The corona lockdown – Alicja (based on not true story)

It all started on Monday 23rd March 2020, The Corona Lockdown. By lockdown I mean not seeing any friends, no parties, no shopping and most importantly no fresh air or school. And if you think that no school is a good idea  you are completely wrong, its the most boring thing ever you cant even get help, unless you have smart parents. Let me tell you how it all works.

Lets start of with waking up, waking up is probably one of the hardest steps in this home schooling journey. You can go the bad way and not wake up and stay in bed but then you will probably get into some drama with a belt later in the day when your parents find out. I recommend the good way, which means get up,brush your teeth and make sure to have a healthy breakfast before learning it helps you focus more because if you work whilst being hungry all you will focus on is your hunger and then you will possibly will fail your classes since you would have lack of concentraition this is also very important for your health.

And the last step is to do your work which isnt that hard, but let me tell you about when you’ve finished your school work. All you get is bordem its so boring that you could stare at a piece of paper and think its fun thats what the lockdown is doing with my head at this point….Anyways, I cant handle staying in my house for another week and if i do please expect me to probably forget how to count. I know that staying at home is for my safety but its just making me go crazy. The sadest part about this lockdown is that we dont know when we will be let out again, theres a high chance we wont come back to school before secondary. Which means, for the year 6’s no signing shirts, no SATs (which can help us in the future) but the painful truth is that we wont be able to say goodbye to our first ever school. We wont be able to say our last words and give out our last hugs at this school. ts even worse for the year 11’s I know my cousin that goes to St. Peters his GSCEs got cancelled and he was worried that he wont get to the form he wanted but they said that they will get into which one they want cause of Covid-19 at least he has some luck…but not only that the moment they have been waiting for 4 years, Prom they wont be able to have their first ever prom now thats a big shame that they wont be able to have one of the biggest balls in school years.

Now, if you dont know what Covid-19, the virus that has been keeping us locked up. Let me tell you all about it. Covid-19 is a deadly virus that has been spread all over the globe its just like the flu but its not a safe flu it can last a couple days or longer. Right now in the UK we have 33,718 cases and 2,921 deaths but remember this is only the UK it gets worse all around our world. This is a really hard time for all of us losing our family members and if anyone needs someone to talk to even if it isnt about the coronavirus I would glady help you through this tough time, but all together I know we can beat this all.



lock down guide big write


Keep that brain busy          

When in lock down you want to have something to keep you busy so you’re not playing video games all day. An example of what to do is to call friends or family you may not of seen in a while. If you have the same toy or possibly video game as your friends and family you can play with them over face time.  You could also play a board game with others in the house hold you are in. Just try to not spend all your time online.

Yummy in my tummy

In lock down you definitely need food. Even though you can only go to the shops with 1 other person it can also keep you busy to go food shopping, it may not be the best way to spend your time but it is definitely an option. You do need the essentials (cereal, milk etc.), however there is no harm in grabbing a little treat for you.

Roam free

If you are stuck in the house you definitely need to go out (even just in the garden) to get some fresh air. This is another way to keep busy. You don’t have to be outside for a long time it can even just be an ill stand outside for 5 minutes while I stretch my legs. You do not have to walk you can go on a bike or a run, it really depends on how you want to exercise.

Well being warriors

In lock down you want to keep you mental and physical well being on track, this includes you time and cleaning and sharing your thoughts and opinions on things. You should share your worries and concerns because your parents or siblings might know something about your concern that you may not know yet. Even though you are at home and you’re not really going to go out and see anybody you should still clean and brush your teeth etc.

Music melody

Listening to music can really help lighten the mood as you can pick a song that really represents the mood you’re in or a song that will make you feel better. You can dance and just let your emotions run wild. If you want to dance you can try just dance.

30 min of enjoyment

Try to build in to your schedule 30 min of something you enjoy, it may be reading or drawing really just anything you like. If you can, try to do this in a quiet space alone because this can also be you time, this can help with your mental well being because during lock down you are in a house with the same people all the time so alone time can help your brain relax and focus on you a bit more. Also alone time is good as when you come down from your 30 min time or however long you do it for you have more things to talk about when you go down stairs.

Congratulations you are now officially a lock down pro.

