Month: February 2020

The Forest …Amelia’s 500 word story

Loving tragedy

There is a forest…There is a family… and there is a  tragedy…

Love is an important event, as is surviving in the dark. But will she make it? That’s our big mystery…

There is a girl called Angelica that lives with her alcoholic mother and Buzz (the cutest wolf living on planet earth ). She has a massive crush on Edward (the leader of the class) he is the popular one too. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, Angelic had to ask Edward because she lost in a bet with her friends She said “ hey, Edward, I wanted to tell u, I really like you, like more than a friend,  I was scared to tell you this.” Edward stood there speechless as his crush asked him not by text like most youngsters do these days. She asked him out with all her ambition and girly power. He knew he liked her , so as it is confirmed they are dating.

Couple months had passed of there happy moments and then the  devastating news came.. She had to move far away from her love of her life. It was hard to receive  the horrible news but they were still in contact. Edward asked,“ where are you moving?”                                                                                  Angelika exclaimed” near a old  abandoned house now I’m kind of scared to be honest, well, I’ll have to deal with it for how long am l meant to stay there, but we’ll be in  contact bye, love you.” It was hard for them to leave one another but no one could help it. The decision has been made.

Few nights later, Angelika and Buzz had been woken up by some strange noises coming from the  woods, something like screaming but historically, so loud , one her neighbours Angelika mums friend (who is a hunter) went out at night to explore what that scream was he took his  AGM L96 AWP snipper. So he got prepared to go and of he went , disappearing in the dark.

The next morning.

Angelika flew out of her bed, she woke up from a extremely loud gun shot then she remembered her mums friend (the hunter) that he went out at night to see: what the screaming was all about Angelika put on her shoes and her coat on and rushed into the forest calling for the neighbour but there was no answer. She wondered around in the woods with Buzz. She called him for 2 hours then wanted to go back but didn’t know how. Suddenly, a large figure starting charging at her screaming just like the one that woke her up.She started running  faster and faster but it was too late…

She woke up in a handcuff chair with Buzz howling in the corner of the room. Out of no where, the figure came from behind her walking with its head spinning charging at her once again. Angelika blacks out .. Several hours later she woke up with police cars, ambulances all surrounding her Edward, Mum crying there worried…

500 word challenge (story 2) Alicja – Amina’s weird dream

One girl and one small town. Not just one ordinary small town but a small sinister town. Full of secrets and obscure creatures creeping around every corner ready to pounce. Amina a 15 year old girl which wants to discover the world, was sitting at her desk doing her usual research. She just couldn’t find anything, nothing at all.

She shut her laptop and jumped onto her bed, she softly sighed and she closed her eyes to sleep. All she could dream about is just becoming a world wide famous examiner. Until her alarm went off…

She got up and looked at the time, but hold up this wasn’t her wake up time how is it 3:00 am when she clearly set it to 7:00am. She set it once again and laid in her bed which smelt of marshmallows thanks to her mom washing her sheets she fell asleep right away. Keep in mind this never happened to Amina before.

She heard her alarm once again but for some reason she was stuck! She was stuck in her own dream it was like her eyes were stuck together and she couldn’t even move her own body. What is she going to do now!..Well on the other hand, she can live her dream now but it didn’t seem right.

She just stuck in her own dream now so she has no choice, she starts walking in deeper and deeper into her dream. Remember those obscure creatures that I was talking about yep those are in this dream too everywhere you looked but hebetudinous Amina didn’t even realise them, she was too lost in her dream.

After walking around her dream for a long period of time she felt something on her back…it was viscous and abominable. She started yelling for help but there was no one to save her. She tried her best to whack off this thing that’s on her back.

Once she finally got it off, she saw the redoubtable creature she thought it was wonderful how the planet is full of unsystematic things all around it. But the only thing that was worrying her was that was it really real? It’s just a dream how is she suppose to know?

Suddenly, everything started to fade away and her bedroom started appearing. She was late for school! Amina quickly rushed everything – forgetting to brush her teeth- She ran to school as quickly as possible, sweat dripping off her. Silly Amina had a grey shirt on were you could saw all her sweat patches….what an embarrassment.

