Walking around the supermarket and shops, what do you see? The same cupcakes. Tired of the same taste, disgusted with the lack of choice for your special occasion.

Imagine a world full of choices, imagine the look on your friends face when they receive that perfect gift to tantalise their to, tastebuds and give a feeling of pure joy! Do you know someone that needs a cake?

At this time, we have been unable to see our loved ones; BB’s Cake is the solution for you! A cake in a colourful box with a sticker and a note that you can have personalised. These cakes are 100% homemade and delivered as fresh as the day they were baked. The cakes are baked on the day of the order placed and, where possible, dispatched on the same day or early the following day. The cakes will be on a special offer of Β£2 per cake for the first 3 weeks and there ofter! Β£3 per cake.

This is just the start of BB’s Cake Bake! As we grow and more people hear about our product, we will be able to use the money to buy more ingredients so we can make more fancy cakes that can be seen as a work of art.

My product will be seen all over the world. If you need a gift, if you need a cake, if you need cupcakes then come and get your cupcakes or whatever you want. I hope you are as happy as me and I will see you later.

Well done Beatrice! You have worked hard to use the Y6 writing skills and persuasive techniques for your pitch.Β