Ronaldo is a Portuguese given name equivalent to the English Ronald.It became a common name in all Portuguese-speaking countries, being also prevalent in Italy and Spanish-speaking countries.He is a famous footballer who playes for Manchester united.He will soon retire and is known for creating the SIUUUUUUU!

  • , full name Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima (born 1976), Brazilian footballer, was known as “Ronaldinho” in his early career.


David Tennant, Doctor Who

I like the tardis because it is bigger on the inside and all of the  adventures that the doctor has and the  bosses he gets rid of.  I like how he is, he is a mystery  No one knows about him except his companions,  but if he gets  shot, he dies but he regenerates  and turns into a different  Timelord. 

Anime by Maya


Hi my name is Maya, I will be teaching you how to draw anime.First sketch any anime photo you want to do. Then go over the sketch you did and go over it a bit harder.

Then  draw anime eyes, then do a small circle in the eyes.I like anime characters because they look good in the background.



I love roblox and I always play it every time I come home.I t has lots of games inside and you can never get bored. My current favourite game in roblox is Bloxburg. In that game you can build houses and role play.

My second favourite game in roblox is catalog avatar. You can make your own avatars for free. But you can’t wear them in other games, but you can buy them and wear them in other games. The currency is called robux. You can buy accessories and equip them to make a cool avatar.

My 3rd favourite game is called pls donate. In this game you can make game passes then it will appear on your booth.T hen people can donate you and you could earn robux. Everytime I play I usually get around 50 – 100 robux or more. The first time I played I had 20 raised and someone gave me 1000 robux. I got really lucky then more people gave me robux.



Catalog avatar!

Catalog avatar

Pls donate!

Pls donate!



My top tips are do the triple security set up so your account does not get hacked. Continue reading


I really like drawing because you get to relax, enjoy and draw!          This is a drawing I found onlineThis is a BTS drawing it is my favourite drawing in the whole world “smooth like butter like a criminal undercover”This drawing is really good I love the  butterflies there a really good addition.

Hello world!

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