In this hard time we have to know how to survive and defeat this dangerous virus, so here is my guide. Every day you have to keep your mind and body healthy, but how do we do that? You may ask. We can do a 1-2 hour sport session or jog in your house,( if you have a garden you can jog there),and try having a healthy diet. To keep your mind healthy, you can read a book and answer some questions that will make your mind work hard.

When exiting the house, you should send only 1 family member equipped with gloves and a mask that is shaped on the face, this is so that the virus doesn’t go through the gaps of the mask. When they go to the shops, they should only go to buy the necessary stuff that you will need for that weak and a half. You should not leave the house if you’re not going to work or to the shops.

If at any moment you have to cough or sneeze, get a tissue and do it in it. After that, put the tissue in the bin and sanitise your hands, when you do this make sure to use soap and clean them very good for about 20 seconds. Every 30 minutes, take a sip of a hot drink. If the virus was in your mouth, it would go to your stomach and dissolve.