The United Kingdom is in lockdown; we are separated from our families and friends; your heart that is usually fluttering with love is now still. Silent; this is your worst nightmare. You can’t deny the fact that you have been in lockdown for the past 101 days, and you have been unable to see the people that steal your heart. Imagine a world where families and friends communicate through screens, a life without that loving hug, a day where you can’t see the people you care the most for; fortunately, this pandemic will eventually end but in the mean-time, we have your perfect mix to cure your heartache. The only question is; are you ready to revolutionise someone’s lockdown life?

Well if you are, listen on. Wishes in boxes hopes to mend your broken heart and provide a way for families to reconnect. Your heart will emerge from its hiding place when you see the quality of this box; the decoration of this box, and the love that is put into the making of this box. You might think lockdown is the end of the world even the end of humanity, but I can confidently tell you that the wish in a box will cure the world’s heartbreak. A wish in a box is highly recommended, and 13 out of 15 people would buy my product. They are available online for £10.50, which I feel is a reasonable price for the significant quality of my box, and on your second box, you get 50% off! When doing my market researching there were many views from my target audience, such as “ Your product is a reasonable price.” , “I love the idea of sending a gift to friends and family!” and “Your product would cheer someone up.” As wishes in box’s main goal is to send love around the world, special treatment will not be given to any of our customers; I hope you understand. At the beginning we will only have a small amount of starting money, so we will only have one box option which will include a colouring book, love hearts, a bar of soap and a personalised message, all neatly packing in one beautiful box. If you would like to add or swap items in the wish in a box when it arrives, so it is perfect for your loved ones, the box is easy to open as it will not be taped closed. Then you can add more love and care into this hug through mail.

This is just the beginning of our wishes in boxes journey. As our business grows more and more, we hope to provide you with a greater variety of boxes, products, and services. I fully believe in my product and that my company will be well-known across the UK. People will travel from far and wide just to deliver the wish in a box to their most loved ones. We hope to provide you with boxes for different age groups, a box for boys and girls, a box for pets, and even a box you can put together yourself. We hope to give you services such as afternoon tea that we will deliver to your doorstep. Now we just need one thing… you! If you believe in my business, you will buy my product; if you believe in my business, you will send a hug through the mail; if you believe in my product, you will make my dream a reality. Thank you for your time; I hope my product relates to you.

A beautifully written persuasive pitch Iliana! You have worked incredibly hard to uplevel this through drafting this week! Well done.