Everyone in the UK isolating; busy streets transformed into ghost towns; people unable to walk their dog because they are shielded: is this the type of life you recognise? It is a dreadful time for your precious pooch – they must be in complete misery. Newborn puppies born into the past 2190 hours, not getting to see the real world – we need to end this torture. If you are also suffering through this dilemma, I have a solution for you. Are you ready to take the weight off your feet form this worry? Your daring dogs wining to go out for a walk: they need some fresh air, they want to make new friends, you cannot stop them from that joy! Are you ready to jump into a world where you don’t have to walk your dog?


Alice’s Doggy Daycare offers dog walking for anyone, including shielded and elderly people who are unable to go out. I will be walking dogs big or small for 45 minutes, which includes playing games such as tug of war and fetch, and they will get a fresh treat that will also help their teeth. If someone is shielded, I will politely ask them if they could put their dog in a carrier in the back garden. As most big dogs don’t have carriers, if the owner could put their dog in the garden to play – while they wait for me – that would be great. A dog walk will cost £2.50 for your first time, and £5.00 regularly. You can also get a 1-year subscription, which costs £10.00 a month and you will get 50% off each dog walk. Subscriptions include 4 walks a month ( 1 walk every week). Is this the non-dog walking life you have always wanted?

As this is just the start of Alice’s Doggy Daycare, I will be walking one dog at a time. If you have multiple pooches, when I am finished with one I will then collect the other. In the future, we hope to expand the service – by walking multiple dogs at a time, and for now, limit the number of treats to 1 per dog. My goal is to persuade as many people as I can to follow the government guidelines and do the dog walking for them. Thank you for your time and I hope you use my service. I highly appreciate your support; thank you. If you believe lockdown is stopping you from walking your dog, then you believe in me.

A beautifully written persuasive pitch Alice! You have worked hard this week to use the Y6 writing skills and persuasive techniques to really engage your reader. Well done!