As the day went on, she didn’t feel so well so her mother had to pick her up from school. Amina was keep on vomiting…

”You okay honey?” Michelle (Amina’s mother) asked

“I’m fine mom” Amina answered back

“You know what they say, after every enigmatic dream some people become sick for the rest of their life” Michelle just laughs it off but Amina clearly knew it wasn’t just any old myth….It was a real myth…

500 word challenge – Jackson Felt Beast Mode (Alicja)

It started of as a normal day, but was it really? I stood up and as I walked to my mirror, which was right next to my door, I saw something unusual on my body…I couldn’t tell if it was a toe growing out of my belly button or I was still exhausted either way something just didn’t seem right today. I’m only an ordinary 17 year old boy, they call me Jackson Felt I guess I can consider myself famous because I’m a social media star. But I have feelings and a life too, which some people don’t understand sometimes, I’m just like the others.

I threw a shirt on, headed downstairs and got into my car, I drove to starbucks I was glad that it was raining a bit today because Florida barley gets any rain. I ordered my pink drink, my favourite drink on the menu, I also grabbed some breakfast. I didn’t want to take long since I already was late to school.

Finally, after driving in the rain I got to school, I quickly ran into class but I needed to go to the restroom so badly! I asked for the restroom pass and ran to do the big man business. And at this moment I knew this won’t be a normal day. The toe got longer and my skin became greener than the grass every millisecond, what is going on? I thought to myself….

As the day went on, I felt like I was changing into someone else. I did all my ordinary teenager boy stuff. It was my bedtime, I fell on my bed and turned off the lights. The next thing I knew I woke up screaming. I had the biggest nightmare it was things I didn’t want to see. I quickly ran to the mirror and I saw it, I saw the real me, I saw my nightmare…

I quickly went on my computer and searched up some labs because I knew the doctor could do nothing about this tragedy. My brother Greyson burst into my room.

“Dude, what happened to you?” he asked

“Leave my room before I hurt you!” I shouted back at him, I was a monster I acted like a monster what happened to me! I sneaked out so my mom couldn’t see me I got to the lab and got tied to a chair.

“We got the results Mr steal yo girl.” the scientist stated.

“What are they?” I asked.

“Its…” he said.

“Yea carry on.” I said while getting more curious every second that went by.

“You have the coronavirus… but the beast mode coronavirus, its the most rarest disease you can get we don’t know if we can cure you unless…..”

“Unless what?”

“If we use the British school nurse strategy.”  *deploys an ice pack*

He put a blaster on and the ice pack…

“Okay we will send a bump note to ur parents.”

I guess everyone was right, the british strategy works on venom.

my 500 word challenge by charlie Big write

have you ever wondered about how boxes live a everyday life well my friends today I tell THE LIFE OF BOXES (in 500 words) so lets start.

Box was having the time of the boxes life because it was sunny and somehow he didn’t burn wow that is super weird because it was flaming outside yet again he was inside his house so yes… ok back to the story one the first day of the week and a newcomer came to the town of boxes named hahaha with a box creature named benxy (rip off of a popular cartoon character) box was not happy with their new visitor however boxes friend did not cure about it  ”munf” said boxes friend which in English is ”yo dude i have a felling that this guy is bad ” hahahahahahaha” said hahaha well this is getting out of hand ”munf” shouted box which means ”shut up narrator” well i think that is a bit harsh isn’t it  ”hahahahahahahaha” said hahaha then ignited box came in to the action and kicked hahahaha and benxy at the same time how i’ll just let it happen ” you t-t-th- thought that y-y-yo you can come here and k-k-k-ki- kick us out” said ignited box wow speak- ” s-s-sh- shut up” said ignited box wow so rude i’ll just give up you can tell the story…

” well t-t-th- that was suprising” ”munf” ”hahahaha” all right i’m back tell me what happend ” you missed out on some said bits” said benxy oh ok this story was good well this can still happen ”well i’m gone” said hahaha ”munf” said boxes friend ”sorry” said benxy well that’s three down we cant have a story with tow characters sorry ” d-d-d-du-dude yes we can” said ignited box you are the only one that speaks ” o-o-o-oh” said ignited box oh so i cant do this ” bye” said box wait he can speak ”noooooooo” said ignited box we cant make a story now ignited box ” YES WE CAN” said ignited box  THE END ” NO IT IS NOT I- oh ok no we cant THE END ” good now we agree on something          THE END

My little pony terror 

It was a lovely day in Ponyville. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and everyone was happy. Twilight Sparkle heard some news, it was bad news. Princess Celestia told her that her sister Nightmare Moon is going to attack Ponyville tonight!


