My Puppy

This is my dog. She is called Lucy and she is the cutest little girl ever met

Lucy has a twin sister and a brother who loves to wrestle Lucy. Her birthday is on the day before Christmas Eve.  Lucy loves balls. When you throw one she goes crazy. I Love Lucy.



And this is Maggy. She is Lucy’s sister and her birthday is on the same day as Lucy’s. I don’t have much to say about her but I hope you liked seeing my pictures of my dogs.





Earthquake 🌍 🌎 🌏


Earthquake are formed by the tectonic plates under the earth surface most earthquakes happen in Turkey and Syria, unfortunately they are in the ring of fire like other countries.The ring of fire is were all the eruptions and earthquakes happen.

This is a picture of a earthquake that happened in Turkey.

This happened and the ground was shaking and some buildings collapsed here’s what to do if your occurring.

Earthquakes are formed by tectonic plates rubbing against each other.

About earthquakes and volcanos🌏🌋

What layers make up the earth?

First there is the crust then the mantle and after the outer core and finally the inner core.

Layers of the earth

How do you measure earthquakes?

There is the Ricter scale and the Mercalli scale!

How do you survive an earthquake?

First you drop to the floor

Then cover your body parts

If possible hide under a sturdy piece of furniture

And lastly hold on until the shaking stops!

How do earthquakes happen?

Earthquakes happen when the tectonic plates rub against each other.

Where do most volcanos happen?

They mostly happen in the ring of fire.

What happens if an earthquake comes?

Earthquakes are very strong and can destroy a house or a town.Here is some examples of countries where most earthquakes occur, Turkey , China , Syria.

All about Pompeii

Long ago there was a city called Pompeii,it was a happy town where there was a bit of shaking but that didn’t bother them as they kept going on with their normal lives.But one day the shaking was getting really big and ash was in the bright blue sky.The sky became a smoky grey so everyone tried to survive so some people got onto boat and tried to escape the horrible ash but it was too late..the city was covered in ash and people died.Now everything is broken into pieces.

What types of volcanos can you have?

First there is extinct which has not erupted for 1000 years and will probably never erupt again.Then there is active that can erupt anytime.Lastly there is dormant which may not erupt for a hundred years.

What is bad about living near a volcano?

Ash can destroy farm crops , Buildings can be destroyed by lava flow.Ash can cause health problems for humans and animals.








volcanos and earthquakes

All about volcanoes!

The earth’s magma builds up a cone shape that will have a big chance to erupt and goes out of the volcano and lots of rocks are left on the floor and a lot of black clouds are in the sky. This is how you can hide from volcano you get if your inside a something that made out of wood or something that gets fire.

All about earthquakes!

Earthquakes start by the tectonic plates rubbing against each other and that makes a crater in the earth.

Climate change in Alaska

Climate change is happening in in Alaska because they’re chemicals that burn through the ozone layer, such as gases and fossil fuel and and then the Sun’s rays, the ice and mix the Sea rise in Alaska. Over the years the temperatures have changed severely. The ice caps are melting and  polar bears and other animals don’t have any home. Climate change is happening in in Alaska because they’re chemicals that burn through the ozone layer, such as gases and fossil fuel and and then the Sun’s rays, the ice and mix the Sea rise in Alaska.  The temperatures have never changed for many years because of climate change. Animals need homes so we need to stop you using for fossil fuel and try to not use so much petrol maybe try a bike because that would reduce the amount of petrol and fossil fuel in the air and it wouldn’t get as hot and then you could save the ice caps from melting. But I feel like that would take a few more years until we can do that, so start now and then in a few more  years, then Alaska will be saved

All about climate change

Climate change means that places get really hot. Alaska is getting hotter and the ice is melting into the water so soon there will be no more ice in Alaska. In Alaska it’s getting 2 and a half degrees and that mean that the animals that live there will be dying.Alaska climate Unfortunately, due to global warming Alaska’s climate has undergone a great change. In 1949 it was extreme cold with temperatures to-60*c

Alaska climate

climate is now getting ban for animals like bears polar bears .

Today I am going to tell you about climate change in Alaska

The polar bears ice is  cracking in

AlaskaIt’s very cold.  Be good for climate change for the animals.  Alaska  keeps getting more cold . Alaskas ice is. Cracking more and more. In Alaska. It. Is getting a bit hotter than it has been .
climate change  can be bad for the animals because when it is hot it can be bad for polar bears in the hot 🥵 the cooler side can be ok for polar bears but in this hot weather it might be to hot for polar be

All about the earth

I learned that earthquake happens when plates called tectonic plates rub together. The make the shell of the earth but  whenever they rub together the surface (where we are) begins to shake and wobble.



A volcano is an opening in a planet or moon’s crust through which molten rock, hot gasses and other materials erupt. Volcanoes often form a hill or mountain as layers of rock and ash build up from repeated eruptions. Volcanoes are classified as active, dormant or extinct.



There are also layers of the earth. The crust is the first one. We stand on the crust because it is the ground.

Then we have the mantle which is the mostly solid bulk of the earth’s interior. The mantle is made of  hot, dense, iron and magnesium rock.

Then it is the outer core. It is the 3rd layer of the earth and is the only liquid layer out of them all. It is made by metal, iron and nickel. The outer core is over a billion years old.

Lastly, we have inner core. It is a hot, dense ball of (mostly) iron. The inner core is almost the same size as the moon.


Thats IT for now