Climate change in Alaska

Every new day brings with it new evidence of climate change in Alaska – warmer temperatures have resulted in the ice melting and increasing wildfires these changes have resulted in a reduction of subsistence harvests, and an increase in flooding. Rising temperatures can be tied to most of the effects of climate change in Alaska.Reduced ice coverage including shrinking of glaciers

Geography volcanos earthquakes

An erupting volcano can trigger tsunamis flash floods.Volcanoes can kill you because of the ash and the lava can destroy buildings.Lava is extremely hot there boiling it can kill you with one little touch. When you touch it there’s 3%you will survive if touched. If a volcano ever erupts you need to run immediately away from the volcano.

Earthquakes are massive they can destroy literally anything even mansions and houses. 10thousand people can die from a earthquake which is bad lots of people get scared and run the best thing to do is hide under a table with your hands covering your head and neck.

Minecraft on ps4

I play Minecraft because it’s based on block people and blocks so someone can build anything literally anything. I play it when I’m bored and lonely. I build animal shelters. Someone can go on different mods like a map with trees or a map with nothing. I do animals because I like animals there so cute on Minecraft. The wolves you can friend them be nice on it and not rude. I love this game it’s the best.