They are off to visit Sweetie Belle, Applebloom and Scoodleloo at Applebloom’s farm to tell them the news that they received from Princess Celestia.


They teleport to the farm. Twilight Sparkle has a shocked look on her face as she approached Apple Jack’s little sister. She tells them what is going to happen tonight.


Later that day, Nightmare Moon reads a book about how to transform the ponies into evil ponies when the moon is blue and she will be able to control them. She turns Pinkie Pie into Pinkameaner,

Fluttershy into Flutterbat, AppleJack into Applebat, Rainbow Dash into Rainbow Death and, Rarity into Slender Rare.


Twilight Sparkle asks Celestia for help. Twilight Sparkle and Celestia use a vanquish spell on Nightmare Moon and banish  her to the moon. All her friends return to normal and everyone in Ponyville is happy.

reggie’s 500 word story

Hatashi has lost himself in time, a different dimension he does not know. he finds out that the year is 2936 were every were is robots buildings are destroyed, skeletons are lying around, he hides behind a building, he hears a tank crawling near him he takes a peek the tank had random numbers on it saying 2089 Hatashi says to himself “I have to find somewhere safe asap” he immediately starts to run building to building, eventually he finds somewhere to stay… for a while he immediately starts to scavenges for food and water and anything else like shirts or trousers

Hatashi wakes up from his slumber because he heard something like a drone? he immediately searches for what that noise came from… zap Hatashi is getting tazered  from behind Hatashi falls unconscious he wakes up in some sort of lab, he spies needles above him and some stiches on him he screams for help but know one is there to help him he sighs knowing there’s know one there to help him immediately he hears multiple alarms going of a stranger takes Hatashi out of his chair and caries Hatashi on his shoulder and runs outside (the base explodes).

Hatashi awakens and finds himself in a house the stranger has a mask on and has a mask that is purple when I stare into the strangers mask it feels like I’m in a thunder storm the stranger reveals his name as storm! He is a survivor from this robotic apocalypse, as a child (when the robots began the war) he saw his family get captured and murdered he swore he will avenge his family by ending this war. Hatashi had one single tear that dropped slowly from his left eye. Hatashi agrees they both are working together to end this.

Hatashi and storm go on an epic adventure together they know robots nearly blind at night except the turret robots that gives out light for the other robots so they both say (we have to destroy the turret to get past the other robots jinx) there plan is in action hatashi has headphones somehow? He is playing the mission impossible theme storm grows a bolt of lightning at the turret before it sees them, they go through holes leading them to were the turret was they go through the gates

Hatashi sneaks through with storm they know that they have to do one last thing destroy the heart to shut down all the robots but th re are two robots guarding the heart both of the robots see are fellow humans storm throws a thunder bold at them but there immune robot 1 punches storm to knock him out Hatashi immediately spawns a sword out his hand and strikes with anger slicing robot 1 in half  it’s just Hatashi and robot 2 they jump towards each over robot 2 gets the firs hit then robot 2 knocks down hatashi then storm kills robot 2 they destroy the heart and escaped smoothly


shout out to David Williams.



Some nights with Bunky

Some nights with Bunky


Lucas entered Bunky and friends, the place where he employed at as a security guard. He was scared of the robot, Climax. The big block, and crystal clear robot. There were two robots right beside it. Bunky, the main robot, and the other …it had no name. There were other robots in the pizza place. But he did not remember their names. Lucas, on the other hand, had different names for them. Banana, Sen, Kidd, Fox and Lolo. He began entering his office. He finally  got in the office, where he got his phone call. It was Roi, his best friend. He called him for some tips on how to do his job. Roi said to watch the cameras, but then, he said, “The animatronics…do get a bit quirky at night..”. He was not so sure about the job now. He finally heard some footsteps, and he checked the camera. “Sen is moving!” He said, squealing to not make a bigger noise. Minutes later, Climax came to the door. He quickly rushed to the button to close the door. Climax was about to scare him! Luckily, he made it to the door, and Climax bashed into it. He banged his blocky fist on the steel door. Lucas was scared to think that it would break and the robot would eat him. “Please do not..” He said, quietly, to not get on his bad side. Climax eventually gave up and travelled back to his stage. He opened the door, and saw him going back. He kept the door open. And checked the cameras. Camera 1 was the stage. 3 hours later… he was on 5 am. He needed 1 more hour, just to get out for the first night. Ding-dong! 6 am! 4 more nights to go. Lucas got out and said, “Freedom!” Lucas exclaimed. He went to his car, and got his car key out. Lucas drove home. Later, he gone back to the pizzeria to spend the night again. He ran to the office this time, if the robots got off early. Then, he saw a poster. The poster was about a child-murderer called Roi. “Roi…is a murderer..?” He said, he added something else, “No…it…no…just…no..” Then, somebody was behind him, “Surprise, surprise, Lucas…” It was Roi, he looked behind him and then there was Climax was behind Roi. He tried to stab Lucas, but could because of Climax, he looked behind him and knocked him out. “Get out” Climax said. Lucas then dashed out, leaving and drove away. He never went back to the place. The End.

