Science – Kinga, Eleanor, Saoirse

We predict that, when we exercise, our heart rate will speed up. We aim to get our heart rate up to 70bpm, as our normal heart rate is 60bpm (15 beats per 15 seconds).  We think that after running for the 15 seconds, our heart rate will be around 80bpm.

To test our heart rate, we will be doing different exercises like: Running, jogging, etc. We will do each of those exercises for 15 seconds to make it a fair test. After doing the exercises, I will test my heart rate to find out the difference in the different exercises. Again, we will have to test my heart rate (After doing those exercises) around the same time to make it a fair test.

To keep this fair, we will make sure we will check our pulses in the same place. (So either around the neck or on our wrists). We will also have to time everything equally.

big write – Iliana

A place in far west Texas where the environment is picturesque and heaven – like, a place were your child can learn to appreciate the natural surroundings that you grew up in. The sacred Night sky is as dark as coal and the morning sky is lightened by a sun rise. Temple like canyons standing tall and proud and plants as green as a garden, Mountains sprinkled in ancient lime stone and apon it an ocean of a million shades of blue coveredin puffy white clouds. As far as the eye can see there is not a single iron bar or electric fence in sight as here at Camp Green Lake we believe in freedom Here at camp  green lake we disconnect your child from modern technoligy and connect them to the alluring natural surroundings. Here at the magnificant Cmp Green Lake in big bend Texas we believe that giving children another option is the correct thing to do so that is what!

Diary entry as Stanley


Dear Diary,

I am struggling to write today as my hands are so sore:I have blisters upon blisters and I am out of breath. After what felt like an eternity, I arrived at Camp Green Lake.Instantly , I knew this was hell. I was so thirsty from the sheering heat of the desert. Now as I was thinking about my decision ,I should of chosen to go to jail. I remembered the curse,this is why I had chosen Camp Green Lake. Now there is no point arguing my case. I knew I just had to leave it be.

All the kids back home were talking of their vacations at camps or in other Countries . They said they did skateboarding canoeing and water-skiing – obviously this isn’t one of those places.With a temperature rising up to 48 degrees Celsius in the shade and no water source within 100 miles.This camp is not green and it also doesn’t have a lake,this is what makes the camp very lifeless. Showers in the wild,no buildings(only tents),dry throats and sore hands: this is the worst place on Earth.As I stared out the ‘window’ I can see a area full of holes-full of sadness. It’s far too late now.I knew I had to go and dig a hole as big as space. This camp ends happiness,takes memories and turns them into never-ending nightmares.

There  I was thinking the camp was bad, the thing is I didn’t even meet the people maybe they were kind-heart. The first person I’ve met was a man named Mr Sir (funny name)he had a fridge full of drinks – he never gave me one,I was sad,he was saying”you have to get used to being thirsty .” The next person to meet was Mr Pendanski,he was my counselor. He guided me to my tent,on the way to the tent he told me that his name is simple to remember(Mr Pen-dance-key),were I found 5 boys talking. As I entered the tent , Mr Pendanski introduced me to Zero,X-ray,Armpit,Magnet and Zigzag.X-ray was the only one to welcome me here,he also shook hands with me. When Mr Pendanski left, I asked Theodor (Armpit)if he knew were the Warden lived, he tossed me on to the ground,I didn’t enjoy it, and barked at me and said said “my name ain’t Theodor!”. It wasn’t a nice start to this friendship. Mr Pendanski came back and also asked me why I think Zero’s nickname is Zero, he told me it is because he doesn’t have nothing in his head.

It is true to say that this wasn’t the greatest day of my life but who knows maybe there will be a worse day tomorrow. I think that all of the days here at Camp Green Lake will be as sad and hard as this one.I can’t stop thinking about my family back home and about the summer vacation we would of had. I wish that my parents will be thinking that I didn’t steal those shoes because I didn’t. If it wasn’t for them treating me nicely I wouldn’t know how they treat me hear at camp.

Any way I hope that tomorrow I will have a better day and get to meet the other campers here at Camp Green Lake, now I have to go to bed.

Stanley Yelnats