My favorite songs

My Favorite song is power from little mix .

My favorite singer is lyanne because her voice is very powerful and nice .

My next favorite song is cenco from them I like it because I am learning Spanish with my mum at home because she speak s a bit of Spanish so she can teach me .


My favourite lesson

My favourite lesson  is science  geography English  there are the 3 favourite lesson ever because it is very fun and interesting.

I also like maths sometimes because it is to hard  but if it is to hard you try before you ask that  mean  that you are getting it and you are learning

from Marcela


The best holiday ever

In the holiday I went to my unity’s house and we had to go swimming and after that we came back home. The next day I went to a party in Cambridge. It was my friend’s birthday and I had fun with her. On Saturday me and my big sister and my little cousin went to the funfair. After that we came back home. On Sunday I went to my cousin’s house and it is a long way to get there.  When we got there we had a bath and after that we went outside to play . On Monday we came back to Huntington. I had the best holiday ever.

From Marcela



I enjoyed stem week because I like making the cotton candy in the school kitchen . I also like going outside to our allotment and making the irrigation system with my group . I like making the holes in the plastic bottle in Miss Ruff’s class. I liked when we had to go outside with Mrs Timmis to measure how far sound goes.