Today I am going to teach you how to play hand ball in strategy and tactics for your own team.

One strategy is to be the goal keeper and when the ball is coming at you you can either jump and hit it or catch it and throw it back.

These are the rules

You can’t move while you are having the ball

No pushing and no rude comments


With the lack of snow cover, lots of the animals homes in the wetlands are flooding.

there flooding because of the climate change and the lack of snow. The sun is melting the snow on the mountains and the snow turned into water and it ran down to the wetlands and the water flooded the wetlands.The climate change is ruining the environment in Alaska because of climate change. Many animals are suffering due to the climate change and the lack of snow. Animals like deer mouse normally dig into the snow and if there is nosnow they can’t hibernate for winters cold breezes.I am going to be showing you what you can do to help stop climate change.

.turn the air conditioning on and close the windows

.use fans if you need them

.turn the light on when it is really dark  


Things I enjoy

I have enjoyed doing my homework and reading books and doing my hobbies. My hobbies are football games, swimming, board games and the outdoors. I like doing soccer because I get to be the goal
keeper and it brings the ball to me without me getting it. I like swimming because the water is hot and it was fun and we got to sit on the floats, get floaters and diving. Another thing is that I am good at board games. I am good at checkers, chess, ludo and snake and ladders.