Hopes and Aspirations

As I am moving up to secondary school, I really hope to make new friends and experience something new. In addition, I would like to    be able to explore a variety of new subjects and meet different people.

One of the main things I’d like to achieve during school is to earn good grades on all my tests, including my GCSE. As a result of this, all my scores will be passed on to my college, which will help me in my future career. In order to pass all my exams, I must focus in lessons, complete all my work properly and eventually study extra at home. It is good to learn because it will become easier for you in the future.

After I finish secondary school, I am planning to go to college and university. This is because I want to expand my knowledge and, once again, experience something new.

When I finally graduate, it will be time to set off to work. My dream job is to become a famous actress who performs in musicals / fantasy films. Acting, singing, dancing and playing the piano have been my passion for a very long time now and I truly think that I deserve this job. I honestly feel passionate about my talent, and I want to continue my career professionally.

If I had the possibility, I’d also like to learn how to drive because in that way I would be able to travel where and when I like. My favourite car is probably a Porsche or a B&W. If I earn enough money, I would like to get one of these cars.

At last, I wish to owe a house and have my very own family.

Super writing, Vicky. You have used a range of sentence types and a wide range of punctuation in this writing.  You have also shown deep thinking andd a clear vision of your hopes and dreams for the future. 

Is it okay to gift someone something dangerous, if it could help them one day?

Lately, we have been looking at an image based on the story about a king gifting his children a pet dragon – which had large wings, and can breath out fire – on their 5th birthday. Not being aware of the dangers that dragons may cause, the king put up the risk and surprised the boy & girl with a dangerous pet. The king made his final decision, as he knew that one day his children will take over the throne & wanted to do the best for them. As a result, this led us to the discussion, “Is it okay to gift someone something dangerous, if it could help them one day?”

Dragons may be useful in many positive ways, and we can not reject this point. However, despite the beneficial ideas, it is mainly about the children’s safety. I disagree with having a dangerous pet because it can harm others or put them at a risk. Because of this, the fierce beast can cause a lot of accidents & prevent many disasters in the kingdom. The children are too young to deal with these creatures, and they can not handle this all by themselves. In addition, the dragon can breath out fire. This is very unsafe not only for the royal family, but also for the villagers. Due to the fiery breath, the dragon can make a catastrophe, and eventually cause deaths, which could possibly lead to an end to the kingdom. Some choices are good, whereas others bring suffering.

Dangerous pets remain a big responsibility & extra work in order to take care of it. Such a scaly dragon with large, mighty wings must be under the care of a sensible owner. Who is going to feed it? Who is going to clean after it? Who is going to take it on a walk? I consider the king himself has many other duties he must accomplish, and the children are too young to handle this beastly creature. This dangerous dragon – which was too much to handle – needs a lot of attention & involves a lot of hard work.

I truly understand that there are many positive opinions on having a pet dragon, however we must choose wisely for the safety of the children, and the good of the kingdom. Until this is denied, it is a safer option to keep the dragon away from humans. We know that children must stay protected & should stay unharmed. It would be better if the dragon lived among other dangerous creatures.

Super writing, Vicky and you have truly shown many different points in this argument and put forward your opinions in a persuasive and descriptive manner.

Perfect work!!

My RED Robot

This robot has the ability to make child think deep in their imagination and picture a image of their thoughts. As a result of this, children can develop their minds and forget about sitting in lockdown.

Robot RED – also known as Robot Engineering Design – shares ideas on how to have fun, but also gives advice when doing homework. It was as if it is was a teacher – just a version of the robot!

As a result of this robot, I would like to charge it £24.99, so that people can eventually afford it. The money earned will be used to make more of the robots, so there will not be any profit from it, it is just to make everyone happy. Many people have lost their jobs because of the virus, so if anyone couldn’t manage to buy the product, the sponsorship will do as much as they possibly can to buy it for them. The delivery will be for free, so the customer would not need to worry about paying extra pennies. When they receive their order, they will get an instruction sheet attached to the robot. It will also contain a letter for the child as well, so it will get to know the robot, too.


Wonderful work. I’ve given you some feedback on Seesaw.



My Present Life Surrounded by Lockdown

Dear Diary,

I can’t continue like this anymore; I miss my school, friends & family! What’s next?!

As you may know, coronavirus – also known as COVID-19 – is spreading worldwide very quickly! Shops close, masks are worn, people forced to stay at home. People are infected by this virus, and the NHS (National Health Service) advises not to go outside often and to wash your hands.

But what about us children? How will we get our education?

My successful school – called Huntingdon Primary School – also had to close down. /However, this does not mean that at this point we stop learning. To continue our knowledge, we are set different challenges and tasks on an app named Seesaw. We work as usual, but we just do it at home.

It’s hard for me to tell if I like to study at home. But I can only say that I hope that in the future everything will be better. It becomes really difficult for us to travel anywhere now!                                                                                                              To be honest, I do whizz through my work very quickly, which gives me more time to help my younger sibling complete his work and spend time with my family. In addition, I would got outside into my garden just to breath in some fresh air and do some exercise.                                                                                                                                                                             Easter is approaching, and me and my family are starting to put up decorations at home! I can’t just wait for the day to come! Of course we don’t really plan to go anywhere, but at least I’ve got my family round. It’s a thing that matters.

I do hope everything works out. Protect the NHS. Wash your hands. Stay Safe!!

