so that you can connect with them by completing activities together on the app. When you set the app up you can select which age you or your child is or select the family option and therefore all activities will be age appropriate.

Why have you charged for this app?

I have decided to charge for this app simply to make it a nicer experience for the users, it does this by taking out the need for adverts. On free apps people get bombarded with ads, which then makes the users feel frustrated and discouraged. Since my app does not have adverts people will like it better, therefore more people will buy it. Not only will people not feel so bombarded with adverts, parents will also feel better about letting their young children use this app.

Where will you sell your app?

I will sell it through app stores for apple and android devices. I am currently working on developing this app so it can be accessed through gaming platforms such as: Nintendo switch, Xbox and PlayStation.

Wow Kaliya!! You are a super star! I can tell how much effort and time has gone into this over the week, and I am so proud of you for doing that during home learning! You have clearly responded to the feedback you were given and you have included all of the Y6 skills you were asked for: relative clauses, subordinate clauses, rhetorical questions and fronted adverbials. Well done Kaliya! 

Help Me Buddy – 24.04.20

Struggling, lost, stuck – Are you in this mess? Im Alicja – your new entrepreneur and I’m also here to help you solve your problem. While all of us are experiencing this very traumatic time, I have been working on “Help Me Buddy’. Want to know what this product does? Then carry on reading, you wont regret it.

This product is here to help you through home learning, as we all know the teachers have to be on their devices 24/7 and they can’t even spend time with family because they have to answer everyone in the year/grade. So instead of always bothering your teachers, this Help Buddy will help you with every question. When you purchase this Help Buddy, you can give it whatever name you desire it to be. This product is also here to keep you stay occupied, Buddy will always be by your side and your number 1 best friend. Buddy can answer any question or even socialize with you. When you’re bored just talk to buddy. When you’re sad, talk to buddy. Especially when none of your family members have time for you, talk to buddy…Buddy will listen, cheer you up, make you laugh and make you smile! This product can be taken anywhere, in fact its also water proof. This will be the best thing you will ever own! What can be better than a best friend that never leaves your side? Exactly, nothing, so go and get your Help Me Buddy today!

What does it look like? The Help Buddy comes in all sorts of designs and we have the Help Me Buddy in all kinds of animals. For example: A cute puppy, small soft kitten and a fluffy bear. Also with an option to also desgin the Buddy the way you want to. Talking about being able to design it yourself, you can pick your animal or even a human like Buddy, and once you’ve picked that you can add your own accessories to make your ideal dream best friend. You can also buy matching clothes with your Buddy, which also come in different sizes to match your size/height.

For the Buddy to start talking back to you, you have to get the Buddy to hear your voice so it knows who to listen to. So you can say, ”Buddy it’s me, I’m your new friend Y/N”. Before you start talking to the Buddy, there is a button you have to click so the product activates. Please make sure you do that first, we don’t want you to look like a physco that’s talking to a toy that isn’t even turned on.

The price of the Buddy will depend on how you buy it, if you buy the design you customised, it will be around 30 pound,  since you’re buying it with accessories, but the price of your design can also be judged by the cashiers by seeing how many of the accessories you want to buy with the buddy. However, you can also buy the buddy and come back a couple days later to buy additional accessories so you don’t have to spend all your money straight away. If you are planning to buy the ready Buddy, then those will cost about 26 pounds because it doesn’t come with accessories, unless you want to buy a hat for example to go with it, then price will go up 0.99 since its just an accessory.

How will the buddy be powered?

One option is to buy the Buddy with battery power, you will be able to buy batteries on the website or at the shop that will be in the following places: London, Huntingdon, California, Los Angeles, Florida Sanford, Orlando and possibly in one of your small toy shops in town or mall. The second option is to buy it with a charger. The charging hole will be at the back of the buddy underneath the clothes (It’s hid under the clothes so children can’t have much access to it for more safety). We advise for adults to put the Buddy on charge.

Why is this better than just asking an adult?

Adulthood is a very hard part of a persons life, an adult has to work everyday to get money to keep their family or themselves healthy and fed. During this hard time, it’s also good to have a friend with you since you can’t meet up with your friends due to the Covid-19 (coronavirus). This Buddy isn’t only here because of this dramatically tough time, it’s also here because loads of children, including me, struggle with talking about problems that bother them or even can’t find friends. Well worry no more, because as said this Buddy is just like a human, but a doll!

