Is it okay to gift someone something dangerous, if it could help them one day?

Throughout this week , we have been covering the story of a king’s risky decision of gifting his children a pet dragon for their fifth birthday. Regardless of the dangers, the king still concludes to gifting his children a pet dragon as he understands that the twins would have to reign across the kingdom one day ,meaning that the dragon would become a practical ally.This contributes us to the question,“Is it okay to gift someone something dangerous, if it could help them one day?”

We all know what a beneficial pet dragon is capable of doing, however there are safer and simpler ways to protect the twins. I do not approve gifting someone something dangerous for future uses is acceptable as there must be countless times where the dangerous thing could be disastrous and deadly.Rather than having painful troubles now, I believe that it is unnecessary.

I do not get the point of gifting somebody something that may cause destruction daily for a possibility of the dangerous thing to help them one day in the future.Having something threatening to shield you isn’t always the most secure way to protect,by the cause of a dragon’s violence.It is a fire-breathing deadly beast that all shall fear; not an expected adorable obeying little puppy.On the other hand, if it does behave, you will still never learn to be independent and determine danger when alone by relying on a dragon. Guarding his children from the outside real world , the children would never have any useful skills for when they are mature.The dragon is like a barrier that blocks the children from succeeding in the society, as nobody wants to live in a kingdom that a dragon controls… All the citizens of the kingdom won’t trust and rely on their king, if the king himself is relying on a dragon.

We all have different opinions on whether the argument for this issue is for or against,however there are sufficient amounts of evidence to make me believe that it is not okay to gift someone something dangerous, though you may suppose that is could help them one day.From the perspective that I am standing at right now, I admit that the King should really consider his options before taking the risk, but pick out a suitable and necessary gift for the children’s fifth birthday.After my acknowledgements created for this issue, what is your opinion on the matter? Do you think this is okay?

Very well done, Qian Qian. A detailed, expanded piece of writing with very clear points, good use of Year 6 writing skills and relevant vocabulary.  Brilliant work!

The “ Itchy Fixy ”

Uncomfortable, irritating, and suffering from itchiness- is this relatable when it comes to lockdown delivery?You ‘re not the only one suffering, spreading across the globe, we have all been in this situation were the Corona virus takes over your casual daily life.We all know that it is right to avoid touching our faces however the itchiness is uncontrollable! When the delivery man arrives to give your delivery, you wear gloves,mask,and equip a bottle of antibacterial spray.However something is bothering… Itchy. You cannot scratch to release the pain whilst you are handling the delivery box.But those are the old days…Now we have a useful product called “Itchy Fixy”and it cures your anxiety!It is a system that detects your itchy area, after that it’s stretchable stick can go to the area and press or scratch it for you with it’s rubber balls. After the scratching, it sheds to a new skin for its next operation as the first time may contains bacteria and germs. This is the perfect product for lockdown.

The “Itchy Fixy” is portable and you can use it when or where you want. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, this product is now affordable to any customer. It carries the price of a stunning £7.99 and has a discount towards NHS staff of 20% off meaning that the price would be £1.60.However, if you still cannot afford it then you could grant a loan to our company.This product is 5 cm wide and 7.5 cm long ( if it extends and stretches , the length would be 20 cm maximum). You can order it online on our website //hhh //, it comes in different shapes,sizes,colours and patterns.The Itchy Fixy is very simple to activate and  blue-tootconnect to your phone, after connecting to your phone it can sense what type of bacterias are on the shedding of Itchy Fixy. The system needs USB charging and the battery can last for 23 hours, which is very efficient towards working NHS staff and travellers.

What are the materials of Itchy Fixy and is it harmful to the human body? How does it differ from the other products?

Itchy Fixy is made from rubber( harmless good-quality type ) and a a wired system, which sits in the center of this product.Unlike the other products, it isn’t just safe for the human body, the environment too! The plastic can be recycled and the system can be taken out to become a new one.However, the shedding is harmful as it contains bacteria from the previous scratch so it should be flipped inside out and thrown into a rubbish bin after the operation. You cannot reuse a shedding that already contains bacteria.

Can the shedding foils run out?

Yes, it can run out after 85 uses so we now sell more shedding for yours however, you should change your itchy Fixy  every 15 days in case if you fixie has bacteria on it(because Itchy Fixy is electrical meaning that you cannot wash it with liquid).that is a negative for our product so we are expecting to change the design in the future.


Great work, Qian Qian. Al week you ave worked on the success criteria to write this persuasive text and I like your unique questions the dragons may ask, that you have added at the end. Brilliant work!!



Life during lockdown…

Dear diary,

Life had been miserable during these days in lockdown…I felt as if I was trapped like a bird in an unforgiving cage.When I heard the news that we were going to be doing work at home, I was excited and jumping up and down like a monkey.However things did not go the way I had expected.

