Is it okay to gift someone something dangerous?

This week we have been reading a story about a king who gave his twins a pet dragon for their birthday, so we still ask this question: ‘Is it okay to give someone something dangerous, if it could help them one day.?’ In these next few paragraphs, I will be explaining why I agree with the statement.

The reason I agree with the statement is that if I had a dragon I would feel powerful and have a feeling that no one could hurt me. This would help to protect villages if one day they were to be attacked or if someone you know is in danger.

Some people may disagree with my point as maybe if something is dangerous to someone else it may also be a danger to me. But I think in this case if the dragon is well trained, then it will be like a soldier that can help in battle and keep me out of danger.

Well done Freddie! You have made some good points to argue the question. I can see you have experimented with word choices and sentence types. To make this a complete Y6 piece of writing, you would need a conclusion paragraph, which I’m sure you drafted!

Is it okay to gift someone something dangerous?

A king has gifted his son a gift that most of us will question. At his son’s birthday, he gifted him with a pet dragon! This may not be suitable for a kingdom with a populated place.

It isn’t a great idea to have a pet dragon in a kingdom because it can destroy the kingdom and kill a lot of innocent civilians, which could cause a downfall of the king. This can cause punishment and death to all the guards and knights that will try to kill the pet dragon, so my point is that dragons can get out of hand.

My other reason for not having a pet dragon is that dragons can destroy ancient artifacts that can be important to the future. This is one of the many reasons that we don’t know what happened many years ago. Dragons are animals that can destroy anything easily.

Like everyone, I can see something dangerous like a dragon isn’t the best idea, so it would be a good idea to give a child a different pet apart from a dragon. This can also cause destruction so I disagree to having a pet dragon.

Well done Oscar. You have an introduction, argument paragraphs, and a conclusion. You have given some evidence to back up your points and you’ve started to experiment with sentence type. Your word choices are powerful and help to engage the reader. Good job!

Is it okay to gift someone something dangerous, if it could help them one day?

We saw an image accompanied by a story about a king who had gifted his children a dragon for their fifth birthday.
We debated over whether or not it was dangerous to have a pet dragon if it could help them one day? (as the king knew dragon would be a good ally.)

Therefore, I agree with the king because a dangerous pet can sometimes be useful in an emergency.
My first reason for this is because if they were to be invaded, the dragon has fire breathing abilities. This makes a dragon very powerful. I also believe that dragons are huge creatures – I know this because I have read books about dragons. Another point that the dragon could be useful is its ability to defend the castle, for example, an army of invaders want to rule your kingdom and the dragon scares them off. Then, if they come back with powerful weapons, the dragon can breathe fire on them or stomp on them.

I understand there are many compelling arguments, one being that a dragon is a deadly creature and could go on a rampage destroying everything in its path including the children’s kingdom. What if the king took the dragon egg from a mama dragon and the mama dragon thinks you are hurting him/her?

I have come to the conclusion that it is okay and not okay to have a dragon on their side. Therefore, this makes it very hard for me to choose. That is why I’m asking you, what is your opinion?


Well done Dyllon on writing a formal, informative discussion text on the question! You have clearly done your research to back up your points and you have thought about your audience. I can see you have experimented with word choice and sentence types. Great job! 

Is it okay to give someone something dangerous, if it could help them one day?

This week we have analysed the photo in question: ‘Is it okay to give someone something dangerous, if it could help them one day?’ The king gifted two twins a dragon on their fifth birthday knowing they will need it one day when they rule the kingdom.

Even though a dragon is dangerous, you need to take a risk. A dragon can be trained and if you have a dragon for years, it will get used to you and help you in the near future. You never know; one day you could need a sidekick and it is bound to keep you safe (if you treat it correctly.)

Another reason for my decision is that dragons are really helpful if you treat them in the way they like. Also, if you let them free, but not in a cage, the dragons will like it. Just like any other animals, dragons can listen and get used to you if you have a dragon for a long time.

I realise there can be a lot of disagreements on the question, is it okay to give someone something dangerous, if it could help them one day. There may be many reasons for either side of the argument but my belief and saying is, take a risk in life.

A well-written discussion text Baker where you have considered the question carefully. I particularly love your conclusion paragraph! It is strong and written in a way that will definitely hook your reader! You have experimented with powerful vocabulary choices and Y6 sentence types. Well done!

Is it okay to gift someone something dangerous if it will help them one day?

Recently, we have been discussing a question along with a picture. The question being, ‘Is it okay to gift someone something dangerous if it could help someone one day’. The picture, that led to the question, was about a king gifting his 5-year-old children a ‘pet’ dragon for their birthday. The king made the final decision based on how much help and protection the children will need when they are old enough to rule. This big decision is what brought us to talk about the question that we will be further discussing throughout this piece of writing.