The 21st century

Padkin : The genetically mutated rabbit and a descendant of Wiccan rabbits .                                      Giovanni: the father of Maxine and Benjamin .
Maxine: Giovanni’s unknowing daughter, owner of  Padkin .                                                           Benjamin : Giovanni’s son  .

“Project 21, you are my goal,” murmured Giovanni.  Suddenly, the glass around Project 21 shattered, killing Giovanni and leaving his lab coat drenched in blood… Padkin was taken to Wood Green. Then, one day, Maxine (Giovanni’s unknowing  daughter), adopted Padkin, taking him to her dreary ancient house where her boyfriend, Benjamin, was studying marine biology. Soon enough, Maxine noticed something around Padkin’s leg -the revival spell for Giovanni – as she read it aloud … there was an earthquake.

The next night, the gravedigger saw hands rise and graves starting to walk. Just then,  a greenish blue zombie rose from Giovanni’s grave. He screamed “PADKIN!”

The next morning, as Maxine and Benjamin rose, they noticed the decayed body of zombie Giovanni standing at the end of the bed. Stained red water hit the white carpet turning it pink. Maxine screamed ” Not the carpet, you idiot! That is a limited  edition!” He  pointed at Maxine saying daughter and Benjamin as son. Then  he pointed out at the garden and screamed padkin at Maxine and Benjamin . They were puzzled why did he even point at the garden?  Benjamin clocked it! The reason why he pointed their rabbit was project 21 the one that escaped from the laboratory a couple of days ago. That was the reason why he had a green tag on his leg that had the number 21 on it . Suddenly Maxine had a flashback to when she was told that by one of the staff that there was a note with the letter G on it saying ” I hope you are very happy with your foster parents. She must be called Maxine” That must mean that Giovanni is her father . Benjamin had the exact same flashback when Maxine’s flashback finished .Then they realised that they were brother and sister. they both exclaimed ” EW ! ” Maxine started to screech “WHY WHY WHY? “They immediately climbed out of bed and put their dressing gown on and Maxine could swear that she heard a voice say ” I’m Padkin your rabbit I was a lab rabbit that was genetically mutated but I am the 21st descendant of a line of magical rabbits ” she must have imagined it but then she heard it again then Benjamin “Are you ok then” he asked “Can you hear it too?”                                                  Both of them can hear it then the spell was whispered in Maxine’s head by Padkin. Maxine blurted out the spell ,then the zombies melted into battery acid, including Giovanni. Maxine screamed yet again “NOT THE CARPET! ” Benjamin and Maxine become friends  even though the past had happened . In the next 42 days Benjamin got run over by a truck ,whose number plate is DV21 BHJ, Maxine ran the tap and Giovanni’s minced body and his blood gushed out of the tap ,then the body suddenly became active and had a note pinned to him by …

Andrea Eakman

She opened her eyes, but it was pitch black. Her body felt chafed and weak as she leant up from what she could only assume was a bed. Her heart was pounding with fear, `Where am i, Why cant i see?` Yet she never spoke a word. Why you’re asking? She practically just couldn’t.

