One night Josh and Jones were in bed about to go to sleep. Jones fell asleep and Josh was still awake. Jones was dreaming about aliens then josh fell asleep and started to dream about battling.Then they woke up in the middle of a desert stranded all alone.They shouted and shouted “HELP!”nobody was around to help them.Out of no were,lots of blobs started to appear…

They knew something was wrong. There were portals everywhere and things from different planets were coming out and swarmed josh and jones. Both of them looked at each other and screamed “aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!” Then some aliens appeared and had swords and shields and Josh and Jones had battle gear on and the aliens prepared for battle. Battling it out,Josh and Jones got put to the ground and was held hostage in a wooden barn…

“Huhuhuhuhu!”Jones woke up and realised that it was a dream and called his mum into the room. She came rushing in but little did he realise, his mum wasn’t her self. She was one of the aliens and became his leader but he knew that he had to escape so he woke up his little brother and got out of there. Jones said, “let’s go to nans house. They ran for there life, and finally arrived safe and sound. However they didn’t know that they would walk into the queen, making a cuppa tea. Josh and Jones screamed “oooo mmyyyy goodness!” And bowed. Out of nowhere, the queen took them and put them in the back of a limousine and drove away with them in the boot. 10 minutes later, they came to a stop and she took us into Buckingham palace. She locked them in a room and told both of them to stay quiet and they never saw daylight again…


To be continued…



When I woke up I didn’t feel like this is going to be a normal day, but I still went with it! I’m not a different kid than anyone  else my name is Ashley and I have a brother Ash he is just like my best friend we do everything together, But somehow we have the same luck which isn’t the best luck, Sadly but I live like this now I’m use to it. My father died when I was 5 and now I’m 16 my mother abandoned me and my brother when I was 4. Well I’m going camping tomorrow…..               Next Day.

I met my friends at 7 am at the park we all headed to the taxi, Although the taxi driver warned us “be careful you might not make it out of there” he explained but we didn’t care so then we arrived their the whole place was ruined. We set up our tents I was sharing mine with Clementine she has a really unique name. We walked in our tents and changed in our pjs then we walked outside to the campfire, Suddenly I saw  David coming out of his tent with  unicorn pjs we all laugh that our tummy’s hearted.

The next day Walker came up to me  since it was valentine’s Day He asked me out I got so stressed but I said yes! He was so happy and I was happy with him after that happened we went to the forest near by, Suddenly some thing hit me and I fainted. The moment I woke up I was in a cave with all of my friends except my brother, “my brother is missing” I shouted thinking that someone took him we all looked around the cave but there was no sign of him, unless he was at the end of the cave.

There was nothing else at the bottom except of dead bodies when I looked behind me I saw Amy falling of the small plank that we where all standing on, I ran to her! But I was to late….. she fell I saw my best friend die in front of me I thought to my self what else can happen next? While I walk on the small plank to the other side I  see a hand stretching out trying to break the plank i run to the other side while knowing that we could fall and not survive any second now I finally make it to the other side. I stop the bloody creature from devouring my friends luckily I got their in time after a short second I realise that it was my brother not being him self! After, a while I see that he starts to loose energy I grab him and silently start to sob I don’t understand why this happened to me. Is my life gonna get any better from now?….

The extreme prank


Elle: We’ve been searching forever i think hes just playing a prank on us.

Miles: Mhm yes a prank that would be lasting for 2 months! sounds like a smart idea and plus William would never do that (he would)

Elle: Have you ever wondered if there was a monster out in the world maybe my powers would work for something instead of me toasting my waffles with my powers,i would really love to save someone one day,and be useful.

Miles: Hey, what if there actually was a monster and it was linked to Williams disappearance or william is the monster!

Elle: I doubt that plus even if will was a monster i wouldn`t use my powers on him

Miles: Oh because you love him

Elle: Are you joking i wouldn`t use my powers on him because i would be wasting my powers

Miles: Sure… ok, well anyway let’s get on to finding him

Elle: ok

Miles: Do you ever think that William would ever be lost,I mean he’s always with us and all of a sudden a shadow takes him..