As I neither agree nor disagree, I am in the middle. Therefore, I will be arguing for and against but in two separate paragraphs. This first paragraph will be for. One of my main points is about how if a gift was helpful than I think it could be worth it if the person could learn how to use it without getting harmed. This is because I believe if someone learned how to deal with the dangerous part of the gift, the helpful bit would be worth the risk. In this case, if the 5-year-old children could deal with the fierce part of the dragon, the benefits would be worth it in the future to become a ruler.

This next paragraph will be talking about why I disagree with gifting people, especially children, a dangerous gift. Although it can help them in the future, could it risk their lives? That is the question I am asking myself. In the case of the picture,  I think a dragon is way too dangerous and even if they tame it, will the fierce dragon stay tamed forever? No, it will not, a dragon is a dragon: a wild creature and as I know from the internet; feisty and easily provoked. Therefore, this creature is more dangerous than helpful and not worth the risk.

In conclusion, I believe both sides are reasonable and have good points. I hope this piece of writing helped you and you now know what you want to argue for. However, I am going to leave you to decide for yourself. Please think about your decision carefully and make sure you  have all the right facts

Superbly written Kaliya! You have understood the text type and the tone in which it should be written! Your sentence types, rhetorical questions, and vocabulary choices are powerful and truly engage the reader. Well done on a great discussion text!

Is it ok to gift someone something dangerous, even if it could help them one day?

Recently, we have been looking at a photo that links to a story about a king giving his children a pet dragon for their 5th birthday. Even though he knew the risks of having a dragon in the kingdom, it would help the children one day. This has made us think of the question: ‘Is it ok to gift someone something dangerous, even if it could help them one day?’

No one can deny the risks of having a dragon as a pet. They have super sharp teeth to eat you with. They are fire breathing to burn you with, and most of all to burn the kingdom with! Plus, they might take over the whole world and make the world infested with dragons. Who wants that? Not me. It could help your life, but catastrophic impacts can happen at any time, anywhere. Even weapons, what if you accidentally throw it, and kill people? What if you use it for the bad? What if you’re swinging it around, and demolish the kingdom’s population? That would be terrible. And why you should not gift someone something dangerous.

To be honest, it does not make sense to gift someone something dangerous: you wouldn’t know how to use it. It does not come with instructions! Then there is technically no use for it. It would just be laying there waiting for someone to use it like that’s going to happen. Plus, what if someone steals it, and uses it against you, not like you have another weapon or something you can use to retrieve it back. Plus, a lot of accidents can happen: such as walking around with it without a care in the world, not realising it is killing people behind you. Why push your luck?

This makes me come to the conclusion that gifting someone something dangerous, even if it could help them one day, is a bad idea. Also, who wants something dangerous anyway, a lot of bad things could happen.

Well done Alice. A well-written discussion text on the argument in hand. You make very clear points, backed up with evidence to ensure your reader that you are standing by your opinion. You have used some very powerful word choices to engage the reader and you have experimented with the Y6 sentence types. 

Is it okay to gift someone something dangerous if it could help them one day? – Big write –

Is it okay to gift someone something dangerous if it could help them one day?

Lately, we have been studying an image that is accompanied by a story about a king, who gives his five-year-old twins a dragon for their fifth birthday. Despite knowing the dangers of having a dragon as a pet, the king felt his decision was right and stood by it because he knew his children would rule his kingdom one day and would need all the help they could get, therefore a dragon would be a perfect ally. This image has led us to a discussion of the question, ‘’ Is it okay to gift someone something dangerous if it could help them one day?’

You can’t deny that a dragon is a fierce and powerful ally and that a father would do anything to protect his beloved children ( especially a king ); however, in my opinion, I think that it is not a good idea to gift someone something dangerous, even if it is something that can eventually help them. I think this because if a child( or anyone really)  decides to buy themselves something dangerous that might help them in the upcoming years of their life, it is their choice; however, if someone gives it to you that decision/choice is immediately taken away from you, and the person that has given you something dangerous has taken that decision on, and decided for you.

Following on from this, I also believe that no matter if the dangerous thing helps you, it will always be considered dangerous in other people’s minds. In this case, the dangerous thing is a dragon: I know that you can train a dragon day and night to be calm and cuddly around you, and the more you train them the better they will get. But no matter how nice, cuddly and sweet they are, they are still considered dangerous because a dragon, is just a dangerous creature in general.

I understand that there are many other arguments out there fighting for either for or against, however, I am certain that it is not okay to gift someone something dangerous, even if it could help them one day. I have explained why I disagree with the king’s decision using proven evidence and ensured that my opinion makes sense. Until my point is disproved, I feel it is best for the king to sell the dragon and buy his children a more appropriate gift for a five-year-old, such as a toy car and doll. What is your opinion on this story? Do you think the children are more or less safe with the dragon?  Do you feel the children are unsafe until the dragon is taken away?

