When there is an earthquake a tip to survive is to drop to the ground and hold your head and neck so you can protect your brain. We can measure earthquakes by using the machalli scale and the ricter scale. Earthquakes are created when the tectonic plates move away from each other ,towards  each other or they rub against each other. Most earthquakes occur  in the ring of fire. Another tip to survive is to not go near any windows and go under a door frame because that will be the last thing that brakes.


cover you Head with your arms volcano look like this and get under a heavy table until the skating stop and do not go near the windows because it   Might break  be careful and  calm don’t worry about it it happens and don’t run crust ,mantle , outer core, Inner core the house will not Live will be on fire  lf you live Close  to a volcano 

Layers of the earth


All about volcanos and earthquakes.

When an earthquake comes it will make a huge mess and cracks in the ground it will look like this.And it will look really bad some can look worse  then this one.

And a earthquake it dose all of these.So they rub on each other and one goes down and some      Spread apart.

Volcanos When a volcano don’t erupt it is called extinct but when they do erupt it is not extinct some thing in the lava is called magma and the smoke is called ash and ash cam make you sick.

As you can see the volcano has erupted and it looks really cool and bright and beautiful.And if it was extinct it wouldn’t be like this in the picture.



All about volcanos And earthquake

When you fill shaking get under something hard and stay away from glass and cover your head.  Don’t move around and be careful and calm. Don’t worry and don’t run.  Don’t worry about it happens.  Your home can break like that house but don’t worry about it worry about yourself and family. Volcano’s fire can burn your house so be careful when a volcano erupts  and when you are walking around be careful be you never no when a earthquake is going to happen it can happen  Any mint.  When you are waking around .sobe  careful  everybody. And   stay safe .   


I have learnt that there are three different types of volcanoes they are active dormant and extinct. An extinct volcano is a volcano that hasn’t erupted in 10,00 years and isn’t expected to erupt again. A dormant volcano that hasn’t erupted in a couple thousand years but there is a chance it will erupt again. An active volcano is a volcano that has erupted a few hundred years ago and will probably erupt again. If you live by an extinct volcano you will be safe. When the lava is inside the volcano it is called magma. Volcano eruptions are caused when two tectonic plates rub together.



Parts of a volcano is the crater ,vent ,magma chamber .

Volcanoes  are formed when lava comes out and it keeps happening so the layers make up the volcano. The good thing living near a volcano is it has good soil.The bad thing living near a volcano is it erupts.

Types of volcanoes

-extinct -diamond -active

Only 1 person out of 20 people live near a volcano 🌋.





All about climate change

Climate change is where places get hotter. Alaska is getting hotter and the ice is melting into the sea and the animals that live there are dying. It’s getting 2 and a half degrees in Alaska. In Alaska the water is taking over the ice. Global warning Alaskas climate has made a great big change and Alaska has went from extremely cold to warm. The temperature has increased by 24’c since 2006.

Ice caps

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