Keep safe through this hard time

At the moment times have not been the best as we can not see friends and family’s but the way that you could keep happy and entertained is by maybe playing with your siblings or playing q in your garden or maybe could ring or reading and watching movies on you tv. The way that I keep happy is by in the morning I do my work then I might watch a movie with my brothers and mum and dad then I might play some fifa which is nice and after that we might have some special sweets or treats then we have dinner then we could even play a broad game and so could every one else. My first two weeks have a actually not been that bad I wake up do work and every day I reapeat that but not the same things different every day and I also sometimes have a nice walk with my family and it’s really fun but i mid swing my friend,teachers and family. Every one else can keep safe by washing there hands before eating after touching something you are inshore of and keeping 2 metre apart form people because you could have civid  19 and not know it but if you stay away from people you don’t know and only go out if needed for food expesize and activity’s like that we can quickly get through this hard and streasfull time so just try keeping safe and sane and this time work so only pass. If you are really missing your family and friends you could call them and talk and play games with them while talking ok the phone and you could even download the party house app to play games with your family and friends my mum says it is a really good app and loads of at other  people would most likely recommend it too get through hard times like this.(so every one keep safe and have fun).

Survival Guide In Lockdown

In this hard time we have to know how to survive and defeat this dangerous virus, so here is my guide. Every day you have to keep your mind and body healthy, but how do we do that? You may ask. We can do a 1-2 hour sport session or jog in your house,( if you have a garden you can jog there),and try having a healthy diet. To keep your mind healthy, you can read a book and answer some questions that will make your mind work hard.

When exiting the house, you should send only 1 family member equipped with gloves and a mask that is shaped on the face, this is so that the virus doesn’t go through the gaps of the mask. When they go to the shops, they should only go to buy the necessary stuff that you will need for that weak and a half. You should not leave the house if you’re not going to work or to the shops.

If at any moment you have to cough or sneeze, get a tissue and do it in it. After that, put the tissue in the bin and sanitise your hands, when you do this make sure to use soap and clean them very good for about 20 seconds. Every 30 minutes, take a sip of a hot drink. If the virus was in your mouth, it would go to your stomach and dissolve.

Not Your Ordinary Girl


The hybrid paragraph by Rhys

My thoughts on this hybrid are that it is amazing because it just shows you how subtle a hybrid can be. Where the liger has a big mane and black stripes showing that it is a hybrid between the tiger and a lion, mine only has different  eye colours so  it’s a subtle hybrid.

The Wolf Hybrid 2: Our Wolf Daughter

Chapter 1

Lunar was living a happy life, as you may know. Her family, Jamie and Lily were happy too. For now.

“Lily, me and Dad were wondering if you would like to go on a camping holiday? After all, the forest is only a 15 minute drive away. So, what do you say?” asked Lunar. “Are you kidding?! Oh my gosh thank you!” squealed Lily. “Don’t get too excited. It might not be what you think, remember on every holiday you get bored.” exclaimed Jamie. It was true, they had been to Malibu, she got bored, they had been to Dubai, she got bored, they had been to Barbados, she got bored. The only holidays she does not get bored at is camping ones.”I am going to start packing right away. How long are we there for?” asked Lily. “3 weeks” replied Lunar.

Lily started to read the brochure. It sounded perfect. They were going to stay in a lodge, it had a skylight in the kids bedroom, which was perfect as Lily loves space and the sky. There was a play room for Lily, and a chill out room for Lunar and Jamie. They would be staying there for 3 weeks, Lily could not believe it.

It turns out that Lunar and Jamie are familiar with this place. Really familiar. Back when Lily was not around, which was about 8 years ago, Lunar and Jamie worked for a group called The Honoured. The Honoured is a group of secret agents handpicked by The Queen herself. The real reason the family were going on this holiday was because Lunar and Jamie had to have a meeting with The Honoured so they could get back in buisness, and make arrangements if Lily joins the team when she is older. Lunar and Jamie have not been working because they need to take care of Lily. But when Lily turns 9, which is in 2 weeks, they can go back to work and The Queen agreed to look after Lily as Jamie used to be one of her guards and Lunar used to live there because if it was not for Jamie, Lunar would not have a home or the happy family she has now.



Chapter 2

It was now 1 day until they leave for Berry Forest, where The Honoured HQ is based, and things were starting to get stressful. Thank god Jamie’s sister, Zoe, was in town for 3 months and was able to look after Lily during the meeting. Isn’t it funny how luck is just following this family wherever they go. It will probably be with them forever, or not.

The next day….

