All about my phone

I like to go on my phone and I go on YouTube and Netflix and Disney plus on my phone. I like  YouTube or Netflix on my phone and I like  games but I like squishy games on my phone but when dinner is done I go  off my phone.

I like watching YouTube videos and games on my phone. I like Disney plus and Netflix on my phone.

I like cool math games on my phone.

I like my phone because it is the best  in the world.

Minecraft on ps4

I play Minecraft because it’s based on block people and blocks so someone can build anything literally anything. I play it when I’m bored and lonely. I build animal shelters. Someone can go on different mods like a map with trees or a map with nothing. I do animals because I like animals there so cute on Minecraft. The wolves you can friend them be nice on it and not rude. I love this game it’s the best.


I like totally accurate battle simulator because I can recreate battles in history. My favourite entity is The Dragon as it can  defeat

one of the most powerful entities in the gam.e I also like the Vikings it is so fun, I play it after school.

My Life in Saudi Arabia!

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Sarah I am Sarah and I used to live in a little country in Asia ,it is called Saudi Arabia . In this blog I am going to tell you about somethings we used to do there. I was born in Saudi Arabia and I stayed there for my whole life until June 3rd 2022. […]


I love drawing because you can use your imagination and create anything you want!You can draw whatever you want!If your bored I suggest to draw or paint because it is great fun to do!

When I’m not allowed on my devices I draw using my imagination or looking at a picture.I think what to draw then I draw until I want to stop!

Things I enjoy

I have enjoyed doing my homework and reading books and doing my hobbies. My hobbies are football games, swimming, board games and the outdoors. I like doing soccer because I get to be the goal
keeper and it brings the ball to me without me getting it. I like swimming because the water is hot and it was fun and we got to sit on the floats, get floaters and diving. Another thing is that I am good at board games. I am good at checkers, chess, ludo and snake and ladders.

Project playtime

Project playtime is my favourite game because it scary and like scary games.It is really fun when you are playing with others.The goal of the game is to survive and build a toy while monsters hunt you down.Then you get the toy inside the train and escape!

In project playtime there is something called a battle pass.You can level up and get more parts by playing the game.When you complete the game you get lots of xp to boost your levels.It is a fun game and enjoyable.It has a storyline as well.There is something called a grab pack and you can get different colours with parts.You can get selected as a monster and hunt down your friends!The monsters are huggy wuggy, and you get different colours for the monster.

Playing with my cat

I like playing with my cat because I get to get the cat some toys to play with the cat.
When I get the cat toys, she gets really crazy.

I like it when my cat goes to sleep on my bed and I am really happy it because she is so cute.