This week we have been reading a story about a king who gave his twins a pet dragon for their birthday, so we still ask this question: ‘Is it okay to give someone something dangerous, if it could help them one day.?’ In these next few paragraphs, I will be explaining why I agree with the statement.

The reason I agree with the statement is that if I had a dragon I would feel powerful and have a feeling that no one could hurt me. This would help to protect villages if one day they were to be attacked or if someone you know is in danger.

Some people may disagree with my point as maybe if something is dangerous to someone else it may also be a danger to me. But I think in this case if the dragon is well trained, then it will be like a soldier that can help in battle and keep me out of danger.

Well done Freddie! You have made some good points to argue the question. I can see you have experimented with word choices and sentence types.Β To make this a complete Y6 piece of writing, you would need a conclusion paragraph, which I’m sure you drafted!