Some nights with Bunky


Lucas entered Bunky and friends, the place where he employed at as a security guard. He was scared of the robot, Climax. The big block, and crystal clear robot. There were two robots right beside it. Bunky, the main robot, and the other …it had no name. There were other robots in the pizza place. But he did not remember their names. Lucas, on the other hand, had different names for them. Banana, Sen, Kidd, Fox and Lolo. He began entering his office. He finally  got in the office, where he got his phone call. It was Roi, his best friend. He called him for some tips on how to do his job. Roi said to watch the cameras, but then, he said, “The animatronics…do get a bit quirky at night..”. He was not so sure about the job now. He finally heard some footsteps, and he checked the camera. “Sen is moving!” He said, squealing to not make a bigger noise. Minutes later, Climax came to the door. He quickly rushed to the button to close the door. Climax was about to scare him! Luckily, he made it to the door, and Climax bashed into it. He banged his blocky fist on the steel door. Lucas was scared to think that it would break and the robot would eat him. “Please do not..” He said, quietly, to not get on his bad side. Climax eventually gave up and travelled back to his stage. He opened the door, and saw him going back. He kept the door open. And checked the cameras. Camera 1 was the stage. 3 hours later… he was on 5 am. He needed 1 more hour, just to get out for the first night. Ding-dong! 6 am! 4 more nights to go. Lucas got out and said, “Freedom!” Lucas exclaimed. He went to his car, and got his car key out. Lucas drove home. Later, he gone back to the pizzeria to spend the night again. He ran to the office this time, if the robots got off early. Then, he saw a poster. The poster was about a child-murderer called Roi. “Roi…is a murderer..?” He said, he added something else, “No…it…no…just…no..” Then, somebody was behind him, “Surprise, surprise, Lucas…” It was Roi, he looked behind him and then there was Climax was behind Roi. He tried to stab Lucas, but could because of Climax, he looked behind him and knocked him out. “Get out” Climax said. Lucas then dashed out, leaving and drove away. He never went back to the place. The End.