The lonely boy

My name. Is the only thing I heard in my mind.Going back to the memories with my family…I can only wish it was real …I am alone in a dark house with no one near me to protect me. Unless I think I was alone…

I heard someone whisper ‘do you wanna play?..’ while scraping the wooden doors. I got the chills going down my body.

I heard a silent scream..I knew this isn’t a joke…

I saw a doll swinging all by her self ..she was holding a knife… suddenly there was a weird  crack . It was her, she turned her head all the way back…she smiled at me…


There was a silent squeak. The door which was closed before got opened. There was a sudden whisper behind me.


The light turned off…

I couldn’t see a thing in front of me!

The light turned on… The doll was singing while swinging back and forth. She Put her hands in front of her and walked towards me.. she didn’t blink..she didn’t say a word..she wasn’t just a doll.

she suddenly fell…she pretended to trick me… I got tricked so I went towards her.

she said ‘Don’t leave me here.. all I wanted is a friend’ I  screamed like a pretty princess .She stared at me with a weird gasp.

She started singing while swinging side to side. It really gave me the chills.

I started searching around the house.. I found a envelope which had stains on them they seemed 100 year old. Its said ,’Where ever you go Is what you decide. What ever you go could be a big risk .you never could be in danger..’ I knew it gave me a small clue but I didn’t know exactly what it is.

But the one thing I didn’t realise is I’m not alone in the room…I heard multiple foot steps I thought its the doll. .but it wasn’t just her… I hid in the old wardrobe. .peeking in a hole.

I tried to see who else could it be..

I knew the letter gave me a type of clue .That I could not make it out alive!

There was a women walking the doll by the hand.. They looked like twins,but the size was different.

They both said ‘We have a little game we sure you will love ..but if you don’t you will regret it.’ I didn’t think properly what should I do ?! They didn’t blink, they didn’t run.Which made me confused because I knew they could see me because I was breathing really deeply… 

When they turned around I ran out as quick as I can out the rusty door..They ran behind me I didn’t think I was so scared that I didn’t breath I knew I missed a heart beat for a second I looked around they where not there .I looked around infront of me.

I heard them whispering silently. I heard steps on the  stairs I walked back words someone grabbed me….


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