Playing with my phone

I like watching YouTube and play games when dinner is ready My favourite game on my phone  I am playing myON I  like to read Katie woo books on my phone.

I like texting my friends and to make them feel happy   .




Playing on my phone

I like going on my phone on YouTube but when dinner is ready.

I like YouTube shorts and squishy games, and magic tails 3. I like Christmas games on my phone.

I like cool math games on my phone and I like my         MyON on my phone. I like Disney plus and Netflix on my phone too.

How to do gymnastics

First you need to stretch your body so you need to  have your feet together and go down, try to touch your feet or if you can try to touch the floor. Then spilt your feet apart a bit then touch the floor again.Like this

now that your ready to do gymnastics.



Today I am going to teach you how to play hand ball in strategy and tactics for your own team.

One strategy is to be the goal keeper and when the ball is coming at you you can either jump and hit it or catch it and throw it back.

These are the rules

You can’t move while you are having the ball

No pushing and no rude comments

Hi my name is Amelia.  Today I’m going to tell you about Stitch .
I like Stitch because he is blue like the sky.
He is very cute.


I think Stitch is cute like a ba

Kian 8

I like Super Mario on my Nintendo on the weekend. My favourite game is Roblox it’s super fun.  They makes me want to play forever .  It’s the best.

Playing with my cats

I like playing with my cats on the weekends.I have fun feeding my cats every day  I like when my cats play with my elf Max.


It is fun when my cats wake me up in the morning and ask for food. I love my cats. My cats are the best cats in my home.



Layers of the Earth

The Earth has layers called the crust , mantel , outer core, and finally, the inner core.

The Earths layers and its true glory.