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Waking up after a racket, Caroline was startled to find a small and grey mouse under her bed, which appeared to be trying to get her attention. She wondered what the mouse wanted after it woke her up. It seemed to want her to follow it, Caroline was nervous. What does the mouse want? Why was it here? She followed the mouse down the creaky stairs and into a gloomy room, only to find a secret, old and wooden door.  The door opens into an unusually coloured passage. She could just make out another door on the other side. She thought for a second. Then went through. Her heart was pounding and she gasped. She was lost for words.

Great writing Baker! Full of suspense and intrigue – I want to know more!

Is it okay to give someone something dangerous, if it could help them one day?

This week we have analysed the photo in question: ‘Is it okay to give someone something dangerous, if it could help them one day?’ The king gifted two twins a dragon on their fifth birthday knowing they will need it one day when they rule the kingdom.

Even though a dragon is dangerous, you need to take a risk. A dragon can be trained and if you have a dragon for years, it will get used to you and help you in the near future. You never know; one day you could need a sidekick and it is bound to keep you safe (if you treat it correctly.)

Another reason for my decision is that dragons are really helpful if you treat them in the way they like. Also, if you let them free, but not in a cage, the dragons will like it. Just like any other animals, dragons can listen and get used to you if you have a dragon for a long time.

I realise there can be a lot of disagreements on the question, is it okay to give someone something dangerous, if it could help them one day. There may be many reasons for either side of the argument but my belief and saying is, take a risk in life.

A well-written discussion text Baker where you have considered the question carefully. I particularly love your conclusion paragraph! It is strong and written in a way that will definitely hook your reader! You have experimented with powerful vocabulary choices and Y6 sentence types. Well done!

This is me !!!!!!!!!


I think I’ve got quite a few talents.  Some I remember from a very young age , and some I have discovered more recently.

Ever since I remember I have played and enjoyed football.  My mum said I started football lessons just after my second birthday .  She said I love playing football in the garden and signed me up for lessons .  Whilst I played for Roudies , I found I had a talent in midfield .  I grew from there .  I am so lucky that I am good at something I like .

Being part of a team has helped me to learn teamwork and this extends within my friendships to the point I think being friendly is one of my talents .  I try to consider peoples emotions and like so I play their games as well as my games .  Well I play these games the corners of my mouth rise to my eyes making a smile appear on my face .   This makes others smile as well .

Even though my hamster does not smile I can tell he is happy by his movements .  Whenever he is sad or scared he walks really slowly I can care for him when he needs it .  This is another talent .

I am happy with my talents I have got and I hope they will remain with me for the rest of my life .

loves and  passions .

My biggest love is football . When I train or play a match it helps me relax even when someone pushes me over .  The reason for this is because I feel I’m really good .  Football is my life .  Everything needs to fit around my life. Without football I don’t know where I will be now.  I hope football stay with me for the rest of my life. Sometimes that will stay in  my life is; playing .  I am obsessed with playing. I have to play 24 7 to be happy .  That’s probably the reason why I have a side of a room full of board games .  The one I play the most is monopoly football stars. I love my family, they are always there when I need them. Especially my mum.


Do you feel like your life is consumed by your dreams and aspirations? These can be a footballer police man/woman or even an astronaut .

The crowd goes wild!!!

My dream that I am working towards is to be a footballer. I look up to Sala for this. To be a footballer, you need to practice, work hard and dream about it.

As well as being a footballer I also need to collect some work towards my other dreams in order to achieve them  in my future .

In five years time, I hope to pass my GCSEs with flying colours. In order to achieve this dream I need to give my full attention to the school work during lessons .

The most challenging dream for me is not to be so bossy all the time .  This could be seen as a photo of mine and I need to learn a bit of practice. I have not yet learnt this but nothing is impossible

COVID-19 Enjoy your life suit

Due to the corona virus , people all over the UK are suffering . Everybody is getting separated from their loved ones and only able to contact over the internet. Isolation is torture ! Imagine long queues ,very little stock and deserted streets : this is the life  for the next 6 months . People just want to play and interact with friends in this hard time – people wish there was a solution . I am Baker and I would like to show you the COVID -19Enjoy your life suit , this specially made suit will disintegrate and stop the spread of COVID -19 . Hopefully the spread will stop soon and fast .

The COVID 19Enjoy your life suit is a smooth and protective clothing item and I am sure it will change the next 6 months. Sizes range from 12 months to adults . The colour is your choice. We are aiming to decorate these with patterns such as : stripes , curves and zig zags. This item will coast £130  for adults and it varies due to your height. Do you want to live a germ free life?

Where do you want to sell this product ?

I will hope to sell these at most toy shops; such as toys R us, smiths and many more . Hopefully this product will sell as soon as it gets ordered in. I will slowly move on to selling all over the world – as long as it is a real boom in the market here .

How many will you hope to sell?

We hope to sell as many as we possibly can . That will be about 200 a day . So by the time lock down has finished, everyone will own a legendary item . We hope to sell so many because the out break needs TO STOP!


Well done Baker! This is fantastic – your first home learning big write completed! I can see you’ve listened to your feedback on SeeSaw to uplevel your work & I can see you have used rhetorical questions, conjunctions and subordinate clauses. Very impressed!

The ?



Has your child ever broken the law? Do you feel like your child has lost control? Do you feel like your child has a season ticket to disaster? Your worries stop here and now! Camp Green Lake is the place for you. Imagine a place where your child would get the best opportunity’s to learn and grow, a place where professionals help youths to turn their lives around, a place where they are not feeling claustrophobic by walls and iron bars surrounding them: this is not a dream! These facilities are an ideal place for young offenders . They have come up with an amazing solution. Digging holes, growing and learning. The question is: does this sound like a place you would send your child?

Location and History.

Have you ever wondered why people would choose to go here? Canyons formed from ancient lime stone displaying wonderful silhouettes against the beautiful Texas night sky. Rare and exotic creatures refuge under rocks of all sizes. You will be lucky enough to see a scorpion and even the yellow spotted lizard only found in this vast and unique desert. In the night sky you will see a show of stars shining on the desert floor The sky shows a display of clouds. Made by the cracks in the canyon light shines through. Is this the place you would want your child to go?

Welcome To Camp Green Lake.

Look no farther . Here at Camp Green Lake young offenders are not surrounded or enclosed by iron bars or brick walls. Sometimes we need to reach down for potential in your child by digging down. Digging will help your child build character and give your child a second chance each day. Here at CGL we are surrounded by nature and warm, sunny days. Your child will be able to do activities under the sun. After they have dug down, the rest of the day is theirs to explore. The journey here is free and along the way there are lots of wonderful views that are a tourist attraction. Every group is assigned a leader to take care of them and help build their character. I will tell you now, everyone who has been here would say it has changed their lives forevermore.