Elle: Wait what shadow …

Miles: let’s call it “the night catcher” .

Elle: Ok get straight to the point something is fishy here how do you know that William was taken by a shadow

Miles: No offence to him but no one really talks to him and he was the one that was out in the woods with Sean they were meant to grab these “rare” flowers well look who survived Sean.

Elle:Who’s this Sean  guy

Miles: The one who was dating nova(my cousin)

Elle : ok  anyways what’s the year today

Miles: It’s 1987 and the time is 7 am and I’m holding a corpus why you ask it’s our only source of anything alive in this forest

Elle :It’s 1987…It’s the new year and Halloween this wasn’t my New Years resolution he’s going to appear today right?…

Miles:We hope so hey! I got something my compass is twitching it’s telling me to go backwards …

Elle:No keeping going forwards I’m telling you this is the right way see?..

Miles: What do you mean?

Elle: I see a shadow..


Elle:Wiggles away*

And that was the day when miles lost everything well we thought so ,

Elle and William wearing red and yellow coats-: My names ketchup and my name is mustard together we’re ketchup and mustard


Elle: you got pranked but I do have super powers

Miles: You’re joking right?

William : Of course..not since it’s Halloween we just wanted to spice things up but if I’m being honest you did a pretty good job at being calm about it but sadly you did fall for it

Elle: When I said something was fishy I meant the smell of you

Miles : laughs*

William : I didn’t expect you to be chill about this to

Miles : I’m not

Elle and William: Run for your lives.Quick

500 word challenge funny story

As I walk out the front door, I get a call from my amazing, trustworthy and tall  friend Jaymie and he said come over to my place we can play some on his ps4. I gladly go over to his home with a huge smile on my face and i think to myself what a wonderful day. And, i see a sign: it is the most wackiest sign i have ever seen in my life . It said FREE SCHOOL. I rush over there and the was an old man standing there and he greeted me – I did not know if i could trust him because he was a stranger and teachers always say don’t go with strangers.But, before i could do anything, he grabbed my arm and started a tour. As we went closer to the bathroom, I was getting bad feelings and when we finally got to the bathroom he shoved me into the toilets and he put me out of my misery. i must have been out for a long time because when i looked out of the window it was well dark and there was a sign. It made me laugh so hard apple juice comes out of my nose like a garden hose. Meet me in the staff lounge…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          i run and i think to myself why is this happening. i go there and there was a robot i tell him a joke, why did the cow cross the road, because he went to the MOvies. The robot laughed and then exploded and before it said the net place to go is the janitors office and this time i was really tired so i walked this time.When i got to the janitors office i said another joke why do whe tell the actors to break a leg? because they had to cast a scene and then it eploded like the other one and it said go the the headteachers office . now i was eger to get out of there so a sprinted like i have never before . when i got there that was a big robot. so i know for sure i need to step up my game so i lookedon my phone really good  jokes and i sad one what do you call a boomerang that wont come back , a stick but this time it did not explod so i said another one what do you call a fish with no eyes a fsh and the it exploded and the door majically opened and i ran away as fast as i can home and my parents said where were you you were not here for 1 day and i replyed by saying at my friends house for a sleep over and that just ended by me getting grounded for 7 weeks but i guess it was a good and a bad eding beacase i got grounded for 7 weeks but i did escape and i am very glad i survived

