All about volcanos and earthquakes.

When an earthquake comes it will make a huge mess and cracks in the ground it will look like this.And it will look really bad some can look worse  then this one.

And a earthquake it dose all of these.So they rub on each other and one goes down and some      Spread apart.

Volcanos When a volcano don’t erupt it is called extinct but when they do erupt it is not extinct some thing in the lava is called magma and the smoke is called ash and ash cam make you sick.

As you can see the volcano has erupted and it looks really cool and bright and beautiful.And if it was extinct it wouldn’t be like this in the picture.




The temperature in Alaska is getting really hot all the ice is melting and the animals houses are going and melting and the snow is melting to and so animals might live in the snow and it’s bad because some seabirds are dying in Alaska.

A big storm happened in Alaska and the big flood pulled the homes from there foundations alarm went off and the hole park was like a swimming pool  and a big puddle but it was a huge flood.

Playing with my cat

I like playing with my cat because I get to get the cat some toys to play with the cat.
When I get the cat toys, she gets really crazy.

I like it when my cat goes to sleep on my bed and I am really happy it because she is so cute.

Playing on Roblox.

When I play on the weekends I play Roblox with my sister sometimes but I
play more myself on a obby it is really fun. Roblox I play tower of fun and tower of hell some times I play tower of easy and some really cute games. On Roblox I have all of  the games but not bloxbarg it is 25 robux so I can’t play it I have no robux on Roblox.