if I was the world, and eco-family

We should help the world by not throwing away plastic bags and bottles in the ocean because if you do you will damage the sea creatures. The horrible deforestation is killing animals habitats and trees give us globally 30 percent of oxygen and with out it it would be a huge problem.

noise, pollution is bad because it causes animals to not hear again or they could die from a heart attack for example cars ,planes.

air pollution is caused by power plants makes toxic chemicals that make the air polluted and if air is polluted that causes for it to become harder to breathe.








Kian 8

I like Super Mario on my Nintendo on the weekend. My favourite game is Roblox it’s super fun.  They makes me want to play forever .  It’s the best.

climate change Alaska

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changes hurting Alaska and other countries, because animals are getting extinct if this does not stop billions of animals will die  nearly all of the Earth would be warm and so many more animals like polar, bears and Other animals  will die.  Then lots of animals will die and we would have caused more damage […]

volcanos and earthquakes

All about volcanoes!

The earth’s magma builds up a cone shape that will have a big chance to erupt and goes out of the volcano and lots of rocks are left on the floor and a lot of black clouds are in the sky. This is how you can hide from volcano you get if your inside a something that made out of wood or something that gets fire.

All about earthquakes!

Earthquakes start by the tectonic plates rubbing against each other and that makes a crater in the earth.