This is such a fun day, Lily had thought. In Berry Forest, the sun was shining, the scent of the mild nature breeze blew right past there noses. There was so much to see and do. It was a quiet afternoon when all of a sudden they heard a big bang. “What was that!” cried Lily. Jamie looked out the window. It was the Beast Boys, they are a group of men that are pure evil. They are The Honoured’s enemies. “Its happened” remarked Jamie. “The Beast Boys?!” whispered Lunar. Lily just stood there like she was about to faint. They were so lucky Zoe came through the door a few minutes earlier. Zoe was part of The Honoured too. “Lily. Run, and take all your stuff. Find a different home, because these guys now know our location.” remarked Jamie. “What about you, mum and Auntie Zoe?” asked Lily, now crying. “We can fight them off. Just grab your things and go. Just know, we may never see you again. Goodbye hun, we love you in all our hearts.” replied Lunar. “I love you guys so much too. Goodbye Mum, Dad and Auntie Zoe!” cried Lily.

Lily had ran for hours, only knowing she may never see her family again. She stopped by a somewhat familiar house, and asked for shelter. A young lady answered the door. “Hello, my name is Angelica. Are you ok?” as she said this Lily fainted into the house. She woke up 2 hours later and saw Angelica, with a young man. “Please help me. I had to run from a forest with really mean looking men. They shot my Mum, Dad and Auntie. They called themselves the Beast Boys they were really- hey are you ok” asked Lily after explaining about the Beast Boys. Angelica and the young mans face looked shocked. “We will take you in, by the way, my name is Mike” said the young man. From that day forward Lily lived with Angelica and Mike. They were so caring and were always there for Lily. Although Lily still is confused about whenever she mentions the Beast Boys they look shocked and they go pale. Isn’t that strange. Probably just a coincidence, she hoped.



Chapter 3

It had been a week now since Lily had been with Angelica and Mike. Earlier in the week a police officer went to the house and asked if Lily lived there. When they said yes they said they needed to talk to her. Sadly the news had came through that her parents and aunt had died, and that she was lucky to escape and find this home. Why you may be asking? Well that is because it turns out they are not ordinary people. Angelica is Angelica Salek, from Henry Danger and her friend Michael Jordan the former professional basket ball player. As Angelica and Michael now had to go back to America, Lily went with Angelica and was her number one. Lily even managed to meet her celebrity crush, Jace Norman, Angelica’s old co-star. Things were just so perfect now. They now live in HollyWood, and Angelica signed a form to officialy adopt Lily. Now Lily is 15 and is friends with lots of celebrities because of Angelica.

There is a moral to this story, if things are bad, you can turn them into something way better.

The end, or maybe not yet!

The Forest …Amelia’s 500 word story

Loving tragedy

There is a forest…There is a family… and there is a  tragedy…

Love is an important event, as is surviving in the dark. But will she make it? That’s our big mystery…

There is a girl called Angelica that lives with her alcoholic mother and Buzz (the cutest wolf living on planet earth ). She has a massive crush on Edward (the leader of the class) he is the popular one too. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, Angelic had to ask Edward because she lost in a bet with her friends She said “ hey, Edward, I wanted to tell u, I really like you, like more than a friend,  I was scared to tell you this.” Edward stood there speechless as his crush asked him not by text like most youngsters do these days. She asked him out with all her ambition and girly power. He knew he liked her , so as it is confirmed they are dating.

Couple months had passed of there happy moments and then the  devastating news came.. She had to move far away from her love of her life. It was hard to receive  the horrible news but they were still in contact. Edward asked,“ where are you moving?”                                                                                  Angelika exclaimed” near a old  abandoned house now I’m kind of scared to be honest, well, I’ll have to deal with it for how long am l meant to stay there, but we’ll be in  contact bye, love you.” It was hard for them to leave one another but no one could help it. The decision has been made.

Few nights later, Angelika and Buzz had been woken up by some strange noises coming from the  woods, something like screaming but historically, so loud , one her neighbours Angelika mums friend (who is a hunter) went out at night to explore what that scream was he took his  AGM L96 AWP snipper. So he got prepared to go and of he went , disappearing in the dark.

The next morning.

Angelika flew out of her bed, she woke up from a extremely loud gun shot then she remembered her mums friend (the hunter) that he went out at night to see: what the screaming was all about Angelika put on her shoes and her coat on and rushed into the forest calling for the neighbour but there was no answer. She wondered around in the woods with Buzz. She called him for 2 hours then wanted to go back but didn’t know how. Suddenly, a large figure starting charging at her screaming just like the one that woke her up.She started running  faster and faster but it was too late…

She woke up in a handcuff chair with Buzz howling in the corner of the room. Out of no where, the figure came from behind her walking with its head spinning charging at her once again. Angelika blacks out .. Several hours later she woke up with police cars, ambulances all surrounding her Edward, Mum crying there worried…

500 word challenge (story 2) Alicja – Amina’s weird dream

One girl and one small town. Not just one ordinary small town but a small sinister town. Full of secrets and obscure creatures creeping around every corner ready to pounce. Amina a 15 year old girl which wants to discover the world, was sitting at her desk doing her usual research. She just couldn’t find anything, nothing at all.