Superbly written Iliana! You have clearly made your point using strong vocabulary choices and a range of sentence types. You have shown that you understand the text type and I feel confident in you as a reader as you are so certain of your decision. Great discussion text, written at your usual Y6 writing standard – well done!

Is it okay to gift someone a dragon, if it could help them one day?

For the past week, we started focusing on an image where the king gifts his children a dragon, as it will help them in the future to rule and rise the kingdom. This has made us discuss if it is okay to gift somebody a dangerous pet if it will help them one day?

Having a dragon as a gift to your children is a really outrageous idea for some people, but if the dragon is a baby and grows older, gets trained, and gets to think that the children are his family, then he will want to keep them safe and listen to them. As people say that dragons make loads of damage, what if they were under attack and didn’t have a dragon, the damage will be 10 times worse. This is why having a dragon is a good and safer idea!

Following on from my point, if you have a dragon pet he doesn’t just have to save you from attacks, he can also give you rides all over the world if you want to. He will play games with you and he will only do that if he doesn’t feel under attack. If you always wanted to travel all over the world, then you can agree with me that it is okay for the king to have bought his children a dragon.

There are many compelling arguments against, but there are many positive thoughts that can cancel the negative ones. Therefore you might agree with me, having a dragon is the best possible idea you could ever have. What is your opinion on having a dragon?

Well done Andrei! A well-written discussion text where you make your points clearly and concisely. You have experimented with Y6 sentence types and powerful language to engage your reader. 


My talent

My talent is an artist. I often draw by myself or with my friends at school. I got this talent by watching ‘How to draw’ tutorial on YouTube. Those tutorials helped me get this unique skill. I like having this talent because I can draw my favourite characters from video games, cartoons, and animals. For example a cat or a dog. But, the only thing I am having trouble on my talent at the moment is to draw humans. I do not draw humans often. I mainly draw robots and skeletons. My parent knew I obtained this talent from September 2019, I at least think so. At Golden Time, I like to spend my drawing stuff like robots and skeletons. I remember when my friend and I made a comic (that isn’t going to be finished anytime soon), it was a nice start for the first chapter.

My loves and passion

I have a passion for art. I love my family, friends and kitten. The reason I love them is because they always keep my company, it cheers me up too. My friends and I (Charlie, Rhys, Toby, and Joshua) always get to play fun games! My cat keeps me company too. My family and I spend time together every day! They all make me feel joyous. The best things is that my friends and I lime the same games! If we ever have time, I think me and my family might play some board games, like Monopoly, or maybe play on my Xbox (Which I play on rarely every now and again). I mostly play alone because of Self-Isolation/ Quarantine. I also play with my energetic cat. He makes those cute, big eyes when he is intimidated to capture something with his claws.


My goal is to be an artist. This is because I tend to draw a lot. My family and friends congratulate Me on what I did. I mostly want to draw my favourite characters, mainly from video games. It’s really fun to draw with my friends in my opinion. My other goal is to be a YouTuber. This is because I  like to chat with people. In addition. I like gaming. But, I would also do how to draw tutorials for people who want to draw. This is also because  I have nothing to do since I am stuck at home. When I am older, I might work at Domino’s. Because that is where my mum, dad and sister work at it. It feels like it is a family tradition, but it is not.

This is Me


Although, I have a few  talents. I think my greatest  is football. Some of my other talents include: Art, Archery and Horse riding.  Even though I have always played football, over the past two years I have been taking it more seriously by joining a team to train and i have played in a tournament and several matches. When I was younger I used to play football with brother and my friends for fun. Since I have joined my team I have  got  better and better  at my talent. Next  season I will  learn new skills. and help my team do well in the league. I also hope to have some more horse riding lessons so I can improve my cantering (really fast running).  I practise drawing every day  to improve my skills in art too. I expect I have got my skills for art from my granddad. In the future my skills will definitely get better.

Loves & Passions

I love spending time with my family, especially the family that live with me or near me. The reason I love spending time with them  is because they make me laugh. When I am with them, they always make things fun. I also love football. I play football, whether  I am sad or happy, but if I am sad I can always rely on it to cheer me up. Not only do I love football, but it is also my main passion. Even though it is a way to have fun, at times, I can also take it very seriously. Another passion of mine is art. I love art because when I do it, it clears my mind. I also love art because I can express my self within it. In art I like drawing and painting the most, as I feel it can be more interesting and imaginative.

Dreams & Aspirations

My goal for the future is to pass my GCSEs and A-levels with good grades. When I leave School, I would like to go to University to do a course that will combine my love of creative art and my passion for sports. Outside of my education, I hope to continue getting better at football and maybe get accepted into an academy, to play football for a professional league. I would also love to travel to many countries around the world and get my qualification to coach football in America. Whilst travelling around the world, I would like to volunteer for charities to help less fortunate people.

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