Bored, lonely, and missing friends and family – does this sound familiar to you? During this troubling time, friends and family across the globe have been separated, with only one way of contact. Calling people on screen. Even though this may be a good way of contacting people, it is unhealthy and bad for your eyes. Grandparents separated from grandchildren, friends not able to play together, loved ones trapped in isolation Although there are ways to call and speak to your loved ones, a lot of people can find phones hard to work, preventing them from talking to their loved ones. Don’t you think we need a better way of speaking online? Hi, my name is Eleanor Baugh and I introduce to you, ‘Virtual Conversations’ . The way to have your virtual conversation is through a small machine,  like Alexa and you connect your phone, iPad, or TV to it and you can call your friends and family without any strain on your eyes.

‘Virtual Conversations’ was not only created to get rid of the strain on your eyes, but it was also designed to be worked/programmed easier than an iPad or phone, so that if you are not able to turn the machine on, someone could easily do it for you. However, though this machine can be easily worked, it will need frequent charging as the battery runs down by 50% per hour. To charge it, you will need to plug the cable into the machine, and the other cable into the wall. This machine is outlined with with black rubber and a hard grey top with speakers inside. Each virtual conversation machine would cost £20-£40, depending on what size you plan on getting . There are small, medium,, and large machines, with all the same quality.

Although video calling may seem simpler, it is not as healthy as what we are providing you with. Virtual conversations will cause no pain, or strain on your eyes. This  machine offers easier use speakers so that you can tell your virtual conversation who you want to call, and the option to connect your caller to the TV so that you can see your caller. However, when you connect the TV to the screen, it will only show as a small image, to loosen at least some of the strain while FaceTiming. We did not create screen on the machine as it would be considerably a lot more expensive, and the purpose of the virtual conversation is to reduce strain. I believe that if we included a screen, eye pains would continue.

Well done Eleanor! I always enjoy reading you writing and I’m so pleased to see the quality is exactly the same during home learning. This is an informative and persuasive pitch and you have read the skills required carefully! I can see you’ve used relative and subordinate clauses in your writing. You’ve also used a range of higher level vocabulary and punctuation.