By Vicki x


Thank you Vicky for this well written diary entry on your thoughts and ideas at the moment. It sounds like you are making the most of each day and spending time with your family- which is the first, and foremost positive thing you can do.  If you do feel down or bored, remember you could always blog. Blog a story or some facts you have created. I always find writing and being creative is a great way to mentally “get away from reality” for a little while. Feel free to be as creative as you want- I may take a break for the holidays from reading blogs but I will be excited to see what you have written.  No pressure at all- if you want to, go for it but if you don’t, then you don’t!

North America; Niagara Falls

What are the Niagara Falls? Where is it located?

The Niagara Falls is located in North America, covering the border between the US state of New York and Canada. There are a group of three waterfalls; Horseshoe, American and Bridal Veil Falls.

When were the Niagara Falls formed?

The Niagara Falls were formed over 12,000 years ago at the end of the Ice Age. The water came on the edge of Niagara Escarpment – to what is now called Lewiston in New York.

Why are the waterfalls famous? What are they famous for?

Niagara Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in the world. Located on the border of the United States and Canada, it has been a popular tourist attraction and an important source of hydro-power for over 200 years.

How did Niagara Falls get it’s name?

This is the name from which the “Niagara River” comes from. The French explorers who came to Niagara gave the name “neutral” because of their position between the two fighting Indian nations – Huron and Iroquois.


Horseshoe Falls

The Horseshoe Waterfall, also known as the Canadian Waterfall, is the largest of the three waterfalls. About 90% of the Niagara River, after changes in hydro-power, flows through the Horseshoe Falls. The elevation is 156 m, and the height is 51 m.

American Falls

The American Falls is the second-largest of the three waterfalls that together are known as Niagara Falls along the Canada – U.S. border. The total height is 110 ft (34 m), whereas the total width is 950 ft (290 m). 

The Bridal Veil

The Bridal Veil Falls is the smallest of the three waterfalls of the Niagara Falls. It is located on the American side. The Bridal Veil Falls faces to the northwest and has a 56 ft wide.


Is it okay to visit the Niagara Falls? When is the best time to see it?

The best time to visit Niagara Falls is June to August. Summer is the most recommended season, since it is warm and good weather.It can reach a delightful 22°C! However, in winter, it goes below 3°C! That is cold!


See the source image


North America; Hubbard Glacier

What is the Hubbard Glacier? Where is it located?

Hubbard Glacier is a glacier located in eastern Alaska and part of Yukon (which is in Canada). It is North America’s largest glacier. It is 76 miles long, 7 miles wide, 122 km of length and 600 feet tall. 


Why is the Hubbard Glacier famous?

The largest glacier in North America, 76 miles high and 1,200 feet deep, Hubbard Glacier has been called a “galloping glacier” because of how fast it is moving toward the Gulf of Alaska. This area also goes into wildlife similar to that found in a “Glacier Bay”.


How old is the glacier?

The ice at the foot of the Hubbard Glacier is about 400 years old: it takes so long to traverse the length of the glacier. This means that the Hubbard Glacier was formed in 1620. Now, that was a while ago!


How did Hubbard Glacier get it’s name?

You may be asking; How did the Hubbard Glacier get it’s name?                                                                  This glacier is named after a man called Gardiner Hubbard. He was an American lawyer, and has also discovered this glacier.


See the source image

LC: T12 To use character, dialogue and action to advance events in narrative writing

The Suspicion Of The Murder


The day switched off. Wolves howling, creatures hiding, the full moon glowing in the night sky…

The clock fully stroke midnight. All of a sudden, an unexpected noise was heard from the distance…getting louder…and louder…

Was it a bomb? Or was it just our imagination?

But no. This cant be! Well, this leads to only one thing…

It turned out that this was coming from the Haunted Castle of Horror. People don’t even DARE to enter this horrifying place. When you take one step in this castle, you never come back.

There was a special event for the vampires; they gave birth to a beautiful, nasty daughter. She laid her head on the cot, which most likely came from the attic. Her parents named her, Teresa Finlago.

After Teresa’s birth, her parents (Cortney and Hamis Finlago) were often away, getting involved in fights and murder mysteries.

A few years past, and Teresa was a teenager with the age of 17. She had  grown up to be a malicious, cruel, malevolent woman. She was spoilt by her parents; all of these crimes going on in her life. Without a second thought, it was time for Teresa herself to experience it all. Although, not everything came out how she was expecting….

It was an ordinary night, like any other. It must have been busy in the Castle of Horrors, but no. There was silence…complete silence.

At 3am (the devil’s hour), a sudden threat of noise came out. All who lived near by were startled of the scream that was heard.

The next morning, Teresa awoke and went to her parents room to check out how they’re doing. As she took a step into the dusty room, Teresa immediately noticed a drip of fine, clean blood fall onto the white carpet. She looked up. Cortney and Hamis Finlago were not responding to their own daughter. Teresa’s eyes, filled with tears, had that worried look on her face. The parents were silent, and no breathing could be heard. This could only lead to one thing; another crime of suspicious murder was committed.

Once more, the voices echoed in her mind, “Kill Ones Who Have Nothing To Give But A Guilt In Their Soul.” These words repeated a few times, but the sound slowly faded away. For the first time in her life, SHE felt the guilt in her soul.

Today, everyone is able to visit this place, but the history about the life of Teresa Finlago changed many lives, and the land of Recusa will never stay the same…


Well done Vicky- a very well structured story and you have written using a wide range of sentence types, a good range of descriptive vocabulary and you have used lots of different punctuation to emphasise parts of your story.  

To make this story even better, develop the problem (the legend of Teresa) so that something changes for her by the end of the story.