North America; Hubbard Glacier

What is the Hubbard Glacier? Where is it located?

Hubbard Glacier is a glacier located in eastern Alaska and part of Yukon (which is in Canada). It is North America’s largest glacier. It is 76 miles long, 7 miles wide, 122 km of length and 600 feet tall. 


Why is the Hubbard Glacier famous?

The largest glacier in North America, 76 miles high and 1,200 feet deep, Hubbard Glacier has been called a “galloping glacier” because of how fast it is moving toward the Gulf of Alaska. This area also goes into wildlife similar to that found in a “Glacier Bay”.


How old is the glacier?

The ice at the foot of the Hubbard Glacier is about 400 years old: it takes so long to traverse the length of the glacier. This means that the Hubbard Glacier was formed in 1620. Now, that was a while ago!


How did Hubbard Glacier get it’s name?

You may be asking; How did the Hubbard Glacier get it’s name?                                                                  This glacier is named after a man called Gardiner Hubbard. He was an American lawyer, and has also discovered this glacier.


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