Coraline and her family have just moved house into a cold, old and eerie place. Coralline was determined to have a look around her new house. She decided to look in all the rooms and as she was looking she had not been successful to find anything new and interesting. That was until she came across an empty room. At first she did not think anything of it that wasn’t till she inspects further. After she moved an unusual looking cabinet, she found a secret room.

After some hesitation, she opens the little door. To her surprise, there was a beautifully colourful and interesting tunnel/slide. She decided to go down as she thought what could be the worst And she was so bored with her dark life. The tunnel looks good and you could feel the big dust particles as it was so old and not been touched. Β As she slid down she could feel the airbrushing through her hair. She was cautious but had an adventure aside to her and wanted to find out where the slide went. She could see the colors flashing past her eyes. The smell of mold and dampness passing past her. She could hear the woosh of the air. Finally the tunnel came to an end. There was only one thing to think about now. We are from here.

This is the writing I know and love from you Layla! An interesting read – I want to know more!