The Adventure of Identities

Now you must think this is some type of story where you’re trying to find out what you like, but you’re wrong. This is the story of an LGBTQ+ person trying to find who they like. The only reason I’ve made this story is to spread awareness of the terrible history as pride month is coming up.
There was this girl, named Sakura, she lives in a town of hatred. Where the LGBT was not supported. She wanted to explore her identities so one day she tried to look up different sexualities and fit it to her.                                                                          “This is frustrating!” Exclaimed Sakura. “I’m into girls but also into boys.” (This means she’s bisexual, the B in LGBTQ+)  Sakura decided to go on a walk to release the stress. But little did she know, it would just cause her more stress. She went  on the walk and bumped into a girl.
“Sorry!” The girl shouted.                                                                                     “No it’s my fault.” Sakura apologised. “I’m extremely sorry! Could I get you a coffee as an apology?”                                                                                                “There’s no need in that, it was just a little mistake.”  Says the girl.                        “No seriously, I have a lot of money to waste.”  Explains Sakura.                                        “Alright, I guess I could get a small frap.” Said the girl.                                         As soon as they bumped into each other, Sakura knew there was a special connection between the two. After some talking, Sakura found out that the girls name was Ophelia. Sakura decided that for now, it was okay to label herself as queer. (The Q in LGBTQ+) Since she did not know what her sexuality was.
They ended up leaving at 7pm. Since Sakura had to hurry home for dinner. The next day, Sakura she was queer…or did she? She went to the mall and found a man. She thought he was handsome so she went up to him to talk. She ended up dating him for 2 months. However, he broke up with her since he cheated on her with a man and discovered he was gay. (The G in LGBTQ+) Sakura had enough of men since they kept on cheating on her.
She decided women was the way to go. She met a transgender woman. (The T in LGBTQ+) Since she liked transgender people, could she be Pansexual? (The +) No..she couldn’t be.. She wasn’t that into the girl anyway. Well, she knew she was into girls so she was Lesbian. (The L in LGBTQ+)
At the end, she ended up meeting a girl at a cafe. She knew she was the one. All her other relationships failed and this was her last chance before she gave up on love. When she was small she imagined love like a princess story. Although, she was very wrong. For her, love was like a rollercoaster. She couldn’t figure out who she liked but she was lucky enough to find out. Sakura made a final decision,  she was a lesbian. She thought that men were dirty, cheating pigs and if she was straight she would never find lover.  So she ended up with Ophelia since her relationship with the girl at the coffee place didn’t work out. The two girls lived on to their 90s happily ever after.



The Wolf Hybrid

“Are you sure you want to do this?” asked Professor Magnor. “Yes, everybody despises me.” replied Lunar. Professor Magnor closed her eyes and pressed the big, red button.Wolf ears and a fluffy tail grew on Lunar. Lunar started to howl. She finally felt like who she was meant to be, although it felt a bit strange. What would her mother think? Lunar decided to head home and reveal who she is now to her nasty mother.

As she got home, her evil mother was on the phone. As Lunar walked in, her mother put the phone down and scowled at Lunar. “You are still a disgrace, get your things and go!” shouted her mother. Lunar was actually kind of happy, because her mother had abused her for years. This was because when Lunar was five, her mother cheated on her father. The family was very rich then. Her father found out and left with all the money. The mother takes it all out on Lunar.

Lunar walked and walked until she lost sense of time. Somehow she ended up in front of Buckingham Palace as she fainted. A guard off duty saw it all happened and rushed to save her. Once he finally woke her up, he introduced himself. “I am Jamie, you are?” he asked. “Lunar, my name is Lunar.” she could not help but blush as she replied. Jamie took her to Queen Elizabeth to see if she could stay there. “You may stay here until we find you a home.” Queen Elizabeth remarked.

One night, at the palace, alarms went off and Lunar had jumped out of bed to see what happened. It was Professor Magnor. It turns out she was evil. Lunar floated up into the sky and sharp claws had come out of Lunar. As Professor Magnor was about to swipe the crown, Lunar punched at her and pinned her down. The guards grabbed her and took her to the dungeons. It was such and excitable but terrifying night.

Since then, Lunar and Jamie hung out everyday. As they grew older, their love for each other grew too. One day Jamie proposed to Lunar and they got married. Lunar was living her best life. It was amazing. Professor Magnor and Lunar’s  evil mother paired up and were now slaves for a royal family in India.