She shut her laptop and jumped onto her bed, she softly sighed and she closed her eyes to sleep. All she could dream about is just becoming a world wide famous examiner. Until her alarm went off…

She got up and looked at the time, but hold up this wasn’t her wake up time how is it 3:00 am when she clearly set it to 7:00am. She set it once again and laid in her bed which smelt of marshmallows thanks to her mom washing her sheets she fell asleep right away. Keep in mind this never happened to Amina before.

She heard her alarm once again but for some reason she was stuck! She was stuck in her own dream it was like her eyes were stuck together and she couldn’t even move her own body. What is she going to do now!..Well on the other hand, she can live her dream now but it didn’t seem right.

She just stuck in her own dream now so she has no choice, she starts walking in deeper and deeper into her dream. Remember those obscure creatures that I was talking about yep those are in this dream too everywhere you looked but hebetudinous Amina didn’t even realise them, she was too lost in her dream.

After walking around her dream for a long period of time she felt something on her back…it was viscous and abominable. She started yelling for help but there was no one to save her. She tried her best to whack off this thing that’s on her back.

Once she finally got it off, she saw the redoubtable creature she thought it was wonderful how the planet is full of unsystematic things all around it. But the only thing that was worrying her was that was it really real? It’s just a dream how is she suppose to know?

Suddenly, everything started to fade away and her bedroom started appearing. She was late for school! Amina quickly rushed everything – forgetting to brush her teeth- She ran to school as quickly as possible, sweat dripping off her. Silly Amina had a grey shirt on were you could saw all her sweat patches….what an embarrassment.

As the day went on, she didn’t feel so well so her mother had to pick her up from school. Amina was keep on vomiting…

”You okay honey?” Michelle (Amina’s mother) asked

“I’m fine mom” Amina answered back

“You know what they say, after every enigmatic dream some people become sick for the rest of their life” Michelle just laughs it off but Amina clearly knew it wasn’t just any old myth….It was a real myth…

500 word challenge – Jackson Felt Beast Mode (Alicja)

It started of as a normal day, but was it really? I stood up and as I walked to my mirror, which was right next to my door, I saw something unusual on my body…I couldn’t tell if it was a toe growing out of my belly button or I was still exhausted either way something just didn’t seem right today. I’m only an ordinary 17 year old boy, they call me Jackson Felt I guess I can consider myself famous because I’m a social media star. But I have feelings and a life too, which some people don’t understand sometimes, I’m just like the others.

I threw a shirt on, headed downstairs and got into my car, I drove to starbucks I was glad that it was raining a bit today because Florida barley gets any rain. I ordered my pink drink, my favourite drink on the menu, I also grabbed some breakfast. I didn’t want to take long since I already was late to school.

Finally, after driving in the rain I got to school, I quickly ran into class but I needed to go to the restroom so badly! I asked for the restroom pass and ran to do the big man business. And at this moment I knew this won’t be a normal day. The toe got longer and my skin became greener than the grass every millisecond, what is going on? I thought to myself….

As the day went on, I felt like I was changing into someone else. I did all my ordinary teenager boy stuff. It was my bedtime, I fell on my bed and turned off the lights. The next thing I knew I woke up screaming. I had the biggest nightmare it was things I didn’t want to see. I quickly ran to the mirror and I saw it, I saw the real me, I saw my nightmare…

I quickly went on my computer and searched up some labs because I knew the doctor could do nothing about this tragedy. My brother Greyson burst into my room.

“Dude, what happened to you?” he asked

“Leave my room before I hurt you!” I shouted back at him, I was a monster I acted like a monster what happened to me! I sneaked out so my mom couldn’t see me I got to the lab and got tied to a chair.

“We got the results Mr steal yo girl.” the scientist stated.

“What are they?” I asked.

“Its…” he said.

“Yea carry on.” I said while getting more curious every second that went by.

“You have the coronavirus… but the beast mode coronavirus, its the most rarest disease you can get we don’t know if we can cure you unless…..”

“Unless what?”

“If we use the British school nurse strategy.”  *deploys an ice pack*

He put a blaster on and the ice pack…

“Okay we will send a bump note to ur parents.”

I guess everyone was right, the british strategy works on venom.

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