Animals and deforestation

Today the animals homes and habitats are being destroyed because people keep on cutting down trees and some animals live in trees so we need to stop destroying forests and other animal homes. Stop killing animals and bugs because’ some we need like bees to form honey and they can sometimes also help out flowers bloom.

deforestation is when people cut down trees and burn them, also they can hurt the animals that live there when ‘ cutting trees and bushes, other.

It affects us by cutting down trees because we need trees for oxygen and so do other animals. Some animals also need trees for food like pandas which are also going extinct. It can affect the  animals by killing there habitats and homes, food, water.

We can help and prevent this  from happening by stopping  them from cutting down trees and stop killing animals, bugs and let them be. We also have to stop cutting down tree for oxygen.

we can also help them by taking care of them and making sure that they are healthy and happy.







Ways to help earth


Did you know our earth is slowly dying and melting.


We get less oxygen because we cut down over 15b trees each year.We are also cutting down animals homes.It also releases lots of carbon dioxide every time a tree is chopped.

Water pollution

Water pollution kill lots of fish from chemicals from a oil spill.Waste and rubbish also gets dumped and fish sometimes get trapped inside or get their head stuck in the plastic that holds Bottles or drinks.Animals from the ocean are starting to lose homes because of the chemicals that get put into the oceans which is water pollution.

Soil Pollution

Farmers put too many chemicals to make their plants grow and it spreads in the soil and it is very toxic when you put lots of chemicals and then when it rains it goes too trees which destroys the roots.


We all need to help earth otherwise we will have no animals then we can die because most of our food is from animals.There is only 1 earth too so if we do not take care of it we wont have another earth!





Today I am going to explain to you why it is so important to help the animals. Did you know that some animals are going extinct just because we are destroying their habitats just for our selfish needs?


The sea creatures are dying as  plastic is sinking into the sea and the animals  are getting suffocated. I think if we all put in a little help then all animals will live happily in a safe community. Polar bears are at stake as the polar ice caps are melting because of the hot climate.


It affects the animals because if their homes get destroyed an there is nowhere else to live then predators would eat them and then we’d have no animals left. It affects us because some animals help us by blooming flowers and trees and some make pollen. We also need them because some thing we eat use the products that they give us. If we didn’t have animals then we’d eventually die because we’d have no Oxogen to breathe.

how to help them

we could help the animals by up-cycling so if we don’t need something anymore you can make it into something new. Although recycling is something good to do we still use energy to make the plastic into something new. These three words will help you remember reduce, reuse, recycle ♻️.


In conclusion I’d say that saving the animals is the right thing to do. Just because they are different species doesn’t mean they have to be treated badly!


About climate change


Ever wondered about what climate change does?well in this text I will tell you about what is climate change and how it affects the world such as soil pollution , air pollution and noise pollution.


Sadly , people throw a third of plastic things in the ocean which can cause trapped animals and suffering for the animals.Luckily , the kind people volunteer to clean the dirty water in the oceans.


In my opinion , deforestation is bad because cutting down the trees in the forest makes fires and floods worse because the trees absorb water from the ground and the trees are destroyed.Because we use 1 million tonnes of paper , the trees are  being cut down leading to the floods and fires!Did you know that deforestation also happens because they want to make palm oil tress?


Did you know air pollution makes people worse at math tests?Surprisingly , 92 percent of people breathe polluted air!Luckily , if you get a electric car it doesn’t use the same gas as normal cars do.


Sadly , global warming melts down the polar bears ice caps and they have not that much places to go.Surprisingly, the power plant release carbon dioxide and also greenhouse gases are bad but they get released.


We can pick up plastic or plant more plants and try to save deforestation.There is loads of things to do to help!

The world’s problems

About climate change

Climate change is a huge problem for all living
 (including plants).There are many harmful things 
that climate can do to us and other living creatures
like for polar bears the ice caps are melting and 
some of them are their home.


There are four types of pollution that I know about
 and first I am going to talk about air pollution.
Fumes from old working factories and gases from 
factories that make medicines and other mechanical
 vehicles like cars and maybe planes.Next is noise 
pollution,noise pollution includes planes cars,trains
and rock concerts.They can make us deaf and I think
that can also make animals deaf.

There is also water pollution and light pollution but that is too much.


Deforestation is increasing because more people are cutting down trees and the thing is that they plant enough trees as they cut them.Fun fact ,we use  1 million tonnes of paper every day and there are 3 trillion trees left in the world ! But we also cut down 15 billion trees each year.We are also cutting down unique and endangered animals homes when we cut down trees.


In this I will be talking about the ozone layer,it is in great danger and and it is getting worse every day because of pollution and it is already destroyed in many places.This is also causing global warming because the ozone layer protects us from the impact of the Sun because it can be extremely dangerous to us if we don’t have the ozone layer to protect us.

Ways to save the Environment 

Here I am going to write some ways that I think will help a lot. I think we pick up rubbish even if we didn’t do it and we should use recyclable paper and not paper that we get from trees or else we will end up with no trees and trees give us many things that we use in our everyday lives.

How to save the world

Saving the world might be difficult but we have to stop the pollution.

Soil pollution

From the picture above ⬆️, the gas chemicals affect the soil poising it while the crops grow but later on it where’s

Water pollution.

The trash can effect the ocean it self  and the fishes whales and sharks that live there one little thing can effect everything and everyone

Air pollution.

Even though air pollution is bad we need to stop it the factories are mostly guilty followed by aeroplanes and cars they are really bad for the Environment and people it can cause Athsma and other diseases.

Noise pollution.

The noise from this rock band are probably deafening because it would so loud that you have to leave cause of the microphone they sing into and it’s like they scream into it.


Deforestation is a big thing in the world they cut down trees even though we need them to breathe and live.

if I was the world, and eco-family

We should help the world by not throwing away plastic bags and bottles in the ocean because if you do you will damage the sea creatures. The horrible deforestation is killing animals habitats and trees give us globally 30 percent of oxygen and with out it it would be a huge problem.

noise, pollution is bad because it causes animals to not hear again or they could die from a heart attack for example cars ,planes.

air pollution is caused by power plants makes toxic chemicals that make the air polluted and if air is polluted that causes for it to become harder to breathe.








The Devastating Effects of Pollution

Pollution is having a deadly impact on our environment and health! It’s happening an effect on our our oceans and the air we breath.

Greenhouse gases are caused by deforestation and burning fossil fuels. The gases are released in to our atmosphere which can have devastating effect on our health. It can cause respiratory issues like asthma and bronchitis.

How climate is changing earth

The atmosphere is not good because stuff like the Ozone layer which in some part of the world it is crack and that’s not good for all of us. The horrible deforestation is destroying animals habitats and destroying the trees and 15 billion trees get cut down yearly.
The deficient pollution is not good because noises like cars planes trains and volcanoes.It’s also caused by factors and rockets. The most dangerous thing that is give earth pollution is rocket’s because it explodes everywhere.

Although, the world has been bad the most important thing is the ocean because sea creatures have been trapped in nets and people have been in the ocean which causes the sea creatures to eat plastic and get stuck in them.


Ways to save the planet 🌎

92% of the world people are breathing polluted air. Because then people breathe in the poisonous air, which could lead to death. Is that our oceans are really polluted which leads to the coral Reeves and being so polluted that they can’t produce oxygen because of different for station there isn’t there is an oxygen left that the planet could die if if if we don’t react quick, we need to do some something quick, you can do something.