Finding the well

I will be describing the scene called,Finding the well.

In this scene Caroline,tries and looks as hard as she can for a well.She walks and walks looking behind beside in front of her.What she doesnt realise is that theres someone behind her looking at every step she does in that dark forest.That thing is a cat..It walked behind her and followed her..then something happened the cat  dropped some rocks and of course Caroline heard it,she turned around and slowely neald down to grab a rock for protction she tries her best to hit someone she didnt even know with a rock and she aimed at it.She threw the rock and it hit the poor cat.Caroline hears the cat and runs away as fast as she can.The cat runs right behind her..But someone else is there not only a innocent cat and Caroline but theres someone on a bike.No one could of recognised the person because they had a mask.The person makes it bike down the hill Caroline and the cat move out the way while the person slowly took of his mask and its a boy..

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