From what age can my child use this product?

This product can be used at any age, this Buddy is suppose to help with socialising skills. Babies are obviously not legible to use this yet, but when your child is a toddler its more able and grown up to start using this toy. In the future, we want to be able to make another product that babies will be able to use, so they can start building their skills early.

For further information visit our website!

Well done Alicja! This is superb! You have clearly listened to the feedback you have been given, and you’ve taken note of the skills you were asked to include! I can see you’ve used rhetorical question, subordinate clauses and relative pronouns! 

Big write 24.04.2020

Hello, my name is Amelia Wojcinska. Are you ever so bored that you just feel like you never wanna do anything again? Just lay in bed watching Netflix all day or what ever you like to do.. Or learn something, not the way that everyone find information these days, the key thing there is experience. Most people don`t know as much as others , so I decided to make an app, where you can have a sweet conversation with people from all around the world and share what you know about our world that’s changing more than I expected! 🙁

As we had to make our own product, I had an idea of making an app where you can communicate with people from different countries and communities. In my app, there will be 4 sections (age related): The children section will be the age 9 to 12 , the teenagers will be 13 to 17 , adults will be 18 to 40 and elderly will be 40 to how long they will live for. I wanted to do this because some things that older people talk about could not be age appropriate. All inappropriate words, phrases and emojis will be replaced with a hashtag (#)  so you are unable to see the disgusting language some people may use. The app can be used by iPhone and Android users for free. The logo will be a globe with a friendly smile so it looks like the world is speaking to you.

I want to sell my app on Google play and and the play store because both of them are very popular.   I didn’t think my app needed more things added to it because I really think that this is enough, but if I did, I would add some games like tik tak toe so you can play with your new friends. In my opinion, my app is the best because it is age appropriate , is it safe and you can support each other 24/7.

Well done Amelia – you certainly have the right tone in this piece of writing! It is informative and persuasive! You have used subordinate clauses and developed noun phrases to capture your audience! 

Big Write

Bored, lonely, and missing friends and family – does this sound familiar to you? During this troubling time, friends and family across the globe have been separated, with only one way of contact. Calling people on screen. Even though this may be a good way of contacting people, it is unhealthy and bad for your eyes. Grandparents separated from grandchildren, friends not able to play together, loved ones trapped in isolation Although there are ways to call and speak to your loved ones, a lot of people can find phones hard to work, preventing them from talking to their loved ones. Don’t you think we need a better way of speaking online? Hi, my name is Eleanor Baugh and I introduce to you, ‘Virtual Conversations’ . The way to have your virtual conversation is through a small machine,  like Alexa and you connect your phone, iPad, or TV to it and you can call your friends and family without any strain on your eyes.

‘Virtual Conversations’ was not only created to get rid of the strain on your eyes, but it was also designed to be worked/programmed easier than an iPad or phone, so that if you are not able to turn the machine on, someone could easily do it for you. However, though this machine can be easily worked, it will need frequent charging as the battery runs down by 50% per hour. To charge it, you will need to plug the cable into the machine, and the other cable into the wall. This machine is outlined with with black rubber and a hard grey top with speakers inside. Each virtual conversation machine would cost £20-£40, depending on what size you plan on getting . There are small, medium,, and large machines, with all the same quality.

Although video calling may seem simpler, it is not as healthy as what we are providing you with. Virtual conversations will cause no pain, or strain on your eyes. This  machine offers easier use speakers so that you can tell your virtual conversation who you want to call, and the option to connect your caller to the TV so that you can see your caller. However, when you connect the TV to the screen, it will only show as a small image, to loosen at least some of the strain while FaceTiming. We did not create screen on the machine as it would be considerably a lot more expensive, and the purpose of the virtual conversation is to reduce strain. I believe that if we included a screen, eye pains would continue.

Well done Eleanor! I always enjoy reading you writing and I’m so pleased to see the quality is exactly the same during home learning. This is an informative and persuasive pitch and you have read the skills required carefully! I can see you’ve used relative and subordinate clauses in your writing. You’ve also used a range of higher level vocabulary and punctuation. 

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