On the first day,I still had a wide open smile to wake up and live the new life I was given. I naturally woke up at 7:20 as usual because that is the time for school days( for some reason my body follows this rule to wake up at the right time).Ate breakfast and went to my desk. I opened seesaw and did the work (however there was technical difficulties), soon I had lunch with my family.At the dinning table, everybody was energetic and lively.When I had finished my meal, my older sister (21years old) came up to me and …BIT ME…she has an addiction to bite people ( she once made my cousin bleed massively when they were children ). Without a doubt, a sibling war began…My mom is usually on my side though. I ate dinner and went to sleep.Nothing could go wrong when sleeping right?During the midnight, I felt a shiver down my spine and realized that my sister had stolen my blanket. I didn’t mind so I tried to pull it back however it didn’t work. I was too scared to actually take it back as I know the next morning, my sister would be fractious and tell my mom the opposite story.So as a typical Qian Qian, I slept shaking all night.

On the second day of lockdown, I was tired unlike the day before. Woke up at 8:19 surprisingly.

On the third day of lockdown, I felt like I had lost my soul. Woke up at 9:45 this time.

On the forth day of lockdown, I woke up at 10:34 . I went down the stairs like a drunk person world. Trembling and wobbling down the stairs, I was desperate for some fresh air and to walk outside.

On the fifth of lockdown, I woke up at 12:39 and skipped breakfast to eat lunch. At my working desk, I was tried and so I decided to do the work later. My mom forced me to go to the garden to  redeem my stamina. It helped. Fresh air… Although I couldn’t walk properly anymore, I wanted to go for a walk. My mom said that I am not allowed out as the infectious virus is also taking a walk outside.

After a week, today I am writing this soulless and miserable at my working desk. Eyes almost closed, body is weak, my fingers are squishing on the iPad screen like a worm dancing.I want the life back. Hopefully there is a end to this soon and I can escape this lifestyle.Although I am exercising now to recover, there is a lot to be done.(Right now my mom had just got a food delivery and she has gloves on, mask on, antibacterial spray equipped and ready to fight the delivery box.She said that we must leave the box for a week to let the bacteria die.)

Lockdown is not a joke…


Qian Qian, I am always excited to read your writing and this is no exception. Your level of description, sentence structures and tone in your writing is inspiring.  I completely agree with you about Lockdown and know, for me too, it is a very different, disorientating time.  If writing helps you to stay focussed and sane, please, please keep blogging about anything or everything.  Keep it up- you could publish one day!

Number 666 – LC: T12 To use character, dialogue and action to advance events in narrative writing

In an isolated mansion,mom is drinking again as usual whilst the girl listens to the historical news( unknown creatures are found on Earth) . Alone and depressed, mom consumes alcohol as usual to wipe away the unforgiving memories of dad’s death. The girl announces the message to mom , but mom is unbothered and convinces the girl that it’s fake.Dad’s death during the business trip has affected the relationship between mom and the girl notably however the girl is yet independent without the care of typical parents.

At night, the girl goes to her room however she sees something floating in the air… A pair of dahlia red piercing dots floats in mid-air in the corridor connected to the girl’s bedchamber . Every single night, she always sees those dots but she never had the courage to inform her mother. After a few days, she can hear footsteps and voices demanding her to go in the forbidden attic, where her father orders her to never go there. What is in there?With all the eagerness to discover the truth behind the strange voice, she decides to follow the voice into the attic…

She finds an aged metallic key, which is submerged in dust and cobwebs , she blemished off the dirt until her fingers revealed a number-666 . Since then, things have changed a lot … The sound gets closer and closer every night until one night, the dots are seen in her bedroom…

This time it doesn’t just stay there, it moves… It seems to be searching for something and it reveals to be a shadowy figure with soulless ruby eyes.The girl tries escape out of bed as she is horrified but something won’t let her… As she looks down at her shaking legs, a pair of obsidian black and bloody hands like claws is clawing onto her. She screams in horror but nobody is there to help her…Helplessly, she holds onto the key and escapes for help. Trembling in fear, the unknown figure stabs it’s claws into her shoulder leaving an open wound on her. The girl quivers down the stairs whilst dripping blood onto the marble floor.

She notices that the creature’s hearing ability is strong and so it heard mom’s snoring and headed toward her room. She screams to attract the creature however it has poorly eye sight so it hit itself with a shovel. After it was knocked out ,  the girl quickly dialed 999 on the phone and reported the incident. Luckily ,mom woke up from her screaming and went down stairs to seeing a bloody scene.They hide in the garage to discuss the situation , they had figured out  that dad’s death was related to the creature because dad was the one who had the key and his laboratory is numbered 666. Then the police came and handled the scene and explained that the key was able to open a laboratory with the cells of its own kind.

Life then had returned normal once again…But the key had still remained, what would happen next?

This is a very dark story, Qian Qian but you have created a believable narration (storyteller) throughout and the ending is satisfiying but with the extra cliff- hanger question.  Be careful, as we talked about, not to use words from the thesaurus unless you are completely confident in their meaning.  Be true to your writing and your own vocabulary choices.