Climate Change

1) Climate change in Alaska is happening because we are releasing chemicals and using lots of fossil fuel they also broke through the ozone layer and making the sun heat up,In result sea levels are rising from icebergs falling and melting.Then now temperatures are getting high and the normal temperatures are shifting.But some shifts are actually natural.

2) Its been affecting Alaska by temperatures rising by 1.4 degrees.Also icebergs has been melting making sea levels rise higher.Which is very dangerous as we lost land and animals and their home/habitats.

3) Stop wasting energy and using less fossil fuels and lowering ac and heaters to save energy.You can also use bikes or walk instead if using petrol with your car which releases chemicals.

Climate Change

Alaska’s climate, Unfortunately, due to global warming, Alaska’s climate has undergone a great change.In 1949, it was extreme cold with tempers up to -60*c. Now the temperature is much warmer and has even increased by 2.4’c since 2006. climate change is really bad for the planet. If people favour, trash on the floor, all the animals could die, and  bees die, and if we don’t have bees, our flowers cold die .

Climate change in Alaska

Climate change is very serious in Alaska because it’s changing the temperature and weather. It’s also changing the heat because now it’s getting warmer so it’s not as cold as it
was. Alaskas temperature was about -5 to 2 now it’s around 2 to 10 and if this doesn’t stop I can lead into more trouble. But if we help it can get better and better and then Alaska will be able to get better “

climate change Alaska

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changes hurting Alaska and other countries, because animals are getting extinct if this does not stop billions of animals will die  nearly all of the Earth would be warm and so many more animals like polar, bears and Other animals  will die.  Then lots of animals will die and we would have caused more damage […]

Climate change in Alaska

In Alaska all the ice is melting so when the polar bears need to hunt they can’t get the food they need because it is miles out to sea and they can’t swim that far they can only walk across the ice which as melted and they can walk across imaginary ice because they would be in the water as soon as they step of land . The Alaskan Antarctic is also getting smaller because the ice is melting. All the animals and people in Alaska are dying out because they are not used to the heat and those people who are still alive are dying of hunger because the animals they need to eat are dying out and they are not allowed to hunt the animals that are even more indangered all the time.

This is what happens to polar bears because

the food they need to eat to keep them alive is miles out to sea which they can not go because the ice has melted.

Animals like this will be at risk if we keep on polluting the earth so I have one thing to say STOP POLUTING THE EARTH.

Climate change in alaska

Climate change in Alaska is slowly thawing away all the icebergs also pouring more and more water into the seas causing rapid sea level risings.Over the past years all the ice and frost has been melting away leaving areas to grow.It reduced ice coverage and shrinking icebergs.It’s also caused increasing wildfires.These changes have resulted in a reduction of subsistence harvests, and an increase in flooding.Rising temperatures can be tied to most of the effects of climate Change in Alaska. Reduced ice coverage , inducing shrinking glaciers.

Climates in Alaska

Have you ever wondered what climates in different parts of the world are like? Well I am here to tell you all but first let me tell you what climate is.


Climate change refers to a large-scale, long-term shift in the planet weather patterns and changes and average temperatures. Did you know that climate change is getting worse?

Alaska is a cold place where the northern lights  are found.  Alaska is bigger than the next largest US state combined! Alaska is known for its wide open space and outdoor experience. Alaska is one of the best places to help climate change.


we can help by closing the door when the heating is on and more. If you think of more please comment them

Climate change in Alaska

Every new day brings with it new evidence of climate change in Alaska – warmer temperatures have resulted in the ice melting and increasing wildfires these changes have resulted in a reduction of subsistence harvests, and an increase in flooding. Rising temperatures can be tied to most of the effects of climate change in Alaska.Reduced ice coverage including shrinking of glaciers


The temperature in Alaska is getting really hot all the ice is melting and the animals houses are going and melting and the snow is melting to and so animals might live in the snow and it’s bad because some seabirds are dying in Alaska.

A big storm happened in Alaska and the big flood pulled the homes from there foundations alarm went off and the hole park was like a swimming pool  and a big puddle but it was a huge flood.


With the lack of snow cover, lots of the animals homes in the wetlands are flooding.

there flooding because of the climate change and the lack of snow. The sun is melting the snow on the mountains and the snow turned into water and it ran down to the wetlands and the water flooded the wetlands.The climate change is ruining the environment in Alaska because of climate change. Many animals are suffering due to the climate change and the lack of snow. Animals like deer mouse normally dig into the snow and if there is nosnow they can’t hibernate for winters cold breezes.I am going to be showing you what you can do to help stop climate change.

.turn the air conditioning on and close the windows

.use fans if you need them

.turn the light on when it is really dark