Ways to help earth


Did you know our earth is slowly dying and melting.


We get less oxygen because we cut down over 15b trees each year.We are also cutting down animals homes.It also releases lots of carbon dioxide every time a tree is chopped.

Water pollution

Water pollution kill lots of fish from chemicals from a oil spill.Waste and rubbish also gets dumped and fish sometimes get trapped inside or get their head stuck in the plastic that holds Bottles or drinks.Animals from the ocean are starting to lose homes because of the chemicals that get put into the oceans which is water pollution.

Soil Pollution

Farmers put too many chemicals to make their plants grow and it spreads in the soil and it is very toxic when you put lots of chemicals and then when it rains it goes too trees which destroys the roots.


We all need to help earth otherwise we will have no animals then we can die because most of our food is from animals.There is only 1 earth too so if we do not take care of it we wont have another earth!



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