About climate change


Ever wondered about what climate change does?well in this text I will tell you about what is climate change and how it affects the world such as soil pollution , air pollution and noise pollution.


Sadly , people throw a third of plastic things in the ocean which can cause trapped animals and suffering for the animals.Luckily , the kind people volunteer to clean the dirty water in the oceans.


In my opinion , deforestation is bad because cutting down the trees in the forest makes fires and floods worse because the trees absorb water from the ground and the trees are destroyed.Because we use 1 million tonnes of paper , the trees are  being cut down leading to the floods and fires!Did you know that deforestation also happens because they want to make palm oil tress?


Did you know air pollution makes people worse at math tests?Surprisingly , 92 percent of people breathe polluted air!Luckily , if you get a electric car it doesn’t use the same gas as normal cars do.


Sadly , global warming melts down the polar bears ice caps and they have not that much places to go.Surprisingly, the power plant release carbon dioxide and also greenhouse gases are bad but they get released.


We can pick up plastic or plant more plants and try to save deforestation.There is loads of things to do to help!

About earthquakes and volcanos🌏🌋

What layers make up the earth?

First there is the crust then the mantle and after the outer core and finally the inner core.

Layers of the earth

How do you measure earthquakes?

There is the Ricter scale and the Mercalli scale!

How do you survive an earthquake?

First you drop to the floor

Then cover your body parts

If possible hide under a sturdy piece of furniture

And lastly hold on until the shaking stops!

How do earthquakes happen?

Earthquakes happen when the tectonic plates rub against each other.

Where do most volcanos happen?

They mostly happen in the ring of fire.

What happens if an earthquake comes?

Earthquakes are very strong and can destroy a house or a town.Here is some examples of countries where most earthquakes occur, Turkey , China , Syria.

All about Pompeii

Long ago there was a city called Pompeii,it was a happy town where there was a bit of shaking but that didn’t bother them as they kept going on with their normal lives.But one day the shaking was getting really big and ash was in the bright blue sky.The sky became a smoky grey so everyone tried to survive so some people got onto boat and tried to escape the horrible ash but it was too late..the city was covered in ash and people died.Now everything is broken into pieces.

What types of volcanos can you have?

First there is extinct which has not erupted for 1000 years and will probably never erupt again.Then there is active that can erupt anytime.Lastly there is dormant which may not erupt for a hundred years.

What is bad about living near a volcano?

Ash can destroy farm crops , Buildings can be destroyed by lava flow.Ash can cause health problems for humans and animals.









I love drawing because you can use your imagination and create anything you want!You can draw whatever you want!If your bored I suggest to draw or paint because it is great fun to do!

When I’m not allowed on my devices I draw using my imagination or looking at a picture.I think what to draw then I draw until I want to stop!