My football blog The most exciting mach ever!

Monday evening there was an exciting football mach in Russia. There an was GG  O 0-0 C to O 1-0 c 1 to the  originals 0 to the Clones first goa wins!!

Later in the mach the Clone manager was so cross he pressed a button to make the
 Clones cheat

Tey tried 3 times the 3rd was renado scored with an amazing goal!!

"Well done the Originals you won"Said there manager Happly giveing them the Ball.
"WHY DID YOU LET ME DOWN"Shoted ascked the Clones manager.
"Sorry"Replied the clones.

The cake bake sale!!

In Year 4 we had a bake sale everyone in year 4 had  made some cakes on Wednesday 31st Janaruray 2018.

I brought  a chocolate muffin it was yummy! The next day at break was Thursday 1st February 2018 there was more left so I got a cake with sprinkles!

At Chiquitos

Today on the Tuesday 14th some of the year4 is at burwell and the rest of year 4 went to  chiquitos. We made our own baritos. It was fun and my  baritos was  yum. It took forever for other people who came with us to make.

The pet rats at games club

At Games Club we have pets called Cecil and Percy. They are cute and they love to site around the rooms and yesterday I looked after them at school in the afternoon with Mrs Murray and Percy climbed on Mrs Murray’s head. They fell asleep behind the beanbag. Then we had to clean their cage and Mrs Mac put them bag in the cage.

By 13Harrys