Orpheus and Eurydice

Orpheus  was a famous poet and musician. He could tame wild animals from just his lovely music. One beautiful day he met a nice girl called Eurydice,they got married in a happy couple .

One day Eurydice went skipping through the meadows and suddenly came across a deadly snake and she fell dead . When Orpheus heard the news he was heart broken,he never new that this would happen . Orpheus didn’t want anything except his love Eurydice.

He found out that he could get her back by going to the land of the dead where he found how to get her back. So he ran back to the underworld and tried to get over there. In the distance he saw a boat with a person in it , it was Hades.  He didn’t want to take him but once he new he was a musician he wanted to take him. He got to face horrifying stuff then he convinced king Pluto to let her out and they said yes . He wasn’t going to look back or she would go . But he did, and lost her forever .

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