BB’s Cake Bake

Walking around the supermarket and shops, what do you see? The same cupcakes. Tired of the same taste, disgusted with the lack of choice for your special occasion.

Imagine a world full of choices, imagine the look on your friends face when they receive that perfect gift to tantalise their to, tastebuds and give a feeling of pure joy! Do you know someone that needs a cake?

At this time, we have been unable to see our loved ones; BB’s Cake is the solution for you! A cake in a colourful box with a sticker and a note that you can have personalised. These cakes are 100% homemade and delivered as fresh as the day they were baked. The cakes are baked on the day of the order placed and, where possible, dispatched on the same day or early the following day. The cakes will be on a special offer of £2 per cake for the first 3 weeks and there ofter! £3 per cake.

This is just the start of BB’s Cake Bake! As we grow and more people hear about our product, we will be able to use the money to buy more ingredients so we can make more fancy cakes that can be seen as a work of art.

My product will be seen all over the world. If you need a gift, if you need a cake, if you need cupcakes then come and get your cupcakes or whatever you want. I hope you are as happy as me and I will see you later.

Well done Beatrice! You have worked hard to use the Y6 writing skills and persuasive techniques for your pitch. 

𝔇𝔯𝔞𝔤𝔬 𝔇𝔢𝔰𝔦𝔤𝔫

Driving around, seeing the same houses being built over and over again, the same gardens and parking spots: is this not mundane! Are you not tired of this? 100% of houses on a street are exactly the same; people once in their life or never get to have a house that is designed by their own ideas or tastes. The more awful architects out there, the more they will continue with this through the years. However, is it worth it? Imagine a world where you can get a house design with everything you want, this is the future now we are able to do that at an affordable price. Only we are able to these. Together! Are you with me? Do you want to join the future?


Drago Design wants to design your future house, by your own tastes. This company will revolutionise your experience of home living and will create the perfect personalised home, designed by the best architects. As people start to move house more and more, they can get a design that will be the design they always wanted. After they get the design of their house, they can build their dream house. With you coming to our company, there is not going to be a problem or idea too big or too small; we will still design your house with everything you want in it. For many people, the hardest thing about starting to make a design is the cost of it, and that is where we come in. Our house designs are at half price each than the usual ones. However, if you buy two house designs, you get the VAT off of both of them. Drago Design will charge £16,300 for a small house design, £28,400 for a medium house design, and £61,600 for a large house design. My company likes to offer our customers more chances of affording a house design. To find out more visit there you can book appointments and find out how to get a design.


This is just the start of Drago Design! As the company grows and more people want a design, we will be able to start designing more plans and make our customer’s designs quicker and more complex! I fully believe that if we are ready to get many customers and raise the money, my company will be able to create another company to build the houses. If you already trust Drago Design, then you will trust the next company. If you agree with my company, if you believe that it is trustworthy, if you believe that I am right and the houses are looking the same, then you have the chance of having your own house design specialised for your tastes. Thank you for listening to me explaining my company; I hope that you are as excited as I am.

Well done Andrei! You have worked hard to use the Y6 skills and persuasive techniques to engage your reader. A superb display of your writing; well done! 

Alice’s Doggy Daycare pitch

Everyone in the UK isolating; busy streets transformed into ghost towns; people unable to walk their dog because they are shielded: is this the type of life you recognise? It is a dreadful time for your precious pooch – they must be in complete misery. Newborn puppies born into the past 2190 hours, not getting to see the real world – we need to end this torture. If you are also suffering through this dilemma, I have a solution for you. Are you ready to take the weight off your feet form this worry? Your daring dogs wining to go out for a walk: they need some fresh air, they want to make new friends, you cannot stop them from that joy! Are you ready to jump into a world where you don’t have to walk your dog?


Alice’s Doggy Daycare offers dog walking for anyone, including shielded and elderly people who are unable to go out. I will be walking dogs big or small for 45 minutes, which includes playing games such as tug of war and fetch, and they will get a fresh treat that will also help their teeth. If someone is shielded, I will politely ask them if they could put their dog in a carrier in the back garden. As most big dogs don’t have carriers, if the owner could put their dog in the garden to play – while they wait for me – that would be great. A dog walk will cost £2.50 for your first time, and £5.00 regularly. You can also get a 1-year subscription, which costs £10.00 a month and you will get 50% off each dog walk. Subscriptions include 4 walks a month ( 1 walk every week). Is this the non-dog walking life you have always wanted?

As this is just the start of Alice’s Doggy Daycare, I will be walking one dog at a time. If you have multiple pooches, when I am finished with one I will then collect the other. In the future, we hope to expand the service – by walking multiple dogs at a time, and for now, limit the number of treats to 1 per dog. My goal is to persuade as many people as I can to follow the government guidelines and do the dog walking for them. Thank you for your time and I hope you use my service. I highly appreciate your support; thank you. If you believe lockdown is stopping you from walking your dog, then you believe in me.

