The life of a four year older

After a long day at school, Henry sits on the sofa, grabs his iPad and a bag of crisps and binges from 3:32 to 7:56. However, 8 pm is his bedtime, his mum is already asleep but she left a note about what to do,”My son, turn the kitchen and living room lights off, take your iPad upstairs and put it on charge; and promise me you won’t watch that YouTube all night!” So he follows these steps, he turned the kitchen lights off, he prepares himself for what to come. Even the thought of the dark was giving him goosebumps. As fast as he could, he turns off the living room light, he runs up the stairs, he feels breathing against his neck. Blasting through the door, he sprung into bed and put his iPad on charge and hides under his covers, he has survived another night. He, after a good night’s sleep, wakes up and eats breakfast in his bed for doing everything thing right last night, brushed his teeth and got dressed for school and went to school at 8:23, Henry walks to school and had a great day. He goes home, plays with his friends, but this time, he learnt his lesson and turned all the lights off at 7:00 and was laying in his bed early. So, moral of the of the story, go to bed early before it is too late…

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