Lonely, isolated and wasting credit – is this a problem to you? Well, the MessageBot 1.0 can fix that. It has a speed of 100 miles per hour and battery life lasts 1 year! All you have to do is programme it to go to where it needs to go, and deliver the message. You will get the messages even quicker than when they come through on your phone, and you can’t miss them. My name is Alice Moody and I am introducing you to the MessageBot 1: the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to say hi to your loved ones. How much is it you may be asking, it only retails at a price of Β£25.50 each. It is available in: Argos, Sainsburys, B&M and any online shopping websites. If it breaks, don’t worry because we can replace with a new for free!

The MessageBot 1.0 can vary in different ways, which means you can custom its voice and you can choose its colour. How does it work you may be asking? Well, it has a screen and a keyboard on its stomach, so all you have to do is type who its for and what the message is –Β  it’s very simple, so everybody can do it. The battery power lasts up to a year. In case it it rains, it will be fine as it has been invented to be water resistant. If it fails, which is unlikely because it knows when to stop and carry on, it won’t do much harm as it is made of steel. Plus, if you have pets at home, don’t worry because it has its own box to keep it in so it will not be eaten, which means the MessageBot 1.0 is pretty much invincible.

Why choose a robot for the design?

When designing the MessageBot 1.0, I wanted the design to link in with the purpose. So I had some time thinking and I thought that it is to do with technology, so why not choose a robot. Also I wanted something gender neutral so I though a robot is the perfect way to express that. Also, I wanted something to be useful for the next generation.

Is there another purpose for it?

I would have made it maybe sing or dance, to entertain kids, but I through that idea away. IΒ  have 2 reasons for this. 1. This would just make the price rise higher. 2. I wanted it to be perfect for all ages. But, we did make another purpose. It can also be handy if you can’t do the shopping, it will be able to do it for you.

Well done Alice! You have worked so hard on this persuasive pitch over the week and I can tell you have responded to your feedback! You have used a range of Year 6 skills such as subordinate clauses, relative clauses and persuasive language.Β Β