A beautifully written persuasive pitch Alice! You have worked hard this week to use the Y6 writing skills and persuasive techniques to really engage your reader. Well done!

Virtual Conversation!

The whole of the United Kingdom is in lockdown: Families trapped inside their empty homes, busy streets left vacant and lonely, friends and families kept apart – does this sound familiar to you? During these heart-breaking times, people are feeling bored and days are becoming stagnating. Things to do are almost impossible to find, and being isolated at home feels like nothing but a punishment. Thankfully, I am here to help. How, you might be asking? I’m sure you want to see your missed friends and family: we all do, and I have created a way to do so. Without eye strain, dying battery, and difficult instructions. Not only is it easily affordable, but it comes with a spectacular three-month warranty! The only question is: Are you ready to take on a new world of love and adventure?

Virtual Conversation is a fun, easy way to talk with family and friends. You may have a phone or another device for that, but it is common to get headaches along with eye aches and pain around the eye, especially in summer. So, this machine is screen-free, and it can also travel around, just like a normal device! It eliminates the pain and headaches, has great battery power, and can travel without WiFi! Don’t you think that’s a great deal? This machine is a fantastic way to connect with people you miss and care about, without having to suffer from aches and pains. Would you care to turn your family and friends’ smile upside down with this incredible machine? During these worrying, scary, and troubled times I’m sure that Virtual Conversation is the perfect way to make your lockdown misery, a million times better. How can you buy it? Virtual Conversation will be found in Apple stores across this the globe. It can also be found online on Amazon, and at the store. There are currently three colours that you can purchase Virtual Conversion in. The colours are, Black, Grey, and White. The cost of this incredible machine is £15-20, depending on your size choice. (Sizes will be shown on Amazon.). This machine, which comes with a three-month warranty, will change your boring lockdown life, into an interesting adventure!

This is only the beginning of Virtual Conversation! As we grow, and more people hear about our product, we can use the increased money to design a new up levelled machine and create new updates, such as bug fixes and lag fixes. I am positive that once we are up and running, people across the nation will flock out to try out Virtual Conversation. Another way I would like to improve on Virtual Conversation is frequent updates, every three or four months, along with viruses. With your support, I can offer the people struggling with the tedium of lockdown. Thank you for reading about Virtual Conversation; I hope you are as excited about my new product as I am!

A beautifully written, persuasive pitch Eleanor. You have such a way with words and this just show cases your talent for writing. Well done!


Wishes in Boxes – sealed with love!

The United Kingdom is in lockdown; we are separated from our families and friends; your heart that is usually fluttering with love is now still. Silent; this is your worst nightmare. You can’t deny the fact that you have been in lockdown for the past 101 days, and you have been unable to see the people that steal your heart. Imagine a world where families and friends communicate through screens, a life without that loving hug, a day where you can’t see the people you care the most for; fortunately, this pandemic will eventually end but in the mean-time, we have your perfect mix to cure your heartache. The only question is; are you ready to revolutionise someone’s lockdown life?

Well if you are, listen on. Wishes in boxes hopes to mend your broken heart and provide a way for families to reconnect. Your heart will emerge from its hiding place when you see the quality of this box; the decoration of this box, and the love that is put into the making of this box. You might think lockdown is the end of the world even the end of humanity, but I can confidently tell you that the wish in a box will cure the world’s heartbreak. A wish in a box is highly recommended, and 13 out of 15 people would buy my product. They are available online for £10.50, which I feel is a reasonable price for the significant quality of my box, and on your second box, you get 50% off! When doing my market researching there were many views from my target audience, such as “ Your product is a reasonable price.” , “I love the idea of sending a gift to friends and family!” and “Your product would cheer someone up.” As wishes in box’s main goal is to send love around the world, special treatment will not be given to any of our customers; I hope you understand. At the beginning we will only have a small amount of starting money, so we will only have one box option which will include a colouring book, love hearts, a bar of soap and a personalised message, all neatly packing in one beautiful box. If you would like to add or swap items in the wish in a box when it arrives, so it is perfect for your loved ones, the box is easy to open as it will not be taped closed. Then you can add more love and care into this hug through mail.

This is just the beginning of our wishes in boxes journey. As our business grows more and more, we hope to provide you with a greater variety of boxes, products, and services. I fully believe in my product and that my company will be well-known across the UK. People will travel from far and wide just to deliver the wish in a box to their most loved ones. We hope to provide you with boxes for different age groups, a box for boys and girls, a box for pets, and even a box you can put together yourself. We hope to give you services such as afternoon tea that we will deliver to your doorstep. Now we just need one thing… you! If you believe in my business, you will buy my product; if you believe in my business, you will send a hug through the mail; if you believe in my product, you will make my dream a reality. Thank you for your time; I hope my product relates to you.

