The world’s problems

About climate change

Climate change is a huge problem for all living
 (including plants).There are many harmful things 
that climate can do to us and other living creatures
like for polar bears the ice caps are melting and 
some of them are their home.


There are four types of pollution that I know about
 and first I am going to talk about air pollution.
Fumes from old working factories and gases from 
factories that make medicines and other mechanical
 vehicles like cars and maybe planes.Next is noise 
pollution,noise pollution includes planes cars,trains
and rock concerts.They can make us deaf and I think
that can also make animals deaf.

There is also water pollution and light pollution but that is too much.


Deforestation is increasing because more people are cutting down trees and the thing is that they plant enough trees as they cut them.Fun fact ,we use  1 million tonnes of paper every day and there are 3 trillion trees left in the world ! But we also cut down 15 billion trees each year.We are also cutting down unique and endangered animals homes when we cut down trees.


In this I will be talking about the ozone layer,it is in great danger and and it is getting worse every day because of pollution and it is already destroyed in many places.This is also causing global warming because the ozone layer protects us from the impact of the Sun because it can be extremely dangerous to us if we don’t have the ozone layer to protect us.

Ways to save the Environment 

Here I am going to write some ways that I think will help a lot. I think we pick up rubbish even if we didn’t do it and we should use recyclable paper and not paper that we get from trees or else we will end up with no trees and trees give us many things that we use in our everyday lives.

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