Has your child ever broken the law? Do you feel like your child has lost control? Do you feel like your child has a season ticket to disaster? Your worries stop here and now! Camp Green Lake is the place for you. Imagine a place where your child would get the best opportunityโ€™s to learn and grow, a place where professionals help youths to turn their lives around, a place where they are not feeling claustrophobic by walls and iron bars surrounding them: this is not a dream! These facilities are an ideal place for young offenders . They have come up with an amazing solution. Digging holes, growing and learning. The question is: does this sound like a place you would send your child?

Location and History.

Have you ever wondered why people would choose to go here? Canyons formed from ancient lime stone displaying wonderful silhouettes against the beautiful Texas night sky. Rare and exotic creatures refuge under rocks of all sizes. You will be lucky enough to see a scorpion and even the yellow spotted lizard only found in this vast and unique desert. In the night sky you will see a show of stars shining on the desert floor The sky shows a display of clouds. Made by the cracks in the canyon light shines through. Is this the place you would want your child to go?

Welcome To Camp Green Lake.

Look no farther . Here at Camp Green Lake young offenders are not surrounded or enclosed by iron bars or brick walls. Sometimes we need to reach down for potential in your child by digging down. Digging will help your child build character and give your child a second chance each day. Here at CGL we are surrounded by nature and warm, sunny days. Your child will be able to do activities under the sun. After they have dug down, the rest of the day is theirs to explore. The journey here is free and along the way there are lots of wonderful views that are a tourist attraction. Every group is assigned a leader to take care of them and help build their character. I will tell you now, everyone who has been here would say it has changed their lives forevermore.