A beautifully written persuasive pitch Iliana! You have worked incredibly hard to uplevel this through drafting this week! Well done.

This Is Me


When I am out of school I talk to my family in a different language called Russian and to get better a speaking Russian my parents ordered a Tudor for me so I could speak more fluently and read write better. I have a special passion for my other talent that I have is my marshal arts club that I go to called judo I started around 4 and a half years ago I like going there because they teach us a lot of cool tips and tricks and also I can see my friends that are there.In addition, I also play football in my free time and play football a long time ago but I did not know how to play properly but after time I started getting in to football and now I know how to properly play football.

Loves and passions

To be honest I love lots of things, like my dog because he always makes me of my passions is judo because I am really good at it and the second passion is climbing I can climb very good I  really like climbing because it is very fun for me and if I’m sad climbing or football helps because those are the things I like doing but the thing I like the most is my family if something happened they would try to make me laugh and ask what the problem is.

Dreams and aspirations

When I am older,  want to be a photographer because I find it fascinating and challenging to get the right angle and if I become a famous photographer I could get money my family think this is a perfect fit for me. Thinking ahead to secondary school, I hope to work hard and get good grades so I can for fill my dream job of being a photographer.I also hope I find new friends so I don’t feel lonely.

This is me

For as long as I can remember, I have had this love and passion for singing. I enjoy using this talent because it is probably one of the things I do most often. My talent for singing has always been there, and I do not have training for it. Sometimes, I get embarrassed using my talent when every body is looking at me, which is mainly in singing assembly, but I carry on singing anyway. I think I could improve my talent by practising more and working on stopping my voice cracking. Although I never talk about it, I love drawing. I am not really good at drawing realistic, but I can draw cartoony-like. I think I have been drawing since nursery ( all I drew back then were squiggle and circle handed people) and carried on to draw since then. I think my talents are some of my favourite hobbies. My talents are what makes me, me.

To be honest, I love lots of things, especially Milo and the rest of my family. This is because they are always there for me and make me laugh so much. I feel so proud of Milo when he learns new things, which is nearly all of the time. In my opinion family means everything. I also loves wolves, for some reason, at the moment, I am very interested in them. I am very interested in them because they are very intelligent and fluffy.


The artist (Banksy) has drew an image of a little boy  playing with a NHS nurse doll, that has a red hospital cross on it’s chest that drags all the attention to the nurse, since the whole picture is black and white. I think that the picture symbolises that Batman or Spider-Man aren’t the hero’s these days, the NHS nurses are because they risk their lives every day. The artist drew this beautiful piece of art on the side of a hospital building with a message ,”I hope  that this brightens up the place up a bit, even though it is black and white. This has been drawn to show people that the nurses are the hero’s, and they risk their lives for sick people.

Beautifully written Amelia! You have captured the message within this piece of art work. 



This is a piece of art by a Graffiti artist called Banksy. This represents how NHS workers are the true heroes to our world. They can help anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The techniques in this artwork are beautiful, it looks like it has been sketched so when I found out it was graffiti I was amazed. The strokes for the hair are fine but they are dark enough that you can see them all,the shading for the dungarees go from hard to soft to create an effect that the dungarees are worn. For his face Banksy has added a shadow which comes of the nurse onto the boys face.

This piece of art work has specifically been drawn to ‘’ Brighten up your day even if it is just in black and white’’ . The superhero’s are in the basket because superhero’s are not real, they may save the world but they are fictional characters. However, nurses, doctors anyone who works for the NHS is a true hero, I can prove this as they are saving our world every second of every day.

The medical cross on the nurses uniform is in red because Banksy wanted it to stand out. He wanted it to the part people notice first. The part that draws the eye. Banksy wanted the nurse to stand out because they are important. They are a hero, all NHS workers are. They are health hero’s. I think he wanted people to notice how important they are, and how they should be an inspiration to us.

Further questions – How long did this take? Where is it?

This is beautifully written Iliana! You have truly analysed this piece of art work and made some thoughtful observations and questions. You have also shown your Y6 writing skills!! Well done. 


The art symbolises how important the nurses actually are and you can also see in the picture there is a bin and inside there is two superheroes Batman and Spider-Man. Usually the heroes would save the day, but this time the NHS nurses are saving the day even if they don’t want to.The artist who has created this masterpiece is called Banksy. The reason why the cross is red is because he wantS us to focus on it and show just how important the nurses really are and our eyes get drawn to the cross.Banksy hoped he brightened up the day. I know this because he also left a message saying I hope this brightens up the day even if it is in black and white.I think the techniques he used are shading and maybe sketching . Personally, I like and I don’t like this image.  I like it because it’s a positive message, but it makes me feel sad as well because it’s black and white.


Beautifully written Matvej! You have really thought about this piece of work and you’ve shown how it makes you feel. 

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