Wednesday 4th July 2018

The clones are playing horrendously and maybe just maybe the Origanals are bringing it home, instead of the clones it’s actually real people.

Yesterday morning, there was a amazing football match in a large stadium. The well played players were Ronaldo, Neymar, Rooney, Zlaten, Iniedta,Ribera, Howard and their manager (they were the Originals). Playing against them were the cheating Clones. Sadly, the Clones kept winning and cheating!! In Russia the football was set place and do you know why the Originals were doing this? They are trying to save extravagant football from being boring and to make you curious who will win instead of the same team keep winning and winning and winning.

The kick off…                    In the kick off in a couple of minutes the Originals tried to score a goal but the goalie (for the Clones) caught the ball in his hand.

The match                       Continuing the match, they remembered to play safe so they did and were playing the way the Clones did. 

What happened next   Want to know what happened next well the Originals SCORED A GOAL and won instead of the Clones!

Here are some interesting quotes that have been said:              “How are we meant to score?”questioned player 7 as he got tackled.    “We will beat these losers!”shouted the clone as he was thinking how to score.  “YES!” as Christino Ronaldo scored a goal! They were some quotes from the players =D

Opinions of mine (you may not agree)                   Exhausted players were playing and I could tell you this because the were sweaty. In my opinion the Clones were cheating and were to scared to take risks. The Originals should have won in the first place because it wasn’t fair for them to be going up against Clones.






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