One girl and one small town. Not just one ordinary small town but a small sinister town. Full of secrets and obscure creatures creeping around every corner ready to pounce. Amina a 15 year old girl which wants to discover the world, was sitting at her desk doing her usual research. She just couldn’t find anything, nothing at all.

She shut her laptop and jumped onto her bed, she softly sighed and she closed her eyes to sleep. All she could dream about is just becoming a world wide famous examiner. Until her alarm went off…

She got up and looked at the time, but hold up this wasn’t her wake up time how is it 3:00 am when she clearly set it to 7:00am. She set it once again and laid in her bed which smelt of marshmallows thanks to her mom washing her sheets she fell asleep right away. Keep in mind this never happened to Amina before.

She heard her alarm once again but for some reason she was stuck! She was stuck in her own dream it was like her eyes were stuck together and she couldn’t even move her own body. What is she going to do now!..Well on the other hand, she can live her dream now but it didn’t seem right.

She just stuck in her own dream now so she has no choice, she starts walking in deeper and deeper into her dream. Remember those obscure creatures that I was talking about yep those are in this dream too everywhere you looked but hebetudinous Amina didn’t even realise them, she was too lost in her dream.

After walking around her dream for a long period of time she felt something on her back…it was viscous and abominable. She started yelling for help but there was no one to save her. She tried her best to whack off this thing that’s on her back.

Once she finally got it off, she saw the redoubtable creature she thought it was wonderful how the planet is full of unsystematic things all around it. But the only thing that was worrying her was that was it really real? It’s just a dream how is she suppose to know?

Suddenly, everything started to fade away and her bedroom started appearing. She was late for school! Amina quickly rushed everything – forgetting to brush her teeth- She ran to school as quickly as possible, sweat dripping off her. Silly Amina had a grey shirt on were you could saw all her sweat patches….what an embarrassment.

As the day went on, she didn’t feel so well so her mother had to pick her up from school. Amina was keep on vomiting…

”You okay honey?” Michelle (Amina’s mother) asked

“I’m fine mom” Amina answered back

“You know what they say, after every enigmatic dream some people become sick for the rest of their life” Michelle just laughs it off but Amina clearly knew it wasn’t just any old myth….It was a real myth…