Today I am going to explain to you why it is so important to help the animals. Did you know that some animals are going extinct just because we are destroying their habitats just for our selfish needs?


The sea creatures are dying as  plastic is sinking into the sea and the animals  are getting suffocated. I think if we all put in a little help then all animals will live happily in a safe community. Polar bears are at stake as the polar ice caps are melting because of the hot climate.


It affects the animals because if their homes get destroyed an there is nowhere else to live then predators would eat them and then we’d have no animals left. It affects us because some animals help us by blooming flowers and trees and some make pollen. We also need them because some thing we eat use the products that they give us. If we didn’t have animals then we’d eventually die because we’d have no Oxogen to breathe.

how to help them

we could help the animals by up-cycling so if we don’t need something anymore you can make it into something new. Although recycling is something good to do we still use energy to make the plastic into something new. These three words will help you remember reduce, reuse, recycle ♻️.


In conclusion I’d say that saving the animals is the right thing to do. Just because they are different species doesn’t mean they have to be treated badly!


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