The whole of the United Kingdom is in lockdown: Families trapped inside their empty homes, busy streets left vacant and lonely, friends and families kept apart – does this sound familiar to you? During these heart-breaking times, people are feeling bored and days are becoming stagnating. Things to do are almost impossible to find, and being isolated at home feels like nothing but a punishment. Thankfully, I am here to help. How, you might be asking? I’m sure you want to see your missed friends and family: we all do, and I have created a way to do so. Without eye strain, dying battery, and difficult instructions. Not only is it easily affordable, but it comes with a spectacular three-month warranty! The only question is: Are you ready to take on a new world of love and adventure?

Virtual Conversation is a fun, easy way to talk with family and friends. You may have a phone or another device for that, but it is common to get headaches along with eye aches and pain around the eye, especially in summer. So, this machine is screen-free, and it can also travel around, just like a normal device! It eliminates the pain and headaches, has great battery power, and can travel without WiFi! Don’t you think that’s a great deal? This machine is a fantastic way to connect with people you miss and care about, without having to suffer from aches and pains. Would you care to turn your family and friends’ smile upside down with this incredible machine? During these worrying, scary, and troubled times I’m sure that Virtual Conversation is the perfect way to make your lockdown misery, a million times better. How can you buy it? Virtual Conversation will be found in Apple stores across this the globe. It can also be found online on Amazon, and at the store. There are currently three colours that you can purchase Virtual Conversion in. The colours are, Black, Grey, and White. The cost of this incredible machine is £15-20, depending on your size choice. (Sizes will be shown on Amazon.). This machine, which comes with a three-month warranty, will change your boring lockdown life, into an interesting adventure!

This is only the beginning of Virtual Conversation! As we grow, and more people hear about our product, we can use the increased money to design a new up levelled machine and create new updates, such as bug fixes and lag fixes. I am positive that once we are up and running, people across the nation will flock out to try out Virtual Conversation. Another way I would like to improve on Virtual Conversation is frequent updates, every three or four months, along with viruses. With your support, I can offer the people struggling with the tedium of lockdown. Thank you for reading about Virtual Conversation; I hope you are as excited about my new product as I am!

A beautifully written, persuasive pitch Eleanor. You have such a way with words and this just show cases your talent for writing. Well done!