How the Circulatory system works? By Nadia

Have you ever wondered how your heart works? Or were does the oxygen go in side your body and how it comes back out?
The heart is one of the most important organ in your body, which helps your blood pump oxygen all around    a human body .On average your heart beats about 100,000 times a day, therefore in a lifetime your heart beats 2.5 billion times.So jump on with me and find out more!

Next,we have the right atrium when you take a breath the blood cells goes into the right atrium after that, the blood cells fall into the right ventricle but before that there is a valve,the valve is little door which let’s specific things to go through.When the blood cells go through the right atrium and the right vertical it goes into the left atrium and left vertical.


At this point you arrive at the lungs,this is were the blood cells collect the oxygen.After that the blood cells go all around the body and get rid of the oxygen.However the blood cells collect carbon dioxide
and you breath out(things which aren’t needed in your body) carbon dioxide.

Let’s move onto the heart pump, heart pump is as fast as a blink (which is very fast) And it so fast that it repeats it over and over again exactly 100,000 times a day.


Last but Not least we return to the heart after the oxygen (carbon dioxide) is let out but yet again it repeat it all over again.


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