Doctors gathered round her, realising she had finally woken up from her eight month coma. ‘We need to run urgent tests, patient 08 has woken up from a long lasting coma!’ Well, atleast that’s what she could make out them saying. Andrea Eakman was never quite the lucky soul. When she was 5 a seagull flew onto her birthday cake and started to eat it. Irrelevant.  But the reason she was in Etfield lab was still unknown, maybe a car crash? A suicide? A heart attack? The only clues that the police found were two shards of glass next to her unconscious body, and that she was found on 8 maple street.

Five men came rushing into the room with brown briefcases . They sat down next to her and  she stared to scream. A long, pointy needle stabbed right into her left forearm. After a few seconds the screaming was over.

A day later, she woke up and she could see her mother caressing her. She glanced around the room, surprised  that her sight had been restored. Questioning wether she was  dreaming or not, she continued to scan the room. She saw a grey wooden oak table with a glass vase of tulips on it, positioned exactly how they were in her dream that night. Her pupils expanded shocked at the fact that she had seen those exact same flowers, and the exact room before. Again, she continued to look around the room, recognising every object or item she saw. She was interrupted from the door creaking open. Two strange teenagers had their head poked around the door with huge smiles, that to quote, her mother said ‘brightened up the room’. “Hey sweetie.. These are your friends.. Do you remember them?” The teenagers stepped into the room fully and their smiles quickly wiped off their faces. They looked at Andrea in the eye longing for a “I remember you”. Andrea looked them up and down trying to search her brain, but no bells were ringing. Her mother looked at her. It was a kind of look that you would give someone in an awkward conversation, gesturing that you wanted them to say something. Andrea paid no attention to her mothers ‘look’ and instead continued to ponder. “S-She’s tired, I’m sure she still remembers you. I mean how could she forget you? Haha..” Andrea’s mother said nervously. “We’ll come back tomorrow..” They replied. My mother nodded. They walked out the door looking at each other weirdly. I wonder how Andrea recognised the room, and why she was somewhat brainwashed? Well, that is yet to be discovered.

WW3-500 word challenge

Tuesday 5th June 1944
World War 2


It is officially World War 2. I don’t know what to expect.  All I see around myself are dead bodies of innocent soldiers. I didn’t get touched by even the smallest  bullet until…
“Daniel watch out!” It was too late – I was at Deaths door by now.  I  was able to see my friend Harry, or how we call him The Ace (after him being the best medic on our team). No one was able to rescue me.I blacked out from too much blood loss.No wonder they couldn’t save me,my limbs were blown up by a S-mine [a German  land mine].

I woke up in some kind of bunker,it was like God blessed me for another life.I shouted at the top of my lung, “AHH am I in Auschwitz!”.Some men introduced themselves to me.”Hi my name is Hendrick and hes called Jackson.”
“Were am I?”.I said.”Our president had an argument with the German President about the T23 800[killer robots]”said Hendrick.”So does that mean we are in World War 3?”I asked.”Yes,well kind of,we are in World War R”,said Hendrick. “We are fighting robots after the German President couldn’t take any more soldiers getting hurt. Welcome to the future…”
“Grab your laser M 16.”said Jackson.
“Wow, I didn’t know there’s guns like that.” I said.

Wednesday 11th October 2053
World war R
Operation:Route 33/66
We are fighting robots in Route 33. The name was changed after the robots exploded half of the route. After some time, we needed to cross the road.
“You need to build a holographic bridge so we can get to the other side” said Hendrick.
”The robotic hand you got can make holographic items” said Jackson.
“AHH!” I shouted like a girl.
”Who’s that?”I asked. ”That’s Razor, a human machine that was designed to kill enemies. “Said Hendrick.”so like Terminator?”I asked”That movie is 70 years old ,so ancient”said Jackson. After fighting for about 3 hours Razor found the German plan for the next mission.It was called Operationszug (operation train).

Wednesday 12th October 2053
World war R
Operation:The end
We saw the train coming fast like a formula 1.”Hey there’s the German President in that train!”I said.
“The president is called Hitler!”said Razor as the light gleamed off of the big jar on his head which held his brain in it. “Be caref-“ he began, but I had already shot the president with my heavy semi automatic ak-48. When we saw Hitler was dead, you won’t believe what we found. We realised he had a micro chip that controlled the robots hidden in his head! Finally, we had ended this nightmare.

I still want to know if I had family survive in WW2 or if my family even are still alive. I still have dreams of what would happen if I didn’t nearly die in WW2. I just wish that I never live this horrific experience again.