Complaint Letter 10/02/2020

Camp Green Lake,

Big Bends,

Calhoun County,


Rose Cottage,

Arliefield Road,



To whom it may concern,

20th of February, 1991, Monday.

           I am spending a moment of my time to write to you about the appalling treatment my son, Stanley Yelnats, is now receiving. On the 15th of February,   1991, I made the mistake of sending my beloved child to Camp Green Lake,        Juvenile Correctional Facility. I know he has made some poor decisions in his   life, but that does not mean you can treat my son like a slave! Are you trying   to get arrested, or do you not know how to treat children (prisoners)? In this letter, I am going to share the horrendous care my child has received in the    past few days.

          Stanley Yelnats has stated that there are dangerous animals, such as: scorpions, rattle snakes, and even lethal yellow-spotted lizards that can give   you a slow, poisonous, and painful death. This is not acceptable for young     children to walk in the desert where rattle snakes and deadly animals are       nearby.
         Furthermore, I have also heard from Stanley that you are giving         children sick nicknames, like "Armpit" or "Barfbag". Children are being named   disgusting things which will only worsen their behaviour, instead of "fixing"   it. My nerves are shattered hearing this inappropriate behaviour!
         Is this your version of better?

        Stanley has also insisted of talking about digging a 5 foot wide and 5   foot tall hole. May I ask, how does this fix the fact he committed a crime?     Not only that these holes are useless, the shovel is made to give children      blisters and sores, which there is no medical care to heal them! You are also   making them dig it in 60 degrees outside! This will lead to sunburns, burns and wounds. May I insist to say more about this ridiculous thing?

       Not only that, there is no proper "good" employees. Mr. Sir, who has quit smoking and spits sunflower seeds in a disgusting way, has threatened my son    to die if he dares to escape this hell hole! As there are "No fences or walls, and I won't waste a bullet on you". May I also say that my son's counsellor, Mr. Pendanski, is bullying a kid called "Zero", as he "Has no brain.", while he is treating other kids like he is their "Mom". May I say that the kids here are     also bullies? They are pinning my child to the ground, and giving him wounds    and scars, because he called him his real name, Theodore.
      So, following this, I demand a $560 for my medical bills for my son's      scars, wounds and blisters, and following your employees fired from their jobs  as they clearly do not know how to deal with children. I also demand a new     technique to dealing to children, rather than digging a hole in 60 degrees!      Furthermore, medical training for new employees so they can help wounded and   hurt children. And in addition, I want my son, Stanley Yelnats IV, to be        immediately departed from Camp Green Lake, Juvenile Correctional Facility. I    demand these things by the 8th of March. If you do not consider these things, I will see you in court the next 6 months whenever I am free.

        Yours Faithfully,
  Mr. Daivam-Florian Rizescu. (Yelnats)

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