Volcanoes  are formed when lava comes out and it keeps happening so the layers make up the volcano. The good thing livening near a volcano is it has good soil.The bad thing living near a volcano is it erupts.

Types of volcanoes

-extinct -diamond -active.

Earthquakes happens when two tectonic plates rub together or move away from each other and move toward each other.They are measured by rictor scale and malli scale.  Most earthquakes happen in the ring of fire.The largest earthquake happened near Valdivia.what do you do when an earthquake happens?drop to the floor and put your hands on your neck and head and if you can go under some furniture.

Physical means the Earth made it.  Man made means humans made it.






Layers of the earth are crust ,mantle, outer core, inner core.The hottest place in the earth is the inner core and the second is the outer core the 3rd is the mantle.the crust is the smallest layer of  earth.

Earthquakes and Volcanoes 🌋 🌍


They are a natural disaster caused by tectonic plates on the earth.They can either be small or large and can cause a huge amount of destruction and damage. The most recent earthquake was in Turkey and Syria that caused almost the entire country to collapse.

This is how tectonic plates create earthquakes.They can either overlap , retract or repel.


Volcanoes can be very dangerous.They can cause serious damage to the place and cause serious injury to people.

This is the inside of a volcano.It starts from the magma chamber that is beneath of the earth’s crust then the lava that was in the magma chamber goes in the vent and comes out of the Crater that is the outer layer of the volcano.

Most of the volcanoes and earthquakes are in the ring of fire.

The good thing about living close to a volcano is that you can grow your crops on the volcanic soil but the bad thing is that the volcano can erupt any time so it can be very dangerous to live near a volcano but it might be worth the risk.

Geography volcanos earthquakes

An erupting volcano can trigger tsunamis flash floods.Volcanoes can kill you because of the ash and the lava can destroy buildings.Lava is extremely hot there boiling it can kill you with one little touch. When you touch it there’s 3%you will survive if touched. If a volcano ever erupts you need to run immediately away from the volcano.

Earthquakes are massive they can destroy literally anything even mansions and houses. 10thousand people can die from a earthquake which is bad lots of people get scared and run the best thing to do is hide under a table with your hands covering your head and neck.

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My Life in Saudi Arabia!

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Sarah I am Sarah and I used to live in a little country in Asia ,it is called Saudi Arabia . In this blog I am going to tell you about somethings we used to do there. I was born in Saudi Arabia and I stayed there for my whole life until June 3rd 2022. […]


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