My Life in Saudi Arabia!

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Sarah I am Sarah and I used to live in a little country in Asia ,it is called Saudi Arabia . In this blog I am going to tell you about somethings we used to do there. I was born in Saudi Arabia and I stayed there for my whole life until June 3rd 2022. […]

My trip to the Burj-Khalifa


Hello I am Sarah and I will be telling you about Dubai.

Dubai also known as Abu Dhabi is very popular because in Dubai is the tallest building on Earth.

I am going to tell you about the Burj-Khalifa (that is the tallest building in the world).

Burj-Khalifa is very popular.On special occasions there is a large projection that has pictures of fireworks and real fireworks works happening and amazing lights flashing.

Now I am going to be telling you about the fountains near the Burj-Khalifa.They are very beautiful at night but like the projectors on Burj-Khalifa they only happen on special occasions.

There are also yachts roaming around on the city.