It turns out this was just a dream, as Lunar’s real, kind mum had woke her up. As Lunar woke up, her mother screamed. She was very shocked. Lunar still has her wolf ears and tail. Her mother rushed out the room in tears. Lunar kind of loved being her wolf hybrid form though.

The end, or not.

500 word challenge (crowned death)

Run while you still can…                                                                                                                       Years ago, a boy was born. Only a few weeks later he was left on the steps of an orphanage. Taken in by  Clarke as a baby, he knew that the next 18 years would be worse than anyone could imagine. As he grew older, he only got more curious. Today was his 18th birthday. By now you are probably wondering why he is just a ‘his’ – he had no name except ‘he’ except.. Wait.. I am going too fast. Let me continue. When  he turned 18, he ran. He ran to blood ripple lake. That is when it all happened. Did he speak? N,o he just thought. He sat beside the lake just thinking about what he could find out or who he could find. Until, out the corner of his eye, he could see an immense black figure coming closer and closer. Could he run? No he could barely move… a hand reached out and he tried to grab it but the hand was not there to help him only to kill him. Next thing he knew he was sinking down the lake being crowned death.

Ring ring..

Alissa smith picked up the phone to see who was ringing. Unknown number. she expected it was probably her friends new number. She was very wrong… She answered it only to hear a muffled voice saying, “Come Alissa. Come and be crowned death.” Was it a prank? No it was him. Who? Him. Alissa had no idea what to think. or to say. She could only think to run. To the lake. No to Merelda’s house. When Alissa arrived, she told Merelda everything. Neither her or Merelda knew who this unknown caller was. A few hours later, all of Alissa’s friends had arrived at Merelda’s house. They ran to blood Ripple Lake, as they thought it was the only way to get answers. Was it? No it was not… they all sat around the lake thinking all they did was thought. Silly idea? Very silly idea. Out of the corner of their eyes they saw something. It was an immense black figure. Did they run? Some. How many? All but one. Merelda was frozen stiff with fear: they tried but not hard enough. When a hand reached out, Merelda was awoken from her sleep of fear. She tried to grab the hand to help her up, but that is not what it was there for – she got pushed into the lake. Was she dead? No. She was only crowned death. Alissa and her friends ran.

Alissa Smith woke up the next morning and went into the bathroom. She turned on the tap, but instead of water rushing, blood came crawling out. She screamed and tried to run out the door, but it was locked. She tried to turn off the tap, but she couldn’t. She heard Merelda’s voice singing, “Drown in my blood.” Did she? Of course she did. She drowned in her best friends blood. They all did.

The ?


Science – Kinga, Eleanor, Saoirse

We predict that, when we exercise, our heart rate will speed up. We aim to get our heart rate up to 70bpm, as our normal heart rate is 60bpm (15 beats per 15 seconds).  We think that after running for the 15 seconds, our heart rate will be around 80bpm.

To test our heart rate, we will be doing different exercises like: Running, jogging, etc. We will do each of those exercises for 15 seconds to make it a fair test. After doing the exercises, I will test my heart rate to find out the difference in the different exercises. Again, we will have to test my heart rate (After doing those exercises) around the same time to make it a fair test.

To keep this fair, we will make sure we will check our pulses in the same place. (So either around the neck or on our wrists). We will also have to time everything equally.

big write – Iliana

A place in far west Texas where the environment is picturesque and heaven – like, a place were your child can learn to appreciate the natural surroundings that you grew up in. The sacred Night sky is as dark as coal and the morning sky is lightened by a sun rise. Temple like canyons standing tall and proud and plants as green as a garden, Mountains sprinkled in ancient lime stone and apon it an ocean of a million shades of blue coveredin puffy white clouds. As far as the eye can see there is not a single iron bar or electric fence in sight as here at Camp Green Lake we believe in freedom Here at camp  green lake we disconnect your child from modern technoligy and connect them to the alluring natural surroundings. Here at the magnificant Cmp Green Lake in big bend Texas we believe that giving children another option is the correct thing to do so that is what!

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