Hatashi has lost himself in time, a different dimension he does not know. he finds out that the year is 2936 were every were is robots buildings are destroyed, skeletons are lying around, he hides behind a building, he hears a tank crawling near him he takes a peek the tank had random numbers on it saying 2089 Hatashi says to himself “I have to find somewhere safe asap” he immediately starts to run building to building, eventually he finds somewhere to stay… for a while he immediately starts to scavenges for food and water and anything else like shirts or trousers

Hatashi wakes up from his slumber because he heard something like a drone? he immediately searches for what that noise came from… zap Hatashi is getting tazered  from behind Hatashi falls unconscious he wakes up in some sort of lab, he spies needles above him and some stiches on him he screams for help but know one is there to help him he sighs knowing there’s know one there to help him immediately he hears multiple alarms going of a stranger takes Hatashi out of his chair and caries Hatashi on his shoulder and runs outside (the base explodes).

Hatashi awakens and finds himself in a house the stranger has a mask on and has a mask that is purple when I stare into the strangers mask it feels like I’m in a thunder storm the stranger reveals his name as storm! He is a survivor from this robotic apocalypse, as a child (when the robots began the war) he saw his family get captured and murdered he swore he will avenge his family by ending this war. Hatashi had one single tear that dropped slowly from his left eye. Hatashi agrees they both are working together to end this.

Hatashi and storm go on an epic adventure together they know robots nearly blind at night except the turret robots that gives out light for the other robots so they both say (we have to destroy the turret to get past the other robots jinx) there plan is in action hatashi has headphones somehow? He is playing the mission impossible theme storm grows a bolt of lightning at the turret before it sees them, they go through holes leading them to were the turret was they go through the gates

Hatashi sneaks through with storm they know that they have to do one last thing destroy the heart to shut down all the robots but th re are two robots guarding the heart both of the robots see are fellow humans storm throws a thunder bold at them but there immune robot 1 punches storm to knock him out Hatashi immediately spawns a sword out his hand and strikes with anger slicing robot 1 in half  it’s just Hatashi and robot 2 they jump towards each over robot 2 gets the firs hit then robot 2 knocks down hatashi then storm kills robot 2 they destroy the heart and escaped smoothly


shout out to David Williams.