Playing with my cats

I like playing with my cats on the weekends.I have fun feeding my cats every day  I like when my cats play with my elf Max.


It is fun when my cats wake me up in the morning and ask for food. I love my cats. My cats are the best cats in my home.



All about volcanos And earthquake

When you fill shaking get under something hard and stay away from glass and cover your head.  Don’t move around and be careful and calm. Don’t worry and don’t run.  Don’t worry about it happens.  Your home can break like that house but don’t worry about it worry about yourself and family. Volcano’s fire can burn your house so be careful when a volcano erupts  and when you are walking around be careful be you never no when a earthquake is going to happen it can happen  Any mint.  When you are waking around .sobe  careful  everybody. And   stay safe .   

Alaska climate

climate is now getting ban for animals like bears polar bears .

Today I am going to tell you about climate change in Alaska

The polar bears ice is  cracking in

AlaskaIt’s very cold.  Be good for climate change for the animals.  Alaska  keeps getting more cold . Alaskas ice is. Cracking more and more. In Alaska. It. Is getting a bit hotter than it has been .
climate change  can be bad for the animals because when it is hot it can be bad for polar bears in the hot 🥵 the cooler side can be ok for polar bears but in this hot weather it might be to hot for polar be