It started of as a normal day, but was it really? I stood up and as I walked to my mirror, which was right next to my door, I saw something unusual on my body…I couldn’t tell if it was a toe growing out of my belly button or I was still exhausted either way something just didn’t seem right today. I’m only an ordinary 17 year old boy, they call me Jackson Felt I guess I can consider myself famous because I’m a social media star. But I have feelings and a life too, which some people don’t understand sometimes, I’m just like the others.

I threw a shirt on, headed downstairs and got into my car, I drove to starbucks I was glad that it was raining a bit today because Florida barley gets any rain. I ordered my pink drink, my favourite drink on the menu, I also grabbed some breakfast. I didn’t want to take long since I already was late to school.

Finally, after driving in the rain I got to school, I quickly ran into class but I needed to go to the restroom so badly! I asked for the restroom pass and ran to do the big man business. And at this moment I knew this won’t be a normal day. The toe got longer and my skin became greener than the grass every millisecond, what is going on? I thought to myself….

As the day went on, I felt like I was changing into someone else. I did all my ordinary teenager boy stuff. It was my bedtime, I fell on my bed and turned off the lights. The next thing I knew I woke up screaming. I had the biggest nightmare it was things I didn’t want to see. I quickly ran to the mirror and I saw it, I saw the real me, I saw my nightmare…

I quickly went on my computer and searched up some labs because I knew the doctor could do nothing about this tragedy. My brother Greyson burst into my room.

“Dude, what happened to you?” he asked

“Leave my room before I hurt you!” I shouted back at him, I was a monster I acted like a monster what happened to me! I sneaked out so my mom couldn’t see me I got to the lab and got tied to a chair.

“We got the results Mr steal yo girl.” the scientist stated.

“What are they?” I asked.

“Its…” he said.

“Yea carry on.” I said while getting more curious every second that went by.

“You have the coronavirus… but the beast mode coronavirus, its the most rarest disease you can get we don’t know if we can cure you unless…..”

“Unless what?”

“If we use the British school nurse strategy.”  *deploys an ice pack*

He put a blaster on and the ice pack…

“Okay we will send a bump note to ur parents.”

I guess everyone was right, the british strategy works on venom.